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  1. I don't know why the previous photos are no longer displayed. You have to ask the administrator. cmq you can see the beginning of the works here ... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235063335-ferrari-f40-concept-car-pocher-18/
  2. Thank you. Facendo lo stesso plexiglas che faceva parte di una cornice per foto che risulta essere abbastanza malleabile senza bisogno di essere termoformata...
  3. the work continues, added some details and the bodywork finally assembled ...
  4. prova di unione carrozzeria/telaio. Tutto sembra a posto. il tutto sta solo riposando.
  5. finished polishing the front hood I wanted to try how it goes with the rest and I really like it
  6. thank you very much. Yes King Crimson is one of my favorite bands along with Genesis, Yes, Camel, Mariĺlion etc. Regarding the construction of the Lotus it would be nice but the Pocher kit is not yet available.
  7. I have finished the painting of the body, in these days I will carry out the various steps of compounding and then final polishing by hand.
  8. Thanks, about the previous photos I don't understand why they removed them. For those interested can see them here ... https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235063335-ferrari-f40-concept-car-pocher-18/
  9. construction of the main ash pan and removal of the extractor and then reassembling it with decal / carbon.
  10. Thanks for your interest. I don't bore you with the many changes I had to make on hubs, attachments and brackets etc. to increase the circumference of the discs. Here are the photos of the final result.
  11. we come to a question that made me study a lot, namely the hinges of the front hood. Since the machine is very low and more elongated than the original, when it opens it must necessarily stand up at the tip. The system that I will put in fact is this ...
  12. Mats, pedal board and completion of bathtub accessories.
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