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  1. Noticed 2 new kits list over at Stevens International 1/24 1987 Buick Grand National 2 n 1 1/25 1966 Chevy Impala SS 396 2 n 1 good too see the 66 Impala back, the issue from 7-8 years ago is starting to get pricey
  2. Yes, finally, I won’t have to pay $100+ for eBay prices
  3. We know it in the u.s. as a 1989-1992 Nissan stanza, only difference other then RHD, would be that the us spec cars had the license plate in the rear bumper, JDM cars had it between the taillights
  4. Lots of good stuff, the 1/64 Chevy trucks look good, and I’m buying a few of the Brats, and the Schwinn
  5. Any information on this, I don’t remember aoshima having a kit of this version of the Estima (or Previa as we know it here in the states)
  6. Pinto is a must buy, I thought the Brat was due this month but I guess it’s next month
  7. I’d be shocked if the new release from Tamiya is anything but the new Supra
  8. Is there a tentative release month for the Brat yet?
  9. Is the grill in the kit supposed to replicate something or is it just a custom?
  10. Cool, but I wish they were doing the 80-83 version
  11. I could’ve sworn I read on here somewhere that round 2 is reissuing this one next year, ill be in 3-4
  12. I looked into used Prowlers a few years ago as a fun weekend car, I’ve always been a fan of them, but good luck finding a running one for under 20k. I don’t have a problem with the V6, but they really should’ve at least given us a manual transmission option.
  13. boxart for the upcoming Escallade reissue, and unless Revell retooled the Escallade kit, which I doubt, it has an issue.
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