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  1. found these online AMT-1407 1/25 1960 Ford F100 Pickup Truck w/Trailer AMT-1394 1/25 International Transtar 4300 Eagle Sprite Tractor Cab AMT-1398 1/25 1966 Buick Skylark Modified Stocker Race Car AMT-1425 1/20 1992 Toyota 4x4 Pickup Truck AMT-1366 1/25 1964 Dodge 330 AMT-1388 1/25 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396
  2. Light month as expected, Chinese New Year slows things down
  3. If you flip the body over you get a lot clues on what’s coming next, holes for a police light bar, also ovals around the wheel wells seem like maybe a wide body version is coming soon.
  4. Did they retool the interior for the Sod Buster, I don’t see separate seats in the parts diagram, would be awesome if they tooled up a 1 piece bench seat interior like the 78 Dodge
  5. CARAVAN! I would love too see that in 1:25, will be an expensive month for me,
  6. Do I see clear headlights, that’s huge, biggest downfall of the original obd kits were the chrome headlights,
  7. Decent kit, but the multi piece top is a PITA to put together, the one from the amt 78 bronco works with some minor modifications,
  8. The one I got has no damage to the body, guess I got lucky
  9. It’s officially out, got one yesterday
  10. The wheels and tires, and mirrors are for sure new. Wonder if the tooling went MIA, curbside is no big deal for me. As long as we get clear headlights I will be happy. Good to have an OBS Chevy back
  11. With the popularity of 80’s pro street cars right now this one’s a no brainer, first time it’s ever been reissued
  12. I assume the 81 Camaro is a reissue of the annual kit
  13. These are 1:20 scale from AMT, from the TV show Yellowstone, I’ve never seen the show so I know nothing about it, but I wouldn’t mind a 1:25 Dodge Ram like that
  14. This is the first model of a 100% electric car, would’ve rather had a Porsche Taycan, but this will do.
  15. 2021 Tacoma TRD Off Road, had a 2012 that I should’ve never sold, added a set of Method Race wheels weekend fun toy is a 2014 Mazda MX5.
  16. The stock Datsun reissued 4-5 years ago go for big money right now, would be a welcomed reissue
  17. I wonder if it will be a retool of the 370z or a new tool. The new Z is based of the old 370z
  18. Good too see the Silverado is the stock version.
  19. Movie car that can't be built stock. Toyota never produced a 2000GT convertible. Round2 has the James Bond Licensing.
  20. most people who buy a Cullinan, cant afford one, they shouldn't be buying a $40,000 toy, most people who could afford a Cullinan, are driving 10 year old BMW X5's.
  21. In my mind that all but confirms a but confirms the Bronco Raptor
  22. I don’t think this has been mentioned yet but the new tool 1:25 tv/movie car is the Green Hornet
  23. The bronco being a curbside is fine with me, the Charger can be full detail because most of it is hidden under an engine cover, this would be a nightmare for Round 2 to replicate in scale.
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