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  1. Tamiya Putty, Tamiya Primer and repaint.
  2. I've done a few roof swaps and one thing I learned is that you want to use as much of the donor roof as possible. If the cowls are the same, swap those also. Try to keep the donor roof as a unit. That way, your windshield and backlight will fit like they should. Also, don't cut horizontally. Cut vertically. You won't lose any roof height. I usually cut just behind the vent window. Then, either cut some of the door with the vent window or right against it. I'll cut the cowl right on the panel line. At the rear, cut in front of the C pillar, take a little of the quarter and cut a straight line across the tulip panel or cut right with the panel line of the trunk if they're the same. You can add a strip of styrene underneath for strength. The most important thing to work like this is taking your time to plan and execute the cuts. This model is nothing like yours. But, it demonstrates my method pretty well. The roof actually slid down inside the body.
  3. You can glue it before the interior goes in. You just have to install the interior carefully. You have to spread the bottom of the front fenders, slide the rear of the interior between them and then slide it up and in.
  4. That is a sharp looking F-150 Chuck! Paint, wheels and stance are on the money! The '92-'96 F-150s are my favorite! Ironically, I don't have one on the shelf.
  5. Thanx for the photo Sam! I thought that's how the panel line was supposed to be.
  6. I'm surprised they haven't done one as a gasser. They did it with the '62 Corvette, '57 Ford sedan and Del Rio.
  7. Well, this thread has went completely off the rails.
  8. The TV show "The Neighborhood" has models scattered around on the living room set. Plus, Calvin has a nice old '65 F-100 setting in the driveway.
  9. I now have the body cleaned up and almost ready for primer. Just have to add some detail to the hood and trunk openings. It was a task reducing the wide trim down to a single strip! I need to make the recess in the chrome strip on the front fenders extend farther forward. It's getting closer!
  10. Looks nice and clean in the white paint! Makes me want to build one! Nice work!
  11. That is a super nice looking Impala Craig! Perfect colors! The vinyl top really sets it off. Nice work!
  12. Looks nice Dominik! I like the color on the body! What's the source of the engine? I need one of those for a project.
  13. This is how I look at it. Everyone has the right to ask whatever they want for a given product just as I have the right to refuse to buy it. It's either worth the asking price or it isn't.
  14. That reminds me. I have the '62 T-Bird in the stash. I'll have to check out the seats and console.
  15. That's a nice looking Sunliner Sam! One detail photo I could really use is an overhead where the A pillar, cowl and door meet up. It appears that the panel line between the door and fender ends right under the A pillar. It's not how it is on this promo body.
  16. That's wicked! A cool thing about curbsides is they allow you to cram big wheels/tires under them without the hassle of engineering the chassis.
  17. Nice looking Ventura! This is one model that you rarely see built. I like the subtle color you chose! Nice work!
  18. Yeah, it is a pain to work with. You literally can't cut it with an Xacto blade. I found that out last night when I went to shave the badges and trim. It wouldn't cut. It would chip away.
  19. Unless you're building it as a factory stock, (which I don't think you are), 15" wheels will work fine. From what you're describing that you want, I'd get the F-60 for the front and the L-60 for the rear.
  20. I made these using the domed center from the bottom of a soda can. I think it's Hart's Parts that makes the Moon disc covers.
  21. Very nice! The paint on this thing is killer! Also like the hood and rear spoiler you went with.
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