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  1. Finally got the jig done, now the chassis is straight, level and secured at the correct ride height. Now the rear structures for the differential añd body mounts can be built. Also shown is the front motor plate I built leaning up against the engine. Looks like it will work out fine. Once the engine location is set I can either modify (if I use the kit headers) or fabricate new ones, which I have never attempted. Not sure how that's going to turn out.
  2. Not much left to say about the quality and professionalism of this project that hasn't already been said, simply jaw dropping!
  3. This is not the car I'm building but it is the inspiration for it
  4. Good looking car, and a very ambitious paint scheme, well done
  5. Basic front end fabrication done, Removed molded radius arm mounts from top of frame rail and replaced them with scratch built aluminum brackets in the proper side position. Front of aluminum radius arms now attach to modified existing axle brackets with RB Motion clevis ends. Updated the fuel cap, but it may get changed again, at least this one would have been legal. Now it all comes apart so I can make it pretty. Chassis mods will continue with updated bracing from the firewall forward, differential mounting framing and rear body mounting structure
  6. Update to steering, rear axle and engine front motor plate. On the steering the spindles have been drilled and 1.2 x 8MM bolts have been added as king pins and well as the kit steering arms have been replaced by .015 scratch built aluminum pieces. The tie rod is being replaced by a stainless steel tube and RB motion rod ends, as will all of the rest of the steering rods and radius rods. The 9" ford rear end has been narrowed to move the slicks in towards the chassis and to allow the body to fit over them , The front motor plate has also been made out of aluminum and is designed to hold the motor in its correct position in the chassis.
  7. Mocked up the chassis to get the ride height measurements for the jig. Had to try the body on and there is almost a 1/4 inch between the roll cage and the roof (the advantage of a panel roof line). Have to pull the slicks in a bit and thin the resin body back there but there is enough room to do both. It will be lower in the front, that was the only spacer I had handy. Its been a good day
  8. Mocked up the BBC and the nine inch on an alignment bar with engine as low as it can go in the frame and the differential in the stock location. That puts the bar right up against the seat. Looks like the seat has to change just to get clearance to allow the engine some distance from the frame. Moving the axle location up is a non starter to reduce the ride height and improve the stance but after setting the body in place I think a tweek of the seat may be all that is required. As this is an earlier style car the engine wasn't move out as much the later one, so the stock motor plate location is going to be pretty close. Next up building a ride height jig to allow building a proper body mount structure at the rear and differential supports.
  9. Just a quick addition fuel tank with side detail and partially plumbed, have to add a vent and the weld beads but that will be just before the final metallizer coat as they get hidden by paint very easily and the tank will be handled quite a bit yet, with additional fabrication for the retaining strap different filler cap and fuel system plumbing
  10. Update to chassis, Last set of photos showed front cross tube going into and initial alignment on the jig. Now the rear members are installed and aligned on the jig and the cage has been updated with additional tubes. More changes to be made back there but have to be sure the chassis is straight and properly braced Also shown is the 9" Ford that is replacing the quick change. Fuel tank with original holes filled and low spots being addressed. The injector is show just to confirm there is no blower. But a different more detailed and correct injector is on it's way. This one belongs to a M8B BBC powered McLaren Can/Am car. But that's another build.
  11. My first 1/16 scale model since I built Gene Snows Snowman for a friend when Revell first released it. This is going to be base on the recently released Hawaiian Charger Funny Car with changes to almost everything except the basic chassis. GM body, 3D printed injected BBC, 3 speed Lenco trans, 9 inch Ford rear end in place of the quick change in the kit, additional photo etch detail parts, and the inevitable scratch built bits and pieces. This is not going to be a quick build but I hope you enjoy watching the struggle. The blower in the last picture is not going to be used as this is going to be a straight up injected nitro engine. I'll try and do updates as often as I can as the various sub assemblies come together
  12. Tremendous amount of work in the build and exceptional quality, well done
  13. Great job so far, love the workmanship!
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