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  1. I've found that it's generally cheaper and less frustrating to pick up the key parts first, then go hunting for something to put them with. Like this '65 Wildcat that i picked up for $4. Then picked up the customized version for a song and put the 2 together. All them MPC 1968-69 Charger & Coronet wheelcovers? They and the others came from the same venue as the Wildcat. There's more to this haul but it will just make people cry. After i got done there it was only a few more miles to pick up a factory stock, all stainless steel, true dual exhaust system from a rolled, very l
  2. There is a tool named File Card that is specifically designed to clean conventional metal files of all types. One side has steel bristles. Other side has nylon bristles to clean off the remnants. A welding supply store or a real hardware store will have both.
  3. So what does it mean? 400# Boy is eating a lot of old model car kits?
  4. Yep, it took my breath away when i saw an ugly green 1969 R/T convertible promo sell for about $1500 a few years ago. A month or two later a seller from the same city was selling 1969 R/T promo RESIN copies for a little less that $200 ea. Suddenly, i saw the light.
  5. That one needs some help. The hood, the rocker panels, the glue from the trailering mirrors, the glue from the roll bar. Kinda sad. Keep the faith. The pieces will come to you if you are patient.
  6. I've bought maybe 40 or 50 vintage 'sealed' model kits on eBay over the past 15 years. i've made good money flipping them, usually 2-3 times what i paid, after fees. It got a lot harder to flip for a profit when the eBay and PayPal fees jumped to 13%. Along the way, i sadly bought at least 4 (that i can remember) that were obviously reshrinked. One had cello that was WAY too krunchy to be factory correct. Two had obvious wear on the box top corners UNDER the shrinkwrap. Number 4 had a return address label from a guy whose industry initials go by M K, on the box bottom. This return ad
  7. I appreciate the hours that were invested into this Masterpiece!
  8. Exacting realism, right down to the dent in the right front fender. Stunning!
  9. Hmmmmm. I thought i was the only one elevating front seats to slightly above the carpet. My method much simpler, though. Maybe i should make a post in Tips.......... BTW, nice work so far.
  10. Clearly, some people are allowed to advance a certain kind of lyrical prose and some people are not. Who knew that anyone could ever claim exclusivity on the use of a language?
  11. In 20 more years, everyone who cared about that movie will be dead. Then the bottom will fall out of the perceived value.
  12. Pic, please. Every case has their own unique challenges.
  13. Yep, i can discriminately correspond that image to a remembrance in my personal eye of the mind.
  14. WOW! That is Faultless! WOW X 2 !
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