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  1. It’s absolutely stunning! The level of detail is just incredible, well done sir
  2. Nice work, a great looking kit that I may just have to add to my ‘to do’ list
  3. I already had a GT1 built with Tamiya decals and I love the shape of this car and the detailed engine so when I saw the Indycals Pennzoil version I wanted to add this to my Porsche collection. A challenging masking job for me and there are quite a few paint and decal imperfections so don’t zoom in too far! But overall I’m happy with the look of this and would definitely recommend this kit and decal combination
  4. Very cool and great colour choice. I’d like to do one some day
  5. Great colour and beautiful chrome work. Looks mint! 👌
  6. Great work, this looks awesome. All my models have little imperfections too, we just don’t look too closely and just enjoy the process of building and displaying
  7. I’m a big fan of these DTM kits, haven’t seen this version before…you’ve done a mint job of it, great work!
  8. Wow! Great job on this build…that’s a Ferrari kit I’d love to add to my collection too
  9. Looks awesome, well done, the wheels look great 👍🏼
  10. Great build and opening the windows was a nice touch
  11. Looks mint! Love the little details, well done!
  12. Thanks David…they inspire and terrify me too!
  13. Hi Simon wow that red version looks awesome and really pops! I look forward to seeing your final result. No notable issues, it’s a great kit, enjoy your build
  14. Yes agree, this is a fantastic build, well done. I’d like to know how you lowered the stance so will check your build notes too
  15. Looks fantastic but sounds super challenging, you’ve done a cracking job despite the issues
  16. A flawless build, looks so cool. I have this to do myself shortly, hope it looks as sweet as this
  17. Sounds challenging! But turned out looking great, well done
  18. Thanks Funkychiken…yes white although they are also releasing a black version which looks cool
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