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  1. I got the grille done and started on the tail light panel. I also got all the small decals on the body and 2 coats of clear put on it. tomorrow I can paint the trim on the body and maybe get the stripes put on.
  2. thanks David it's going pretty decent.
  3. well with the dashboard done and installed I'm calling the interior complete. paint has been put on the body just waiting to clear coat. so far everything fits as it should. I may dull coat the stripes before applying them.
  4. moving along on the interior. have the dash, steering wheel and pedals left to do.
  5. thanks, it's going pretty good David. the only problem so far is a slight twist in the interior that I think will come out once it is installed.
  6. got a start on the interior, once I get everything painted and together I will spray a mist of dull coat. thanks everyone for checking in.
  7. thanks Craig, it's been in the stash several years.
  8. I got the engine compartment painted in go mango and most of the items detail painted. I really like the orange. next move is an all black interior. so far it's a pretty nice kit.
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