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  1. Both cars are beautiful. One prettier than the other.
  2. I've always liked this 67 'Olds a lot. I have to buy it. You've had a power rise. Very beautiful !
  3. Nice car construction. And I see you're also building a class of San Francisco famous since the battles of Quadalcanal ? I have four heavy cruiser´s 1/350 of this class built at home and one still in the box. :-) Beautiful !
  4. Very nice structure. I have this kit, too, and I'm looking forward to it! I love this pickup!
  5. Thank you all so much for the nice words ! For David gurg: Good question. Plastic doesn't really stick together much with regular model glue. For small parts, for example, for an engine, this is enough, but for larger body surfaces and the like, a second adhesive is needed.
  6. Very nice !
  7. They're both beautiful. Great !
  8. Fantastic work on both cars. It's beautiful !
  9. Hello Craig. Beautiful work ! I finished it, too. I'm just looking at the photos and putting it in here. I was tormented by the colour, I gave a light green and a bit of decals, too, they were tearing. Nice car and fun kit.
  10. I like this a lot. Nice clean work !
  11. Your productivity is admirable. You have a very nice collection !
  12. I like it, very nice Cyclone. He's just waiting for me. :-)
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