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  1. you would be right Greg, my mistake. hehehe.
  2. krylon short cuts bronze and thanks for the kind words.
  3. well so far the engine builds up pretty nice. not crazy about a metal axle in front but I don't think you'll see much of it on the finished build. I'm using all testors and krylon paints on everything but the body. it will be model master lacquer.
  4. this is the 2 in 1 kit r/t or t/a. going to build the r/t version stock with the exception of the wheels and tires that are supplied. I'll raid the spares box for them. I have a can of go mango orange that I plan on using. this is another kit that's been in the stash for years. time to build it. c&c are welcome and thanks for looking.
  5. a couple extra pics of the finished build. too much snow here for outside pics and to post under glass.
  6. don't recall which kit for sure thinking the 1963 corvette. thanks for the kind words.
  7. this build is winding down. thanks everyone for checking in. it was a great kit.
  8. thank you Keith, I like it also.
  9. a flickr buddy in L.A. sent me a big box of model parts and it was in with a bunch of truck pieces. so I took it and reworked it. wheels and tires are from the spares box I have. sorry I don't know anymore about its origin. thanks for the kind words.
  10. I have the rear completed still working on the front. needs driving lights still. left to do are rocker panel molding, door handles, fitting the scoop and hood, and the hood pins. what a sweet heart of a kit!
  11. I wound up using a little wider rear tires as can be seen in the rear view. thank you all for the kind words and input, or just looking in.
  12. well I got the trim painted, the headliner painted and assembled and the tail lights installed. next were the windows and the interior bucket put in and carefully mounted the chassis. starting to finally look like something.
  13. paint has been finished on the body. next the trim and head liner will be started.
  14. I have the interior complete and the body ready for stripes then a quick clear coat.
  15. thanks Dan, congrats on the brbo win! you really went the extra mile with your build and it turned out great. I've decided to go with american racing wheels and wider tires on the back of this build.
  16. the beginnings of the interior so far.
  17. thank you all for the input and ideas. I mocked up the body/ chassis so I could rework the wheel tire combos offsets. It took several hours to get the right look and feel I was looking for. I've been working on the interior also. going after a 70's feel.
  18. I got a start on the inner fenders/ firewall/ interior assembly. black carpet and dash with white seats and door panels are the plans.
  19. thanks everyone for the input and comments! these are the wheel/tire combo I may go with. hopefully I can make them work.
  20. chassis work has been started and yes this is a great kit. I misplaced a factory wheel somehow so I might go with mags from the era. has anyone else experienced problems using lacquer paints over swirls in the plastic? the firewall had swirls from the plastic injection process that show up when using lacquer but not enamel. I may have to switch colors and use an enamel.
  21. testors gold, I use a lot of testors paints when I can and thank you Douglas.
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