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  1. My latest build, oob AMT 1966 Mustang.
  2. Thought I would give tribute to the kits origins with the addition of the “Little Deuce” decals. Thank you all for the comments.
  3. Thanks all for the comment, much appreciated.
  4. Another finished model for the shelf, Monogram’s Classic Cruisers ‘32 Ford roadster.
  5. Recently finished Monogram ‘82 Corvette snap-tite
  6. These are some of the surviving models that I have finished over the last few decades. I have started several kits over the past 40 plus years with very few finished due to the loss of interest Johan '75 Cutlass built 1981 Tamiya 180SX built 1992 AMT '70 Vette built 1994 AMT '32 Ford built 2013 Revell '34 Ford built 2014
  7. Thanks all for the comments. The last model I finished before this was 2014, and I have so many other unfinished models languishing on the shelves over the 45years that I've been building.
  8. This is the first model that I actually have finished in years, and the first that I post on the forums. Yes it's the Lindberg " '71 Mustang" with its "Exquisite cabin detailing", "Authentic motor compartment", and "Accurate underbody". Yeah right... this thing is all kinds of wrong, closer to a '69/70 Sportsroof in profile with a '71 nose stuck on. I only built this to try out craft paints, and I say it turned out not too bad for cheap paints.
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