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  1. I notice you are in Chambersburg, not far away. If you would ever be up for a cup of coffee and telling lies, I mean swapping tall tales, uh, I REALLY mean discussing our fabulous builds, I would welcome the opportunity.
  2. Beautiful Rich, as always. It's always a pleasure and treat to receive an email from you with your latest progress pictures or to visit and see the mouth watering display of builds you have.
  3. New user here - been building since I was a young kid, my first build was the Amt/Ertl 1/24 American LaFrance ladder truck with my father. Since then, I have been building race cars and airplanes. Being an Aerospace Engineer I really enjoy looking at the aerodynamics of the cars I build and determining how they work. As we all do, I have a large stash but am always on the lookout for those holy grail kits that slipped through my hands when younger. Not sure if I will post any of my builds or in progress works as my skills are not up to the standards of the builders here, but I am taking inspiration and learning skills I will be putting to use. Brett
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