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  1. That looks beautifully done! I wish my best work was half as good as your "not best work."
  2. That's really amazing work, however (in my useless opinion) the wheels are an unusual choice for something so weathered.
  3. Thank you all for the feedback and encouragement so far! I haven't made a great deal of progress as in the past 2 weeks I had to travel out of town for 2 funerals. But the body is painted, the chassis completed, and I'm working on the interior now. Hopefully I don't have to travel any more for a while and can get back at this one in earnest.
  4. Please be gentle as this is my 1st Workbench build. 😁 O and I'm trying to learn how to use my camera properly. Anyway, this is the Aoshima 104 Toyota Hilux Surf SSR, which I am building as a US-spec 1991 Toyota 4Runner. Exterior color is Duplicolor Toyota Red Mica over a black primer, which in retrospect may not have been the best choice as it's a bit dark. Interior will be "shades of grey." I've spent way too much time on the chassis and am still not complete with it. The only modification is I cut off the molded-in plastic springs from the axle (which imho looked awful): I made the top spring isolators from some 1:10 scale rc parts, then found some plastic-covered silver wire. I wrapped this wire around a drill bit to form the springs. I'm going to mount the spare tire under the body, as was the custom w/ US models. Really taking my time on this one to try and do it right and hone my techniques. Any suggestions, constructive criticism, mocking is welcome. And more later!
  5. If anyone has any unbuilt Land Cruiser kits they want to sell/trade, please let me know. I don't really have much to trade since my stock is about 5 kits right now. Specifically, I am looking for: ESCI 3027 - BJ44 ESCI 3028 - Phillippines Taxi ESCI 3030 - Savannah Master Italeri 6352 - Armed Pickup I already have the 2 Tamiya 80 Series kits, and will have the Fujimi 80 and 100 en route soon. I know this is a longshot, but if ya never ask... Thank you! joe
  6. This is awesome, thank you very much! I'm new to all of this (well, returning after 40-some years) and gems like this are incredibly helpful; also, I do appreciate your feedback on the Meng kit as I was wondering if their kits were any good.
  7. That is truly amazing work, Tom - I want to jump in and go for a tour! Beautifully done and the details are outstanding!
  8. Enjoyed the initial build, and really liking your refinement on it, Michael. Sorry you had some setbacks but you seem to have easily overcome them. Looking forward to the (re)finished project!
  9. Michael, thanks so much for the insight on these kits! I've already seen some of the crazy prices on a few, when I can find them. The lack of interior detail is pretty disappointing, but might make for some interesting work to try and detail them (again, if I can actually find the kits for less than a mortgage payment). A reissue would be so nice too.... I think I might give the Meng VS004 a try, it's clearly a 1/35 79-Series Cruiser; and it's affordable enough to spend time on. Thank you again for this!
  10. Sigh, my Google-fu was lacking. I've now found: ESCI 3027 - BJ44 ESCI 3028 - Phillippines Taxi ESCI 3030 - Savannah Master Italeri 6352 - Armed Pickup Now, if only I could actually find them for purchase....
  11. I am a Toyota Land Cruiser fan, and am aware of and own the 80 and 100 Series kits from Tamiya, Fujimi. I have been looking for other models as well, but haven't run across any. Is anyone aware of any 40, 60, 70 Series kits? I'm shocked there are no 40 Series kits out there; the 60 I can kind of understand; and I'd buy & build every adaptation of 70 Series. And a 55 Iron Pig would be amazing too! If anyone knows of any, I'd love to hear about them!
  12. Hi Michal! Thank you very much for the pictures! I am new to all of this, haven't built any since I was a child, so I very much appreciate you sharing your technique here. I will have to give this a try on one of my upcoming builds. Which beer did I like best? ALL OF THEM! (except Budvar) You have a great selection of excellent beers, and of all I tried I think my favorite was at Hotel Pegas in Brno - they brew on the 1st floor and have a restaurant, with the hotel above. My wife and I have to visit Praha! I arrived and departed via Vienna, took either the student bus or train to Brno; I did get to spend time in Vienna which blew my mind, I bet Prague is even better!
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