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  1. Thanks to all who commented. Will be posting another build in the next week or so
  2. So this is 1 of a few trucks ive recently built after being away from modeling for 20+ yrs. Its bone stock and far from perfect. But im pleased with it. Thanks for looking. Will post more as they are finished
  3. Sweet! Ive been looking for a color for my next project.
  4. kenton44

    John Deere 4430

    Im looking for a 2nd set of rear tires and rims for the 4430 farm tractor.. Thank you
  5. What color is that blue? And where can i get some?
  6. I heard a rumor that someone is gonna reissue Ertls Payhauler 350... Any truth to this? If so can anyone share details...
  7. So the stock tires and wheels that come in the ertl paystar mixer kit are not the greatest. Are the other wheel tire combos that will work for this kit?
  8. Im looking for the front mud flap from the ertl paystar mixer. I believe its the same part from the paystar dump truck. I took a pic of the instructions with the part i need circled. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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