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  1. I remember reading a long time ago, the only ones that hated the Phantom were the ones on the receiving end of their wrath. Don
  2. I'm happy with the build, got a Marine Phantom done with a loadout I've wanted to do for w while, now. Thing is big, footprint about the size of 5 1/25 scale car models!! Phantoms look their best with a full loadout, this one is loaded for CAS, marked when base at Chu Lai or Da Nang. Thanks for the positive, guys, much appreciated!! Don
  3. Haven't done a car in a while, built an jet instead. This is the Tamiya kit built in the markings of a Marine attack fighter squadron VMFA-334. Configured with the classic Snake 'n Nape loadout. Don
  4. Have to agree with everyone, nice clean build with great paintwork!! Finding these Tamiya Porsches are just really enjoyable builds. Don
  5. I enjoyed this build because it was so simple and well engineered. Never thought much about porsches until started working on them. Just finished doing an LS swap into a 1999 boxster, as engine swaps go, it really wasn't that bad. Don't have a lot of pics as it was fill work in between. This is the bosses car. This is the LS1 mated to a 6sp trans from a Boxster S, different from the stock trans. You can see the adapter and the front crossmember. These are from a kit, well engineered. The heads were gone through, changed the trunions on the rockers. Cam specs are for the LS3. Guesstimate of 440 hp.Will spin tires half way through 3rd. Shows drivetrain in place On layoff right now. Can get more pics when I get back. Don
  6. It's like when they rearrange aisles at the store, confusing as heck, but you get used to it. Don
  7. 2nd Porsche done, this was a real easy build. Straightforward, fit is great. Kit is molded in yellow, I prefer metallic colors on Teutonic cars. I sprayed this with Tamiya TS-42 Light metallic grey after seeing builds here in this color. Middle of a F-4 Phantom build now, have a Tamiya Mercedes after. Don
  8. Great progress on the charger!! Did some of these when they first came out, and recently did another. Ride height always looked wrong on all the kits. Never did the axle relocation, I modified the tinwork to drop the height. Something else I did was add the reinforcing strip along the bottom of the rocker panels, this also gives the look of a lower ride height. Don
  9. try adding a drop of dishwashing soap, breaks the surface tension of the wash. HTH don
  10. Most recent Revell P-51D Mustang in 1/32 is a good kit to start with. Easy to assemble, good fit, very reasonable price and availability, good size if your all thumbs...there are others in different scales/manufacturers, but the mustang would be my first choice. HTH Don
  11. I've found they work great as long as you don't use the recommended primer. Don't know how they would be for a shiny, new finish or chrome, but for a used finish I find them great. Just started into car models, primarily aircraft for a long time. Did this with the Vallejo Metal Colors. Don
  12. That Charger looks great!! Had to look twice to see it was a model. I bought a tin of the TS 42 to paint a Porsche, wasn't sure it would be right. Will go ahead now!!! Don
  13. Still enjoy drive -by-me still, not ready for self driving car of my own. Have to say, there are some "drivers" out there where a self driving car would be a BIG improvement over them driving. I can definitely see some benefits to some people that a self driver would give. Want your hotrod or muscle car still? no problem, keep it for fun, a self driver/electric car as a DD short run, grocery getter, why not. Hazard a guess that some here have more than two cars, in the near future I don't see any reason why not have a self driver/electric car.
  14. Sorry about the really late reply. Thanks all for the feedback and ideas, guys. I get that the older kits may be not up to current stuff, been doing aircraft for the last 20-30 years so i understand this and about specific kits. Concentrating on these manufacturers as the quality of the Revell/AMT/Polar Lights kits are known to me. Tamiya quality is great in aircraft/armor and as i've experienced in car kits is also great. Fujimi/Aoshima/Hasegawa car kits are unknown to me, reviews and builds on Youtube help a lot, better still is from modellers that have BTDT. I'll probably stick to newer kits, ask about older kits if needed. I have seen your Youtube channel, martinfan5, very informative!! I already go to Hobby Search for aircraft stuff, did see where there are a lot more kits available than what i've seen, IOW new ways to lighten my wallet. Don
  15. Model shop I frequent has a decent selection of car kits by these manufacturers. They concentrate on German, Italian, Ferraris, and Japanese cars, which i'm OK with. Question is, how are they as far as fit/finish/engineering? Done Tamiya kits and have a couple in the stash, quality is great, dryfit is excellent. Are the listed manufacturers equal? Don
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