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  1. I did the decals for my project some years ago... I would be very interested in 1-2 copies of that kit!!! -> o.scheitza@gmx.de COUNT ME IN! Need deposit? Contact me... Greetings Oliver
  2. It seems to me, that car appeares in many b-movies and series!!!n CHIPS, Corvette Summer... notice that hybrid shaker/ dual scoop hood!!!
  3. Soooo I designed the new door-decal... it will be in reflective/chrome-like finish and the Letter above in a kind of orange... will need a printed out color-sheet from the printing service to decide. You can see the misalignment on the 1:1 car... beltline with HIGHWAY PATROLE letters - try to catch that also.
  4. Yes... the fact is, that it is a fictitious vehicle like most of the cool movie-cars/vehicles. AND THANK YOU!!! I never noticed that it is a six-star!!! My first drawings for the decals are 10 years back... time to get it corrected for print! Already draw the Nevada-Seal inside... tooks hours, but it´s done. That was the hardest part. Until then... Oliver
  5. I started this inside another Topic here: "anyone ever built the cannonball countach kit" (Screenshot from TV) (Source: IMCD) (Source: IMCD) My decals I made years ago... another user told me that it was a Nevada Higway Patrol Vehicle. For me it was always hard to see what is the right logo or even some small details. I will correct my drawings. The kit will be the AMT or MPC 1:25 Firebird. The stock "Turbo" hood came from (*not so) reliable resin years ago. (*This company seems out of business and got plenty of money from me without delivering anything) Some details here: - white spotlights - white oversprayed(?) t-tops - yellow-gold flat "highway Patrol" on doors with a "gold-metal-chrome" star under it Hope I can make a start here soon... Greetings Oliver
  6. I struggled with that star door logo a long time... you can´t see it clear any time. I guess it should get it´s own Topic ->
  7. I stop making engines for cars that look better with closed hood... another thing is, that every kit I build with superdetailed engine bay stand in the showcase with closed hood... Aaaaand in case of much less freetime it helps to get things done building them with patience but not getting lost into tiny details and loose the mood for building a kit. We had a phrase here: "Die Kirche im Dorf lassen" / free translated: "To let the churchhouse inside the village" ☝️ But I once collected all the parts for it...
  8. Same kit waits here... by the way I have another project with it: Made the decals for it with Corel Draw. Hood came from Reliable Resin! For those "side actors" are the more interesting projects for me... Greetings Oliver
  9. Made the Bee-Otch air-refreshener as a photoetched part and I made decals for it. The disco-ball will be a small pearl I guess. Made the whole interior also with Yellow/Silver and carpet... will make mor photos soon!
  10. On the bench for years... 😉 Still looking for good aftermarket taillights... and time to finish! Greetz Oliver
  11. The Cannonball Countach is hard to match with all the details!!! Have a look: http://www.thepetrolstop.com/2012/02/cannonball-run-lamborghini-countach.html
  12. Hi, I already post that in another topic... Here: If someone is interested, I have some sets to sell - rockinroller@gmx.de:
  13. OK - Thank you... I still need a original decalsheet. Greetz Oliver
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