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  1. Thanks for tips/suggestions . Unfortunately hobby shop had applied their oversize price sticker on English instructions for clean up . Peel back reveals what I need to know. I think we can tie this thread off . Thanks again.
  2. We hope everyone is getting lots of building done and staying healthy during our, " stay-at-home , " time . Recently viewed a fellow on You Tube who was using lighter fluid and Q-Tip as cleanup after application of Tamiya Panel line Accent . He did his Panel Line and clean up after clear coat . Seemed to do the trick. Would liquid BBQ starter fluid do the same thing ? I've never seen lighter fluid for sale in stores. Obviously being used in a well ventilated area away from pilot light in furnace or water heater . Any suggestions on this one ? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for tips/suggestions. I think we can close this thread now . Robert.
  4. I should have checked out the message board before asking my, " How Do I " . Thanks for the suggestions guys . Butler.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Joe . Into the laundry room we go .
  6. On the bench here we have the Revell 1:25 scale '68 Dodge Dart Hemi , Special Edition , 2 in 1 kit . We've opted for the 440 power plant over the 426 Hemi. Can the chrome be stripped off the valve covers or could we primer over them with Tamiya Primer before painting ? A couple of older kits we used Tamiya thinner on a couple of chrome pieces and they were clean in about a minute . We've tried the same procedure on these valve covers and had no luck . Any suggestions ? Thanks . Butler.
  7. Thanks again , appreciate your help with this . Robert.
  8. Hey Stitchdup . Many thanks ! A toast to ya ! Is there anything on the back of that sheet you could kindly post for us ? Cheers ! Robert.
  9. We have here the MPC 1/32 scale Mercedes 280 SL ready to build . An old kit , picked up in a 2nd hand store . Somehow I seem to have lost the instruction sheet . Checked on-line , found box and sprues , some kits for sale , but no instructions we can down-load . Nice little kit we want to build . Can anyone lend us a hand ? Thanks . Robert.
  10. Those are great ideas , thanks . I wouldn't have come up with those . Problem solved ,back to the workbench Robin !
  11. Does anyone have tips for applying wheels so that they're on straight ? I'm open to new ideas , so far my application methods haven't worked out too well so I need some help in this area . Thanks. Robert.
  12. I applied the flat black then cleared over it , looking at it now that might have been a mistake . All part of the learning curve it seems . Nice finish and foil job on that car Tom , looks great , well done . Thanks for the link Casey , lots of helpful direction there .
  13. Thanks for the advice everyone , I appreciate your help , we'll give it a go and see how we make out . Paint job is Tamiya X-15 light green , closest we could match from our local hobby shop inventory . Looks good though . Air-brushed the " stripe" in middle of hood with Tamiya XF-1 flat black . Quite the contrast with the green . OK, when I'm wet sanding am I going to stay away from the flat black on the hood ? We picked up this packette of waterproof finishing paper : 320 , 400 , 600 , 1000 , 2000 , 4000 , 6000 and 12,000 . 10$ CDN. When we would we be inclined to use the 6000 and 12,000 paper ? Robert.
  14. Hello . Finished painting my ' 70 Plymouth GTX . I've got my Tamiya polishing compunds here , Coarse , Fine , Finish , my Testors Spray Lacquer and my Tamiya modeling wax . I'm already to go but have no clue as to what sequence I am going to use these in . Also have my Bare Metal Foil to do , I think I do that last . Did I waste my money on some of these products ? Our local hobby shop is limited in what they carry so I have no choice as to what I can get . Thanks.
  15. Good Morning . Any forum builders who live in or around London , Ontario ? We are interested in contacting the local chapter of IPMS and attending a meeting or just contacting any local builders in our area . Thanks. Robert.
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