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  1. 2019 Shizouka Hobby Show

    I’d be shocked if the new release from Tamiya is anything but the new Supra
  2. They are using Tesla’s now
  3. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Is there a tentative release month for the Brat yet?
  4. A modified reissue idea for AMT

    I know i'll be in the minority here but I would like to see AMT update there 95 Ford Ranger kit into an 07 XLT, would be an easy conversion for them, only major differences are front fascia, talights, and some minor stuff in the interior, it would allow them to get a little more life out of that tooling or even better, they can update there 4X4 promo to an 07 4X4 extended cab Ranger. I know AMT won't even consider these, they would prohibably be decent sellers, not huge but they would sell enough to pay for the tooling
  5. Is the grill in the kit supposed to replicate something or is it just a custom?
  6. first off, alittle history of the commando I found at www.jeep-commando.com he Jeep Commando was manufactured between 1966 to 1973. From 1966 to 1971 the Jeep Commando had a front grille that resembled more like a CJ. In 1972, AMC changed the front of the jeep to look more like a passenger car. Sales fell and the Commando was discontinued after 1973. Because of the short time of production, the Jeep Commando is a rare, hard to find Jeep. A lot of people say the Jeep Commando looks a lot like the International Scout and the Ford Bronco. In 1966, Jeep, then owned by Kaiser, launched the Jeepster Commando to compete with the Bronco and Land Cruiser. The Jeepster Commando was available only in three models: a convertible, pickup truck, and a wagon (like the Jeepster, this was a really cool looking vehicle in my opinion). The (Kaiser) Jeepster Commando stayed in production until 1969. In 1970 AMC bought Jeep from Kaiser, and then in 1972 AMC shortened the name to just Commando and changed the grill design to look more like that of a Bronco, but it didn't catch on. The Jeep Commando was taken out of production in 1973. Check out The American Jeepster Club for more on these cool Jeep spin-offs. It's funny because a lot of jeeps have been brought back to life or are a concept vehicle now. I personally think the new jeep commander was brought back to replace the old commando. Sometimes you just can not replace what is lost. Further information about the Commando: The Jeepster Commando was initially produced by Kaiser Motors in 1966 to run up against with the Toyota Land Cruiser and Ford Bronco. It was pmanufactured in three different models which included: the pickup truck, convertible, and wagon. The Kaiser line remained in production until around 1969, until American Motors Corporation or (AMC) bought Kaiser out in 1970. From the time that AMC bought the jeepster line from Kaiser in 1970, the Jeepster Commando steadily grew in popularity everywhere. In 1972, AMC shortened the vehicle's name to simply "Commando" and changed the front end design to be similar with the Ford Bronco. The vehicle line, formerly an AMC best seller, quickly dropped in popularity and was taken out of production sometime in 1973. The Jeepster is an ancestor of the modern Jeep family produced by DaimlerChrysler. There are several Jeepster clubs across the United States. ______________________________________________________________ This is a private production kit through Stevens International, which is a good thing becouse its molded in white, not AMT's normal Gray, the is the first time this kit has been released in 20 years. This kit represents the 1972-1973 version of the Commando, the last year for production. althought for some wierd reason the 1966-1971 front grill is included in the kit, even though it would require alot of scratchbuilding to get it to fit. The body is very nicely done, AMT did an fantastic job protecting the fragile window frame. they added some cardboard so that it would not get smashed, there are some small panel lines on the body, but they can be sanded of very easily. taped to the bag with the body is the glass, which is also very well protected. using bubble rap. it appears that the windows from the earlier issues with the full top are still on the tree for the glass. there are a few items that snuck there way into this kit from other issues. This kit features the "rare" half cab for the Commando, most where available with full tops. you can also omit the top so that you can build a convertible. stock front and rear bumpers are included, and a plastic spare tire is still there from the back This kits high point is the choices of wheels, I counted 4 different sets, 1 for the truck showed on the box, a set of steel wheels, stock hubcaps, and some good looking 70's vintage turbine style wheels. there are only two tire choices, the ones on the box and stock "Goodyear" tires, which appear to me like they need more rubber, i'm planning on using some American Satco Bridgestone Mud Dueler tires for a softcore offroad look, The interior is pretty basic, but so is the 1:1, so there's not much to say about it The motor in the kit I believe is the 304 in³ (5.0 L) AMC V8, there was an inline 6 available for it, but thats not whats in the kit. it pretty nice with good detail, has a really nicely detailed transfer case connected to the engine. everything on the chassis is seperate, which makes it nice and easy to modify like giving it a bigger lift. This is one fastastic kit and i'm happy to see it reissued, since there are many 4X4 kits out there. this is appears to be a very good one and should be an enjoyable build, I just wish that the snow plow and full top was in this kit like there earlier versions
  7. Hasegawa Toyota Starlet EP71 (1984-1987)

    Cool, but I wish they were doing the 80-83 version
  8. I could’ve sworn I read on here somewhere that round 2 is reissuing this one next year, ill be in 3-4
  9. Well, this is nutty............

    I looked into used Prowlers a few years ago as a fun weekend car, I’ve always been a fan of them, but good luck finding a running one for under 20k. I don’t have a problem with the V6, but they really should’ve at least given us a manual transmission option.
  10. What do you drive?

    since where all car modelers here, lets find out what we all drive everyday. this is'nt a picture of mine but its identically. my Truck is a 2001 Ranger XL, wiith 50,000 original miles. 2.3 ltr. 4cyl. its a base model, no A/C, no power anything. only factory options are cloth seats, trailer package, and a dealer installed bedliner. its just a nice basic truck. and its a bit of a project truck. since I have plans for it. Mods: JVC MP3/CD player, to replace the terrible AM/FM stock radio lebra Tonneau cover AVS Vent shades Future plans: conversion to edge body style (front bumper and rear bumper) Ranger Thunderbolt grill 6" lift, Alcoa wheels. I SOLD IT, December 2008
  11. boxart for the upcoming Escallade reissue, and unless Revell retooled the Escallade kit, which I doubt, it has an issue.
  12. so we see pics of the upcoming 68 Chevelle. any pics of the upcoming updated 1969 Mustang
  13. Toyota Fj Cruiser , New From Fujimi

    I’ll be in for a crate of these, still kicking myself for not buying one a few years ago
  14. Anyone buying Revell kits just in case?

    LHS is still well stocked on current Revell kits. looks like they got another shipment in since I was there last a few weeks ago. picked up another FD-100 just to be safe.
  15. Round2 for 2018

    The lightning kit is nice, but it needs to be corrected. The side trim needs to be removed.

    Nice too see the 71 Duster and 55 Belair back. Both are due for reissues.
  17. Desirable Reissues

    AMT Subaru Brat
  18. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    It’s business as usual for Revell Germany, got a new newsletter from them in my email today. The updated MK1 VW GTi Pirelli looks good.
  19. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Curious too see if Revell still shows up at NNL east. They are listed as a vendor. If they do I hope we can get a lot of questions answered.
  20. Hopefully this one sells well enough for the AMT snap 1\25 1978-1983 Toyota Pickup to get reissued.
  21. Buick V6

    I want to convert the recently reissued AMT Chevy Monza to a 75 Buick Skyhawk, the only real difference is the engine, would the Dauntless V6 in the recently reissued Jeep Commando be correct for this car?
  22. No decals for the seats, it does have decals for pretty much everything else, including rear window defrosters
  23. Heller 2018

    Woohoo another tractor. 1/24 Massey-Furgeson 2680,
  24. Revell/Monogram 1/25 1967 GTX 1/25 2003 Cadillac Escalade 1/24 Baja Bandito 1/24 snap lightning McQueen, thats it, Hobbico in bankruptcy may have something to do with the small list. AMT 1/25 AMT 1957 Chrysler 300 1/25 AMT 1965 El Camino gear hustler 1/20 AMT (Lindberg) 1992 Toyota Pickup 4x4