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  1. These are 1:20 scale from AMT, from the TV show Yellowstone, I’ve never seen the show so I know nothing about it, but I wouldn’t mind a 1:25 Dodge Ram like that
  2. This is the first model of a 100% electric car, would’ve rather had a Porsche Taycan, but this will do.
  3. 2021 Tacoma TRD Off Road, had a 2012 that I should’ve never sold, added a set of Method Race wheels weekend fun toy is a 2014 Mazda MX5.
  4. The stock Datsun reissued 4-5 years ago go for big money right now, would be a welcomed reissue
  5. I wonder if it will be a retool of the 370z or a new tool. The new Z is based of the old 370z
  6. Good too see the Silverado is the stock version.
  7. Movie car that can't be built stock. Toyota never produced a 2000GT convertible. Round2 has the James Bond Licensing.
  8. most people who buy a Cullinan, cant afford one, they shouldn't be buying a $40,000 toy, most people who could afford a Cullinan, are driving 10 year old BMW X5's.
  9. In my mind that all but confirms a but confirms the Bronco Raptor
  10. I don’t think this has been mentioned yet but the new tool 1:25 tv/movie car is the Green Hornet
  11. The bronco being a curbside is fine with me, the Charger can be full detail because most of it is hidden under an engine cover, this would be a nightmare for Round 2 to replicate in scale.
  12. 2021 Bronco, I never thought we would not see a kit of one, and I’m pleasantly surprised, put me in for a few new Chargers as well did anyone ask if the Coronet will come with an up top
  13. A pleasant surprise from Meng, nice to see they included an up top Tamiya is oddly silent, was expecting the new Z car, but nothing
  14. I pass this on my mail route every day. The worlds rustiest 71-72 El Camino, the front clip is missing, but still has the hood, the roof is smashed in, and it had a vinyl top that turned the roof into Rusty Swiss cheese, this thing is buried in the woods, it wouldn’t be worth the effort to dig out,
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