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  1. Beautiful as always Rich. Will have to come up and see this beauty in person!
  2. Beautiful as always Rich. I'm always impressed by your builds. Sometimes you make me want to hang up my airbrush and never touch it again! B
  3. Beautiful work Rich. I am always amazed at what you can do with a less than ideal kit.
  4. Sweet job Rich! Nice to see a build to match your real car and it looks just like the picture hanging on your store wall.
  5. Oh nice!!!!!! The original variant of the 936!!!! Very sweet Rich. Maybe you can do the all black version of this car 4aced in the first race the 936 ever ran? Beautiful work as always and love the LEDs
  6. Gorgeous as always Rich. Will have to come up and see it in the cabinet. Aren't those fan shaped louvers beside the cockpit pe parts? How did they fit?
  7. Beautiful job Rich! Love the Martini livery too. Will look great with all the other Martini cars.
  8. Rich, Dang that is sweet! May motivate me to come up to see it in person! B
  9. Beautiful Rich as always. I have this kit and the Wynn's decals to do the IMSA version. Will be paying attention to the rear window and scoop when I build. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I finally finished this one last night. What a beautiful kit! First part was adding the exhaust pipes/collector. Then the exhaust/muffler. Finally the cooling fan went on and the LED spark plugs went home and it was complete.
  11. I finally completed this bad boy. Great kit and loved working on it. Parts fit is wonderful and makes into a beautiful looking replica.
  12. Now we need to finish the cam covers. These are in two part,s the top which just has the PORSCHE lettering and the bottom cover which is ribbed for heat dissipation. The top covers on. Bottoms. Cam covers finished. Now we build and add the heat exchangers. These covered the individual exhaust pipes. Here is the built up exchange. They are then installed on the bottom of the engine. Both installed now.
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