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  1. Kenworth from AMT Challenge mixer kit,added v-12 detroit from Malone Super Boss. Had to move cab back 1/4 inch, stretched hood, made new engine and cab mounts.dropped front axle 1/4 inch to get it low chromed frame,scratch built front and rear bumpers, exhaust, scratched new mirrors.made new turbo brackets to connect to stock air cleaners.added some blue dot tailights.Paint is testors purplelicious, thanks for looking.
  2. does anyone here make decals-specifically nascar decals? looking for a set to do Bill Elliott's 1999 Toy Story 2 car that ran at Atlanta(fall race) and Homestead thanks for any help you can provide- Tom
  3. who makes 'lug' tires for 1/25 scale big rigs? looking for a set for a ready mix truck im getting ready to build would prefer vinyl tires but would settle for resin.thanks for any help ya'll can give me!
  4. thanks for the praise everyone. i decided to try to build a model cause i own a real one,so i pondered what i could use as a starting point, the amt 50 chevy was as close as i could find.this would have been virtually impossible were it not for the one in my garage-pics coming soon- that i could take critical measurement and scale it down to 1/25 also used many many reference photos from internet too. i got the various pieces as close as i could with styrene and slowly shaped them with 3M glazing putty till i was happy with the look of it. this was a 1 year project start to finish with life getting in the way start to finish! i wish i would have taken wip pics, sorry for that, it wasnt a priority to me. i can assure u that it doesnt look as pretty underneath, i just wanted to look good on the shelf.
  5. pure fantasy build i just think these pulling trucks are cool. Revell 66 El Camino body, blown hemi from Revell funny car, rest of it parts box and scratch build,tires and wheels from monster truck toy.
  6. thank for the kind words ya"ll hope to be posting more stuff next few days!
  7. thank guys! unfortunately i dont have any wip pics the thought didnt occur to me , i was just glad to be able 2 finish it, took over a year. Yea it would have been nice if there were a model of this, the only thing ive ever seen was a poor quality resin body that was very costly.
  8. ok, as promised here's my 1/25 scale version of my real truck-or as close as i can get it anyway! started with a 50 Chevy 5-window and chopped it up re worked roof all 4 fenders hood doors,well, pretty much every thing but inside of bed,scratch built the grill sorry for the blurry engine pic- thanks for lookin hope ya'll like
  9. amt lnt 8000 stretched frame custom grille scratch built feed body homade decals. thanks for looking!
  10. hi everyone new member here ,well had account for several months but just now gettin on here.been lurkin for awhile enjoying all the stuff u guys been creating. soon as i get time 4 pics i post what ive been workin on for the last year, a semi-sratch built 55 studebaker truck its a 1/25 scale version of my 1:1 ride. see yall soon!
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