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  1. Sorry folks yes just a green clamp holding up the door . Hope this helps
  2. How do you folk deal with side mirrors? I’m thinking of sanding this down and using chrome paint but is there a better way? I was never really satisfied with the results doing it this way. Thanks
  3. Some 1/64's , Mini GT makes great little models of the Japanese cars I love.
  4. I was speaking strictly for me , I can see how “ flipping “ could be part of the fun. I only have about 35 1/43 scale cars , and I can’t imagine parting with any of them . I also buy the inexpensive Kinsmart and Welly cars to try to modify or detail. The beauty of this hobby is there are so many different ways people can do things.
  5. I totally agree , Hobbies should be separated from endeavors meant to make money.
  6. The pair of 2CV’s were enough to make this a great thread, and me envious
  7. Thank you for sharing your work, it is an inspiration.
  8. I've just started collecting 1/32 diecast and so far just have a few super cars and sport models.I choose 1/32 over 1/43 because they tend to have opening doors and they're more budget and space friendly .I'm hoping someone might be able to recommend a few nice sport and/or race Renault cars I could add to my collection . Thanks
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