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  1. Hey, the wheels are Aoshima Advan 19inch race wheels, decals for the black version from FFSMC Productions (not the easiest to apply), decals for the yellow version are just some random leftovers from other kits, and the rear wings are Tamiya Ings 2 Power Wing kit, came with 4 different rear wings and decals. I built both as standard out of box street versions years ago then developed an interest in GT3 Racing cars so decided to convert them
  2. Awesome job! I’m really keen to do this version, looks sharp as!
  3. Wow! Flawless builds...well done
  4. Very cool, great job! Love all racing cars in 1/24 scale...decals really bring them to life
  5. No issues with fit, I chose fujimi over tamiya for the LM model
  6. Dann, who manufactures the pagani kit?
  7. Thanks for referral to Slotfabrik, I haven’t heard of them before. I checked out the PlayStation decals, definitely keen to do that version...looks awesome
  8. Yes super challenging applying those decals, great kit tho, would like to do another in silver or dark blue
  9. Ben Brown, look forward to seeing your completed model...enjoy!
  10. Thanks guys...very nice work on the Toyota Brudda...I haven’t seen that one before
  11. Very cool...I have been looking at this kit for a long time, you’ve just convinced me to get it. Great job!
  12. Platz BMW M6 GT3...looking forward to their Audi R8 GT3
  13. Revell F1 Red Bull Racing RB8 - Mark Webber, very hard to find these F1 models in 1/24 scale now. If anyone has a source I’d love to know!
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