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  1. Very nice! How was the kit to build? I just bought some decals for one and hope to have the kit in a few weeks. Ben
  2. Yes, it does! You’ll enjoy this build. It’s a great kit. The other Ben
  3. Wow, nice! Are those the kit decals? I looked all over for Totip decals for mine but had to settle for Pilot. Ben
  4. +1 for Gravity Spain! Do a little googling before you send any money to Gravity USA. My experience with them was similar to what several others have run into, so I shop elsewhere. Ben
  5. Me too! I was only going to buy the sprue with the wing for another project until I saw the Volt decals. I now have the kit, paint, and decals. I’m trying to force myself to finish my current project before I start the Mustang. Ben
  6. SpotModel from Spain has them and ships to the US. I’ve dealt with them many times and highly recommend them. They’re my first stop for all race car-related modeling. LINK Ben
  7. A C8R and a Huracan GT3 from them would be great! Ben
  8. If you can wait until the first week of June, SpotModel will have them in stock. As far as I know, they’re still shipping overseas. LINK Ben
  9. Thanks, I totally missed those! Ben
  10. Try Krylon Florescent Yellow or Mr Color C172 Fluorescent Yellow. Is somebody doing decals for that car (I hope!)??? Ben
  11. Love it! You're making it very hard to resist picking up another one to paint BRG. Ben
  12. This is a great kit! I built one last year. You've picked my other favorite NA Miata color (along with Mariner Blue). The BRG definitely looks classier! Ben
  13. “Lord Vader, your car is ready.” (Actually, that was an old Chevy ad) Looking great, Dann! Those cars look great in black. I think this might be another kit I didn’t know I needed.😄 Ben
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