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  1. First full scale event was a Santana show. Used to catch some young thing and her band in local watering holes - her name was Pat Benatar - quite a while before she hit it big.
  2. My apologies to both of you. I had no idea that you were in communication with this person and have full knowledge of what is going on with them. Please excuse me.
  3. It's a kit for crying out loud. Just a damned kit. You have no idea of what this person is going through at this very moment, hopefully and with God's grace it is nothing serious and just a matter of being busy. But on the other side of it, this person could've stepped off the sidewalk in front a bus and is hanging on to dear life or someone very dear to him could be in serious trouble. Have some patience and some compassion - you may find that you actually like yourself.
  4. Little Timmy Package on it's way to you.
  5. I would like to grab the Porsche. It's late but I will post a pick in the AM. Here is my contribution.
  6. Friend of mine back in the early 70's was a neighbor of the Wood Brothers. Back when David was driving the #21 for them, according to my friend - he insisted that the Wood Brothers install a cigarette lighter on the dash. During caution flags, it wasn't uncommon to see David smoking a cigarette. I honestly have never been able to confirm the story, maybe someone else could?
  7. Myself. I am working on a '55 Chevy 210, building the car for drag racing. I am slowly getting rid of bits and pieces that I do not want anymore in an attempt to keep my garage space somewhat under control. (That might be me just dreaming though.) So on the a-arms, I had tried to sell them through various channels with no luck and while I could purchase a new set of mounting arms, I decided that if I could not get rid of them, I would just remove the mounting arms and junk the rest of it. Instead of trying to beat out 65 year old bushings, I broke out my plasma cutter. I got things hooked up, found an old piece of wood panel to do the cutting on and proceeded to try and cut the ends off of the a-arms. I have only used this plasma cutter twice before and it worked just fine. Today, no such luck. I could get an arc, but it would just stick to the work and I had to keep breaking it loose. I tried several times, but all I did was ruin the tip. So I replaced the tip with a spare. I then start checking voltages as this is a 220v cutter. Everything looked good. Then I pulled the plasma cutter out of the welding cart and started messing with the setup dials, trying different amperage, and varying the rate of cut - nothing worked. I was sitting there trying to figure out what could be wrong with a brand new piece of equipment when I noticed that I had not connected the air line to the cutter! Sometimes, I am my own worst enemy.
  8. I only have one HL near me and I get there maybe once or twice a year. The last time they had a fairly full isle on one side with various car/plane/ship models, supplies and small amount of paint. My regular hobby shop used to have just about any model car kitted (recent issues) but now has cut that down to 2 small mid-height shelf areas. One worker told me the higher price of the kits just stagnated the sales so they reduced and blew out what they could. R/C stuff in cars and airplanes is probably the most active from the looks of the inventory now.
  9. I am looking for some decent but inexpensive references for the earlier days of NASCAR. I have visited the museum at Darlington Speedway taking pictures which certainly helps but you can only get so close to the cars. If anyone knows of anything - books or maybe documentaries I would appreciate it. I am not really looking too much at duplicating any particular race car but I like the 1955-1966 era of the sport.
  10. Did you try running the software as an Administrator? Right click the icon and select "Run as Administrator".
  11. Took out 3 trees in the front of my property - one that was about an 80 foot white pine and went across the main road entering the subdivision. Lucky that I had some neighbors to help - three chainsaws going and we got it off the road in about an hour but my old back is killing me.
  12. My wife on her work days, will turn on GMA (Good Morning America). Last year as most of you can remember I am sure, they were roasting any guy that so much as asked a woman out for a date and swearing that every one of them was a sexual predator. So what's on GMA this morning? Oh just tips for women that will be wearing a open front gown or dress without a bra and how to apply makeup so that it gives the appearance of a deeper cleavage. How the hell do you have it both ways? Complete and total hypocrites.
  13. Lucky I guess? I don't know why, but you would simply think that a piece of rubber bonded to metal sitting between two pieces of metal would last a lot longer. It just sits there in my view so I guess there is something going on that rips them apart.
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