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  1. Thank you! The designer of this model had to choose between a detailed interior or making it fully drivable. And since this has space for generic rc motor, dampers, bearings, batteries, speed controller and servos the front and rear compartment aren't that detailed. So nothing to see really. You can see most of it in the first photo above ?
  2. Thank you! You don't need to know someone who has a printer. This is mostly printed on a cheap Chinese printer that costs 250$. So 3d printing is actually very affordable ?
  3. Thank you! I am very much into 3d printing, but I haven't really had the need for a resin printer yet. But it would indeed make a lot of sense to use a resin printer for smaller more detailed parts. Resin and resin smell is also toxic, so you would need a specific space or room for the printer to be in. Men kanske i framtiden!
  4. Hi! A couple of months ago I made a post about my project - buildning a fully 3d printed 1/10 Koenigsegg Agera RS. Now it is finished, so I thought I would make another post ? The car is mostly made out of PLA plastic. The total weight of just the raw material is around 700g, wich equates to about 30$ in cost. Then you have paint, screws etc. In total it has definietly cost me less than 100$. It is designed by a very talented person I met on a 3d printer event here in Sweden, and is assembled just like the real car with the monocoque in the middle with all of the panels attached to it. There is even room to make it driveable, with battery, servos, motors and everything. The majority of the work has gone into the painting. 3d printed parts are quite rough, so many, many, many layers of spray filler was needed. And a lot of sanding. The paint job is then done with cheap rattle cans. The paint job could of course have been better with better equipment. Here is a picture of how panels could look directly from the printer: There are still things to be improved on. Some parts still have their 3d-printed look for example. But I think it looks pretty good already. I would love to hear what you think! ? If you want to see my whole build process in more detail, see this link (the designers forum): http://depronized.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=89
  5. Thank you for the positivity! This model was actually printed 90% by a "cheap" Chinese printer. The Wanhao Duplicator i3, for about 300$ I've since upgraded to a more expensive Prusa I3, but you pay more for reliability than print quality, which is similar to the old Chinese printer.
  6. Hello! Thank you. I believe this is a 1:10 scale model. The files (for the 3d model) are very cheap in this case, the author doesn't have a specific price, only "donations". So from 1$ to whatever you like. It's quite hard to estimate the cost, but I would guess somewhere around 25$ in 3d printing filament. 25$ for filler, paint and clear coat. 10$ for the gold leaf. 10$ for glue, epoxy. So the total would be around 70$ in my case. I might have forgotten something, but at least under 100$.
  7. Hi! I just want to share a project that I am currently working on. Earlier this year I went to a 3d printing meetup here in Sweden where I met a guy who had designed a fully 3d printed (and driveable) Koenigsegg Agera RS model. I got the files and after a lot of printing and sanding/filling/painting I'm almost done. It is built just like a real Koenigsegg, with the monocoque in the middle with all of the seperate panels mounted to that. This is the car when I test fitted all of the panels. I spend a lot of work on the paint. I have used normal spray paint and laquer from rattle cans. If you spend time on prep and polishing afterwards you can get a pretty good finish! I will make another post when the model is finished in a couple of weeks! If you want to follow my build process you can do it here (on the designers forum): http://depronized.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=89
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