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  1. gasman added a post in a topic All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2017   

    Is it sad that I'm disappointed that's the aoshima Prius is 1/43 scale
  2. gasman added a post in a topic Another one gone. RIP Adam West   

    RIP to the mayor of Quahog Rhode Island
  3. gasman added a post in a topic Shizuoka Hobby Show 2017, Few More Pic's Added.   

    The Liberty Walk GTR is cool, but I'd rather see the new 2017 GTR. 
    The only thing that really interests me is the Volvo, and the 2002
  4. gasman added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    Picked up the rx7, straight reissue of the kit, includes all the racing parts, plus an excellent new decal sheet. Really happy too see this one back. Interesting thing is that this kit has pieces from all over the globe, tires and box made in Chine, decals from Italy, plastic parts molded and its all packaged in the USA. 
  5. gasman added a post in a topic New added to Round 2   

    I would much rather see the mpc Camaro then the AMT version, I believe the AMT version was last reissued as a Michaels exclusive, the MPC version was last seen as an annual in 1992 in an AMT box
  6. gasman added a topic in Wanted!   

    Sorta long shot request
    A few months a ago I bought a Fujimi Nissan 180SX at a model show, didn't realize till I got home that it had the wrong glass in it, can anyone spare the clear tree from that kit, 
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  7. gasman added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    Deffinently looking forward to the Suburban. Wish they would've shown an actual pic of the f100, curious on how that one will look in scale. Mostly excited for the RX7. Gonna be nice to have that one molded in white. 
  8. gasman added a post in a topic "Squad Rod" '79 Nova   

    Kits out now, straight reissue, decal sheets a little updated and they put new tires in the kit, but no changes other then that. 
  9. gasman added a post in a topic AMT 2016 snap Camaro.   

    I just picked this kit up today, gonna be a quick project. 
    There is a slight mold line on the D pillers same spot on both sides. really happy too see plastic seats, not the vinyl seats we saw in the 2010 Camaro kit. 
    only issue I have is that the headlights are molded to the body. there is glass for the lenses. but all the headlight detail is molded to the body, It could be a PITA too paint, other then that it looks fantastic. 
  10. gasman added a post in a topic A reasonably SERIOUS new-tool '70 Charger Revell is hiding in plain sight...   

    I could care less about the fake blowers, the crime against humanity are the LS motors. 
  11. gasman added a post in a topic Round 2 September '16 Releases   

    A little disappointed the Nova will be molded in black, I'll still get one but I would've rather seen it molded in white
    The Cheverro is a must buy for me. I know it's a custom but It looks good, and the ugly rear spoiler is a superate part. 
    Ill be getting one of the Datsun Monster trucks, but just for parts so I can restore an original stock MPC Datsun pickup. 
  12. gasman added a post in a topic How About A Call Out For The Old Time Hobby Shops   

    Esthers Hobbys, been open since 1938. survived having 6 feet of water in it about 12 years ago. The area its in has been seeing a bit of a resurgence in the last decade. 

    Bill and Walt's is still around but they moved outside of town. they only have 1 location now. 
    The hobby shop in Cranberry is Hobby Express, they moved to a much, much better location up the road in a busy shopping center. This is my go too hobby shop. 
  13. gasman added a post in a topic revell 4Q2016 Release Annoucement   

  14. gasman added a post in a topic MPC 1980 Plymouth Volare reissue?   

    This kit is out now. just ordered 2 of them. one too restore a 79 kit I have, and another that will be built as an 80
  15. gasman added a post in a topic Modelhaus going, going Gone !!!!!!   

    Happy I ordered my crew cab D200 on Friday, not expecting too see it for a couple years and that's ok.