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  1. This is awesome. Very cool model Looks like ox blood doc Martin's.
  2. This is awesome. Very well done and clean. Would love to have this in 1:1
  3. That looks great and I like the weathering even if it is to cover mistakes. Must feel good to finish such a large model.
  4. This looks great very nice job on the pipes. Cage looks awesome painted. Well done
  5. Whoo! Replica is right! That is sweet. You really nailed the color. Those wheels are just amazing. Looks like she could fire up.
  6. Thank you. I will be getting this. I will also try this tacky glue.
  7. This is all very good info and will be getting some of the suggestions metioned but I'm looking for something stronger than Elmer's that is still easy clean up before paint.
  8. If this is already a subject I'll delete. Yes I looked. What glue/glues do you use before finale assembly? (During mock up) Elmer's is not working well for me. Does anyone use uv?
  9. Yeah loving these ships and this one is awesome. Great job on the weathering. I like your style in models in general and this one is great. The guns look real good as well as the life rafts and dingys.
  10. Just checked this out. That is looking great. Very nice job. Maybe tanbark for the sails could be cool. This is an awesome project and thou I just found it will be looking forward to progress.
  11. Well done and congrats. Both are very nice models but I'm with larman, that Chevy is super fly.
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