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  1. Thanks for feedback ATHU , TOM99 , PappyD340 . I need to work on paint/finish technique , had trouble with wet-sanding on my Tamiya Clear Coat . Applied 1 coat , wetsand with Micro Mesh pads 3200 grit and came up with noticeable scratches . We probably won't use Tru-Color paints again , must have been doing something wrong as it wouldn't come up to a nice shine at all. I wish I could have achieved better results in the end with this build . Live and learn .
  2. Thanks for comments everyone . The 2 piece frame/undercarriage is a nice touch . Exhaust lined up perfectly , sometimes there have been some alignment issues on our other builds . My fault on those . I'd give this kit high marks in the final score . I had wondered about the flare of the wheel wells on the body though , I'm not an expert by any stretch , but I thought they were a bit too pronounced . It certainly does not detract from the kit as a whole .
  3. Nice undercarriage . Good fit-up. Optical illusion with the tires in this photo. They are straight . All in all , this was a good kit to build . Very little flash on sprues . Good instructions . A fun build , we enjoyed it . So that wraps it up for our 1969 SS Chevelle . Please feel free to leave comments . Thanks.
  4. A bit of detail under the hood . Nice selection of decals . Detail Master Battery Hardware kit for some extra effect . Tip : Wire up battery first , Then insert , I did this *ssbackwards and had some difficulty . Everything slid into place real easy .
  5. Tamiya Panel Liner in grille . SS396 decal .
  6. Nice tires and rim combo . We got some peal and stick window tint from local car shop and experimented with that . Practiced on another windshield before we applied to Chevelle . Tricky to eliminate air bubbles from forming . SS 396 and Chevelle insignia are decals . They worked out allright . Air inlets on hood : We used Molotov Chrome stick on these , applied with a 3/0 Escoda paint brush . Would have been nice if they had chrome pieces to insert .
  7. Hello. This kit is featured on another thread mentioning some fit-up concerns . Here is our build . Colour is Tru-Color TCP-702 Met'l Candy Apple Red . Outside mirrors were in 2 pieces and I got the angles wrong . Fit-up issue in previous thread was rear bumper . As can be seen here . I struggled with this and just had to let it go as is .
  8. Detail Master has some nice offerings . DM-1401 Black Battery Cable , 1: 24/25 scale . 25ft . They have DM-2340 Battery Hardware Kit , 1: 24/25 scale . Photo-etched pieces , quite a variety to choose . And if you use their DM-3205 Red Distributor Kit there's always extra red cable to use for other wiring . www.detailmaster.com
  9. Hello. Need driver side mirror for 1970 Plymouth GTX . I have an opened '71 Dodge Charger AMT that I'm not going to build . Can trade parts from this, missing decals . Kit bought 2nd hand. Body shell still in cellophane bag . Could trade 2 MH Racemaster 1300-16 drag slicks also . I'll never use 'em . Thanks.
  10. Any hints for decal application on chrome parts , ie; our breather cover . Impossible to get rid of decal outline , even with MicroSol , Micro Set . Very noticeable in engine photo . Maybe this happens when decals get to be a certain age ?
  11. Thanks for the feedback , much appreciated . Unfortunately the wiring doesn't show up well in photos . Steering rod was a little tricky to get in place I was looking on-line for some ," under the hood ," photos or schematics to try and wire up the battery , alternator , starter . Any suggestions ? Very happy with this colour . I don't think it's a true factory GM colour . I'm sure a better painter than myself could really get this colour to pop . Tru-Color has quite a product line . We ordered this from hobby shop in Toronto .
  12. Chrome strip on front of hood is delicate , this one broke coming off sprue . Black Tamiya Panel liner on grille . Final verdict : nice kit to work with , ease of assembly . No compaints about this one . Thank You for viewing our build .
  13. Straight forward underneath . No struggles down here .
  14. A bit of extra detail under hood . Snug fit between fan and rad . We applied rubber casing from wire for dist. cap boots , glued them right on the cap which had prominent tabs that we could work with . Pay attention to rad placement , make sure it's down far enough so as not to interfere with hood . Just a little heads-up there .
  15. The black area above bumper was chrome so we tried a few layers of black Tamiya panel liner . That didn't work too good so we thinned out some Vallejo black , 2 coats seemed to do the trick .
  16. We experimented with tinted windows effect here . Airbrushed on inside of windows : Tamiya LP-67 Smoke Lacquer , thinned down . This will require a bit more practice . It left a bit of a cloudy effect , but it doesn't detract from final appearance . Nice fit up with windows .
  17. Our colour is: Tru-Color Metallic Goldenrod Yellow , TCP-724 . Thinned with Tamiya Lacquer thinner . Nice paint to work with . Interior was a mixture of Tamiya Nato Brown and some white . I forgot to take photo before tub was inserted . I had a Molotov Chrome stick that dried out so we dumped it into small jar , it's applied to Chev logo on front/rear quarter panels on this build.
  18. Hello. Picked this kit up second hand . Box had seen better days. Found a date of 1989 underside body . This was a nice kit to build . Plastic was a metallic blue, which was different . No nasty surprises , minimal flash to deal with . Any mistakes at final build were mine .
  19. Thanks for feedback David . Dimensions for diorama are 140mm x 190mm and roughly 100mm height . Rather difficult to find British/CDN soldiers to build , either WW1 or WW2. Dragon , which has a nice product line , offers mostly German WW2 . The ICM Ford truck is a very kit to build , excellent fit up and details . We have never built any MENG kits , but I hear they are quite nice . Some day might we might build some armour .
  20. Woodland Scenics turf material and undergrowth for foliage . Soldiers are ICM kits . Nice products to work with. Planning the layout was tricky , it evolved over time until a final scene was decided on . With Covid lockdown here in our province this provided hours of enjoyment to build.
  21. Here is the inside of our farm bldg. . Balsa wood door/frame and window . Electrical conduit is .050'' diameter rosin core solder bent to suit .
  22. Our camera isn't the best . Sorry for blurry pictures . Tiles on roof and eavestrough are A&W paper drinking straws cut and painted . Our grenade thrower in back of truck was placed there due to lack of space .
  23. Hello everyone . Here is a diorama that we just completed after a few months work . The truck was previously posted in Trucks thread . Diorama base is a cheap picture frame which we modified , felt is applied on bottom to prevent scratching . Plaster on bldg. is tile grout with some pigment . Potting soil mixed with water/PVA glue is ground .
  24. Nice choice of colour on this build . I need more practice on my paint to get that polished look. I found that the windows weren't the greatest to fit up. And I agree with your point about the headlights on this kit . When I first got to the ,roof-to-body stage, I was racking my brains on what to do with this major fit-up issue . I applied lots of extra glue on the inside seams to try and prevent cracking issues . This kit might have been beyond my skill level , I'll be the first to admit . It was a challenge to get it done . Big sigh of relief .
  25. Thanks for feedback everyone . Some pre-drilled holes for door handles and those tail lights would have been nice .Tail lights req'd some re-shaping as NOBLNG mentions . Unfortunately I didn't look that far ahead in the instructions and drill these holes myself. I need a bit more experience and some artistic technique with the final paint job.
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