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  1. http://www.dlmweb.com/news6.html Also, Carrera 2's had twin grilles. But T6 356B Super was the one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_356 Really hard to keep up with changes along then, horn grilles, just some minutia. HTH
  2. I love Jade green. But what is the pickle green craze in 1:1 world? Just odd. But Jade Green, silvermist green, Verde Pino, all rock.
  3. Try Taittenger or Mumm's champagne. Even if it's wrong it's tasty. LOL Crown, Southern, and Rott N Grapes have that vineyard in PHX area. Get cigars too. Model building can be fun!
  4. The chrome on the 67 looks better than the matte stuff that came from factory. Many if not all 67 annual AMT's had horrible chrome. I'll have to try it.
  5. Huge omission from Ford vs. Ferrari- The Monkeemobile! Sweet. Never have seen that, 😛
  6. I've never seen any. Great idea, but in 60's not a thing. My Daytona had nada either. IIRC it had a towel. Few of those survived. For the money, I doubt many owners changed their own flats. LOL. Like Sinatra always said "Ashtray's full, time to trade"
  7. Nice truck. Halibrands probably from wheel pack with added rims I think. Chrome there, that's the hard part anymore. Really savable. Cool That glue is pretty ancient. Water and freezer may be all you need.
  8. Great work. Perfect tool roll not available. About 35-40k for one. LOL. Fortunately less $, more work. Roll was Schedoni leather.
  9. Nice build Chuck Needs a Fronty. All up with motor.
  10. A member or 2 here said it was VW licensing, but is it TD?
  11. Correct spelling. Searches don't fix spelling errors, and they look silly. I've found great stuff wandering amongst the misspelled listings. People missed it, and I didn't.
  12. POTD!🤣 Spit Dew on my keyboard.
  13. DukeE


    Really great build. I so much prefer these to the newest nearly silhouette style DTM's. I have the black bank version, wish I could do it justice the way you did, Dale. Agree that RG kitting this was great. Need more of this stuff.
  14. The other issue seems to be kids/families can't afford to get kids a car, or cover insurance. Hard to get jobs as kid when there's adults competing for flipping burgers. Hard to get old cars that won't die, or need expensive work that many can't DIY. Kids rack up college debt or have hard time getting decent job, what, 30% or more live with parents? Wise they wait to have kids. Once they get income, they can borrow. I'd be curious to see what lease vs. finance rate is. That, and 72-month financing?? Nuts. Kinda sad.
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