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  1. You may be able to modify the grille from a '37 Ford pickup. You'd have to cut away the center strip and sand a peak into it. That or use it as is. Last option would be to scratch build it.
  2. I think you did well with it Ray. No model is perfect. There always seems to be that one thing that comes up. At least you managed to push through and get it finished. I understand your disappointment with what your vision was and what it came out like. My last build was like that. I'm still not happy with the way it came out. Sometimes, it's best to just move on and chalk it up as a lesson learned.
  3. Would the chassis from the AMT '53 Studebaker work on this? Or is there a difference in the wheelbases?
  4. I'd like to see a set of Weld Drag Lite’s. One of the most popular wheels ever and only came in the Pro Stock kits. A set of Rod Lites would also be nice. I'd also like to see some more modern wheels like Revell did with the California Wheels and Foose kits. But, more up to date.
  5. But, they put the Buick Nailhead in the current '30 coupe. So, the engine is still available. They just did a switch with the engines and Halibrands.
  6. Len, how would it work to scribe in the pleats on your door panels? A few years ago, I scribed in some diamond pleats on the door panels of a '51 Chevy. It's actually pretty easy to do.
  7. Y blocks have the distributor at the rear. It also angles toward the passenger side. Not straight up like a Chevy.
  8. Nice looking Olds Craig! I like your wheel choice and that color really suits the body well! I have one of these along with the JoHan '70 in the stash. Yours makes me want to build one of them.
  9. I just got this kit. It was this image that made me immediately dismiss it. No use even picking it up to look at it. If I had, I would have discovered that it actually contains a short styleside bed instead of the longbed depicted on the box. I would have also discovered that it came with a 4.6L instead of the 4.2L I thought it had. There's one more goof on the box. Those are not styled aluminum wheels. Kit wise, it looks like it's done quite well.
  10. I now have the body in three coats of clear. Just need to sand and polish now. Can't wait to get the chassis back together so that I can mock up the body on it again. I have the rearend in paint. Still have to paint all of the front suspension. I have it in primer. The engine and transmission are painted with Tamiya Mica Silver. With no clear, it looks pretty close to bare aluminum. I want the engine to look like it's all aluminum with different sheens on the accessories.
  11. I did a masking tape vinyl top back in '01 or '02. So far, it's stayed put. It's in my garage where it's exposed to temperature swings. It gets a little sunlight in the late evening. If anything were going to happen to it, I believe it would've by now. I agree with Steve in that it really isn't to scale. But, it's no worse than than those that look like they have tiny pebbles sprinkled on. And it doesn’t have 1/2 inch thick scale laps.
  12. It's the same transmission as before in the Rat Roaster. To me, the cowl should should have a recess for the Duvall windshield to fit into like the AMT Phantom Vickie kit does. The way it is, it could make getting the windshield located a bit tricky.
  13. Maybe they just updated it then? I wonder if it also has the Triton badges for the front fenders? Something I noticed on this boxart is that Revell has the kit grille and bumper photo shopped on the full scale pickup. You can actually see the glue on the lense on the left headlight.
  14. The Supercab Flareside and the regular cab longbed I have both have 4.6L engraved on the air intake.
  15. Isn't this kit 2wd also? I have one somewhere in the stash. But, never really looked at it since it was a LWB. If it is 2wd, it shouldn't have the Off Road package. I just bought the AMT kit. I want to convert it to a styleside Lightning. I never liked the flareside box on this generation F-150. Even on the Lightning. Edit: All of the Revell F-150s are 2wd. The Extra Cab Flareside and longbed regular cab both have the wrong wheels as they're the 17" alloy wheels that were only available on the 4wd models. Both come with the 4.6 and automatic. If you want a 4wd F-150, the Lindberg kit is the only kit that has it. Hard to believe that Revell didn’t make a least one of their versions a 4wd. Especially the Extra Cab Flareside.
  16. Check with Motor City Resin. They offer (or did) a '63 Fairlane. They may sell the grille and bumpers separately.
  17. It had a long bed on the box. But, it was actually a short bed.
  18. The Amish contribute more to pollution than anyone. They burn wood, trash, wool from sheep etc. You name it. They burn it. Then there's their outhouses too. Nasty people. I had them for a neighbor. They're nothing like what people think. I'm glad they moved!
  19. That kit needs to stay wherever it is. The proportions on it are awful. Not to mention the interior and chassis. On the other hand, it is time for Revell to reissue the '68 Firebird. Prices on it are ridiculous!
  20. Please post up your emergency vehicles to honor those that gave everything to save others. This is the only thing I have. We will never forget!
  21. Why would it take a year to do a reissue? Or is it a new tooled kit?
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