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  1. Casey that's a wonky looking grille/headlight door/lens. Had to bust ya a little. Merge time with the other peevage.
  2. Thank god you said reliable, no cap. LOL Isn't the Pontiac OHC-6 an all aluminum slant 6? I don't recall it being based on the Stovebolt 6
  3. That's an incredibly clean design save for the window. I dislike 58's-61's personally, but that car is great looking.
  4. Pretty cool they put a single 65 GTO headlight pod on a Chevy in what, '57? Some of those styling guys had some bad drugs. 3 fins on a Buick. LOL.
  5. My guess is Ferrari wanted too much for their stuff. They make more money of tchotchkes than they do off the cars now for years. LOL their last WDC was in 2007 with Kimi. That's the same time difference to today as a 66 Mk II and a 935-78. Except now it's AMG Mercedes handing them their....
  6. Really need some Dunning-Krueger Racing decals. Kind of a Dunn-Reath take-off. Maybe a Dunning-Kruger-Darwin gasser or FED like SWC LOL
  7. DukeE

    Actors and Models

    Some named on box, some not, but pictures not on every issue. Airfix Bond Aston and Toyota Roadster (both 1/24 unlike Doyusha) had drawings but no pics, only name was Bond. Doyusha had Connery on it.
  8. Ford sells about 2 F150's a minute, 24/7/365. That's 2500/day, 941,000 pickups/yr. This is not a threat. Tesla can barely produce 2500-3000/month of SUV. If it does sell, and certainly fanbois will buy it, oooooh, 40000 trucks. I live in TX where most have trucks. This won't handle being a work truck. Mall crawler, fashion statement yes. But full load 8hr day in 100 degree weather with AC on, ummm, no. And check resale on off lease Teslas. Then check resale on an F250-350, which is what most trucks are here. LOL. Good luck Elon, keep sniffing your own flatus. +1 on Gandini.
  9. Musk enjoys his own musk too much.
  10. Some decent data in here, can see build up. Really nice build.
  11. Same kit. Unsure if any adds or deletes on Coke kit. HQ kit great, tons of wheel options. Love Bug issue didn't have that, but HQ, Spiderman issues did. Fun kit.
  12. I've seen the Beverly and the Westchester on eBay, assume thru Bob's. Does he do both slant back or trunk back, or both?
  13. Stock 66 Cuda with Duster guts would work, or even the Fireball 500 chassis under it with corrected rear wheelwells
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