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  1. this one is going slowly due to weather problems and health problems. but I plod on!! next step is clear coating the body, then on to final assy.
  2. great tips. thanks for taking time to put them down for me. I will print out this page so I have instant reference to them. so now if It comes out sloppy, Im going to blame you. hahaha...take care my friend.
  3. Thanks Leroy. I did thin the paint like you suggested and sure enough it improved greatly. good advice... there sure is a lot to learn to make a show level model ...
  4. my favorite muscle car and extremely well done..
  5. well, here is the partially finished interior. Im still having a problem with sloppiness. it looks good with the naked eye, but with pictures blown up like this, it looks too sloppy to me. I will keep on trying to figure out how to do this better..
  6. I like to say nice paint job, but the whole thing is just fantastic. Great workmanship!!!
  7. I followed your instructions exactly, and it absolutely worked! no more mold lines. thank you very much!!
  8. engine complete. on to the easy stuff..right!
  9. I know exactly how you feel. looks great so far. there is tons of masters on this forum that will help you make a pretty good model. good luck...
  10. I will definitely give your method a try. sounds very effective. cant thank you and all the others for your help and experience. I never realized model car building could be such an amazing challenge.
  11. I wish. I could play a little Hendrix in my den, but I did play drums for many years locally a long time ago. not famous. lol...
  12. Thanks Steve, but the silver is going to be covered with a regular paint color. I was told by a fellow local modeler that a silver coat will show all the defects to be fixed before painting the selected body color. this silver is rustoleum 2X which is cheap, down,and dirty.. I have used it before and it hasn't reacted with my regular air brush paints.
  13. I thought I would share the build of this car as I go along, just for practice if nothing else. there is nothing special and I believe I will build this box stock as my skills are limited. I just enjoy it like some people enjoy puzzles.I welcome any and all comments and or suggestions of course. I sanded a section of the body that had a mold line, and painted it silver to see any other defects. unfortunately my sanding wasn't enough and the mold line came through. so I had to re sand the area and I will repaint tomorrow.
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