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  1. It was actually this one, also green but I do like that kindig one too.
  2. Started a new project after seeing this really cool blazer for sale. It’s going to be a quick build, nothing too crazy, so far I’m happy how it’s going.
  3. Finally back on this thing after some time off. Body is pretty straight, lines match up beautifully but those bedsides look a little weird to me, might try to fix that.
  4. Dually fenders are finally on permanently and I’m pretty satisfied with how it’s turning out. The frame fits very well and there’s no need for adjustments, now I can move on to finishing the frame.
  5. Made a little more progress, now that the wheels arrived. I’m going to have to extend the dually fenders to fit these 26s but I have to say they look amazing already.
  6. Those are pretty nice, I might order them. Thank you. I tried ordering some from a guy on Instagram but for some reason he’s ignoring my messages.
  7. Made some progress on the frame today, been a little uninspired to keep working on it, since I’m still unable to find wheels but i decided to put the regular bedsides back on and mock up some 22” wheels I have to be able to finish the frame.
  8. Took a little break from working on the body and decided to start on the frame. Just doing something simple, nothing fancy but can’t go much further, until I can find some wheels for it.
  9. Thank you i was thinking of making it one piece, since I’m shaving some pieces, like the handles and side markers but it’s a little much for my taste.
  10. Thank you, they’re pieces from a kit. I had 2 extra cabs, aside from a full kit, so I just cut them up to make the rear cab section.
  11. Thank you, I found them on shapeways, they look pretty good but they’re going to need some work, since they don’t fully reach the bottom of the bed.
  12. Began building this bagged and bodied single cab GMC but ended up turning it into a crew cab dually. I’m currently waiting on wheels and Dually bedsides, once I get those I can start building a frame for it but in the meantime I’ve been building the cab. I’ll be posting more progress pics in the future once I get some more done but hopefully all goes well since this is pretty much my first ever scratch built model, aside from the frame work I did on the single cab.
  13. Good evening to all, newbie stopping by to say hello. I’m new to the world of models and was working on my very first project, a bagged and bodied 77 GMC Single Cab, but decided to make it into a Crew Cab Dually. I’ll be posting progress pictures soon and hope to get some feedback and possibly tips and tricks to better myself for future builds.
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