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  1. Well here we are with our modified windshield attached . Salvaged the original which had broken in two . After measuring width from side to side , removed pieces from top and bottom , re-glued and cleaned out all the old glue from inside . Next we used some clear plastic from a blueberry container , laid this out and trimmed to fit . Challenging operation. Then my wife held windshield in place while glue dried and there we have it .Voila ! Looks good . Thanks for looking . Merry Christmas !
  2. Thanks for favourable feedback everybody . We are pleased with final results . Sometimes I get frustrated . Take a break , re-group and come back next day . I was most worried about how the coves would turn out with the taping req'd and the chrome strip between the blue and white . I don't think we could have done that with BMF so we used Molotow Chrome Stick . Windshield update: removed clear "glass" and chopped a piece from upper/lower frame , did a re-fit and got a better match up . Found some pliable clear and glued that in place . Fingers crossed we can get a nice finished appearance . Thanks again . Robert.
  3. Interior colour is Zero Paints Leather Colour Cuoio. BMF for chrome moulding .Interior door panels were a bit of a challenge to get them to meet up with door at BMF. Body colour is Zero Paints Bugatti French Racing Blue .This paint goes on matte finish , something didn't quite work out the way we hoped with our paint . Frosty looks happy , all ready for a Christmas cruise . Better get him back on the tree before he's missed . To sum up : this might have been a kit beyond my skill level considering the issues encountered . Need practice on paint/finish department . Enjoy . Thanks for looking . Robert.
  4. Molotow 1mm Chrome stick for moulding between coves and body . White walls were too large to fit into tires .We had to use a Dremel to open up the tire diameter . Tires were rather stiff material. Had difficulty with front bumper guards .
  5. Added the rad hose . Removed factory chrome and applied our own paint to some engine parts . Undercarriage went together easily .
  6. Here is our '57 Vette . To say this kit was a challenge for us would be an understatement . Issues we had : front and rear valance req'd extensive putty/sanding . Still couldn't get it to look right . Would have been easier if their were some pins/holes for front/rear bumper guards . Windshield was too wide , glass was too big for frame , broke both trying to get them to fit . This kit was beyond my skill level . I'll be the first to admit that .
  7. Hello. Would anyone have a windshield frame and glass for 1957 Corvette ? The one in our kit is too wide and after foolishly trying to narrow it , both pieces have broke . I was hoping to post photos of our finished build , looks that isn't going to happen . What a way to finish off the year . Huge let down . I put so much effort into this build . This one may go into the garbage can . I'll never build another Revell kit again . Pure junk .
  8. I think you're correct with that one Snake . Having a closer look at what we've got here ie; molded battery , one piece frame and exhaust etc. We'll build what's here and let'er go at that . Kit cost us 15$ CDN in antique store but we'll have fun with it . Thanks everyone . And a Happy Thanksgiving to our American modeler friends .
  9. Thanks Bill . We'll have a look at those . They look like just what we need . I forgot to re-size my photo before posting . My mistake . Thanks again . Robert .
  10. Hello Everyone . We purchased this kit second hand . Just getting started with the engine/trans assembly , some fit up issues . How old is this kit ? Bottom side panel has 1998 , distributed Revell AG , Germany . Unfortunately the windshield wipers are molded into bottom of the windshield frame and they're hardly noticeable . Any aftermarket sets available that you know of ? We had a brief look at the forums, " Aftermarket List ", and I was hoping to not have to go through it to find something . Thoughts , opinions or helpful tips with kit anyone ? Any pointers are appreciated . Thanks. Robert.
  11. Hello . Bringing back to life this older thread . Here is the kit I'm starting . I picked this up 2nd hand . Fit up issue with engine/ transmission . Is this kit the later version mentioned here ? Dave , what shade of red is on your build in photos ? I'm attempting to match box art colour scheme . Thanks . Robert .
  12. Outstanding build Lin . The inclusion of videos showing your techniques are really helpful , a pleasure to watch . When you push the side decal into the scribed channel between door and side panel are you pushing to achieve a cut so decal will adhere better to contour ? Is there a difference between sanding sponge and sanding paper ? Thank You. Robert.
  13. Thanks for the comments on our GTO build . Gives us encouragement to keep on building . I would like to find a tool/instrument to properly bend tubing that I want to use for under-the-hood detailing. We're using a pair of not too sturdy tweezers and I can't achieve a nice 90 degree bend on tubing. Any suggestions or ideas ?
  14. We added some Molotov chrome to rear tail lights , something I forgot to do originally .
  15. Thanks for comments everyone , glad you enjoyed the posts . Did a bit more engine work under the hood , brake line and something running off the tri-barrel for added interest . Probably not 100% accurate but we like to fiddle around and see what happens under the hood . Always cover the finished paint job with Saran Wrap to avoid stray paint stringers from ruining things .
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