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  1. These are definitely cool kits. One of my earliest modeling experiences was going over to my friend's house on Sunday afternoons. He and his dad would build together and they let me join in. His dad liked building those small early vintage cars and did a nice job on them.
  2. SCRWDRVR, It's on it's way to you. Should be delivered tomorrow, possibly Saturday. Enjoy your build! Charles
  3. Well then, let's just scrap the Mustang then and let me see what else I can find to offer.
  4. People have issues with a '68 Mustang Shelby GT-500 too?
  5. All the above track sets are now sold. I have a good selection of track available, most of it is like new. Straight sections, various curves, loop sections, power/controller connection, crossovers, squeeze and a hairpin section. Also have a good selection of fence rails and elevation supports.
  6. I would like to claim the '63 Chevy. Offering up this one:
  7. No thank you, I am really kind of done with the whole deal at this point. If you want to do something with it or a different kit, give it to a kid to build or build it with him or her. That would be far better than returning it to me. Take it easy, Charlie
  8. I appreciate that consideration but please just keep everything. I just didn't want anyone thinking that I was trying to cheat anybody out of a kit. I'm happy the way it stands right now and this PIF can pick up from wherever it's at and move forward. Thanks, Charlie
  9. I have put up a few race track sets on my website for sale. I will also be adding some track packages (straights, curves, etc), surplus cars and other pieces. I am open to possible trades for 1/20 Tamiya F-1, Sports Cars, etc. Also in the market for serious real drag race car parts & components. Tell me what you have and maybe we can do some business. www.rutherfordms.com/store/
  10. One more item to deal with here... 440 Dakota Your kit is headed back to you with an additional $10 to cover your original postage to me. USPS: 9505 5129 6472 0008 1541 91 Arrival Saturday 1/11/2020 Thanks and apologies for any issues it caused.
  11. Sorry but I do not understand your comment.... "coming clean" would indicate that I had done something wrong and I have not.
  12. Hello Everybody, This is going to be wordy so please pardon me but I realize after reviewing a lot of the comments here that an explanation is needed. My oldest grandson had some serious issues that my daughter and her husband needed some family assistance with - let's just say typical teenager stuff that's not exactly typical compared to my days. I ended up being gone for a number of weeks and during that time, my 2 year old Lenovo laptop was lifted in Florida. Along with having to change accounts and passwords plus a couple of new credit cards, I didn't have the cash available right then to replace it. I just returned this past weekend and I am now typing on a new laptop ($$$) and trying to go back through email, work issues, bills etc. I have great hopes that we have gotten my grandson the help that he needs to get through his struggles but as I mentioned, it took a lot more time than I had envisioned when I left here. I certainly want to make things right with everyone here. The kit that was sent to me is still unopened and I can return it along with monies to cover the shipping that was paid to send it. The F-1 kit that I offered is gone to the dustbin, seems that some smaller child got hold of it off my workbench while I was away - and the mother freaked out about small edible parts. Yes, it's been that kind of holiday. I do have a couple of other F-1 kits if that would help. If the people involved would let me know what they would like to do about these situations, I will take care of things. Charles Rutherford
  13. Guess no Formula One fans around here. I'm pulling the Williams and would like to cancel the claim on Mopar kit - if that's okay.
  14. How about a Williams FW 11 Honda F-1? 1986 Season.
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