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  1. I read the Taking pictures of your models post in the Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials section which has lots of good advice regarding taking pictures of finished models but I'm interested in tips for taking pictures of your model while working on it. I see lots of pictures taken right on the bench so I know people aren't moving things to the photo booth or whatever to take their pictures. How do people get such clear, close-up pictures even on the bench? Are you still using a DSLR? Can you get decent pictures just using your phone? How do you deal with stopping to take pictures without losing your focus/groove? Any tips/tricks/info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Having the top of the tire hidden behind the fender does tend to make the tires look a little big but I can't decide if they just 'look' too big or 'are' too big. On a somewhat related note I'm not sure if it's the little piece of the exhaust system (?) that's peeking out below the body but to me it looks like it's sagging in the backend and could be raised up slightly.
  3. Is this the stuff you're talking about? https://www.gorillatough.com/product/gorilla-clear-grip/ I've been scared to try that Gorilla glue because it says that it's NOT recommended for polystyrene. I'll have to give it a try.
  4. Yes, it is water-based but once it's dried it doesn't just dissolve in water and the short amount of time that the decal is actually in the water when readying it for application wouldn't affect it, I would think. Here's a couple of links I found that do reference using Future on decal sheets: https://www.oldmodelkits.com/blog/plasitc-model-kits-how-tos/more-on-using-or-restoring-old-decals/ http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/66931-what-clear-coat-to-save-old-decals/ I'll see if I have some extra decals lying around and maybe give this a try to see how it works.
  5. I have also heard of people using Future to coat decals. I haven't tried it myself yet but does anyone have any experience using that?
  6. I build models because I enjoy the building process - watching something come together out of a mess of pieces and the tactile feeling of creating something with my own 2 hands. The analytical side of me enjoys the structure, the detail, and the steps to follow. I never thought I was very creative but the more I build I'm finding that maybe I do have a creative streak in me and it's exciting to see that emerging. It also helps that I have an artist for a wife who helps push me to exercise those creative muscles.
  7. Gave the frame and cab a coat of black the other day.
  8. Do you paint the front or the back of the clear parts or do you apply the paint to the chrome part?
  9. This could be an entry in the Bring Out Your Dead thread but I'm putting it here. I had started this one I can't remember when but am just finally getting back to the hobby so we'll see what I can do with this. I'm planning on just trying to finish a model 😛 so nothing fancy here. I've seen some that go all out but I'm going to try to go for a "playing card" theme and keep the colors to black and red. I'm thinking I'll paint the engine, fuel tank, and seat cushion red and everything else (that's not chrome) black. Wish me luck.
  10. It would be interesting if people gave a rough estimate of how many models they completed between pictures as well to show what it takes for your skills to improve. Unfortunately, for me, although I've been "modelling" for years I can count on both hands and have fingers left, the models that I've actually completed so I'm not sure my skills have really improved that much.
  11. Just looking on Model Roundup and I see they have 2 different entries for this. https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/amt-31599.htm https://www.modelroundup.com/AMT-999-Little-Gasser-Show-Rod-Model-Kit-p/amt-r2-999.htm Does anyone know if both those kits contain the same extras?
  12. I have a bunch of crazy, quirky hobbies that keep vying for my time and pulling me away from modelling. I am a hoader collector of stamps, business cards, models😛, and whatever else catches my eye. I enjoy reading, mostly sci-fi and fantasy but I enjoy a good thriller or mystery as well. I play guitar. I enjoy playing on my computer and just messing with technology in general. I dabble in tabletop role-playing games. I also like to relax by coloring and am addicted to Sudoku puzzles.
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