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  1. The Pintera has (as far as I know) just been reissued as the "Pinto Popper". I am pretty sure they are the exact same kit, but with the extra Coca-Cola dispenser.
  2. Humm..... Maybe the Kenworth "Alaskan Hauler" with their log trailer combo kit?
  3. My guess it's the RUMORED "ghost-model" of the Garwood garbage truck unit.
  4. The news must have made Youtube crash! Well, Youtube "crashed" this Monday 14 dec 2020 at 7:55.
  5. There was the "Matilda" version with raised roof, and also a 6-wheeled version around 1977. Would be nice to get those "options" one day.
  6. Plans for the original KW Challenge Mixer: https://public.fotki.com/modeltrucks25thscale/truckkit_instructions/amt/t559_kenworth_chall/ By-the-way, one could spend WEEKS looking through that website; LOTSA stuff there.
  7. The '36 Wild One. Is that the ex AMT 1936 Plymouth modified? How "stock" is the body? As if it would be possible to use that body for a replica-stock 1936 Plymouth.
  8. Does that '71 Mustang is based on the AMT or MPC kit?
  9. I will get one! Maybe two! Now, there is the AMT Chevrolet Titan COE, AMT Chevrolet Bison and AMT Kenworth Alaskan Hauler that need to be reissued! (And the the ERTL vault kits)
  10. Something about your link is wrong; it needs to be copy/paste in order for it to work.
  11. But back to the discussion: could that be the old Jo-Han tool? Testors reissued the Comet (Jo-Han tool) quite a few years ago.
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