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  1. A year and a half of effort and here are the four cars together again after just over 40 years.
  2. Latest addition to this set 70s BB/FC Donovan powered Pinto . Pacific NW tour car
  3. The latest in the 4 car BB/FC series I'm building Donovan powered Pinto, pacific north west tour car .
  4. Hi Kevin I got both the 1/20 and the 1/16 from Shapeways Ron Olson's site I think
  5. Part of a four car set of BB/FCs that ran in the Pacific NW in the 70s
  6. I'm calling Banzai completed, still two more cars to go in this set but I I am happy with the panel
  7. Happy birthday Ian.

  8. Thank you very much, Coming from you it means a lot! I've been following your D100 and I am just amazed at the quality and precision you are displaying in this project. The machining is great but it's your basic modeling skills that I find exceptional and together the results are spectacular.
  9. Aluminum body mounts fabricated and temporarily installed, to allow preliminary alignment of the chassis with the body. Front radius arms shortened and brackets moved to avoid interfering with the steering gear. Chassis secured to the body to determine the correct position of the rear body support tube/structure (a bigger diameter tube will be installed to better fit the brackets). First time the body and chassis have been joined. Just going to let it sit on the desk for a day or two before committing the current alignment to permanent. I think I'm happy with the ride height once I raise the nose 3/16 at the spoiler, but I may alter the front /rear positioning slightly.
  10. Rear structures roughed in differential is supported and secured by functional bolts new rear body mount is also installed, drive line has been mocked up to make sure everything lines up and fits. now coming apart for cosmetic cleanup and beginning to add attachment points for various sub assemblies.
  11. Fabrication has moved to the rear of the car now. Differential anti rotation bars (upper and lower), body rear support structure and chassis modifcations. Original structure removed new pieces to be fabricated and installed. I want to give full credit to Chris Sobak ( Mooneyzs) for inspiring this build with his absolutely off the hook Vega model. I'm not going to the extreme his Vega was built to, but I'm venturing into areas I would have never have attempted were it not for Chris's photos and explanations, not only what was done but also how. Thanks Chris!
  12. Congratulations Tim! I didn't discover this thread till a couple of days ago but I went through every page of it and it is just jaw dropping! Thank you for being an inspiration and a teacher to the rest of us modelers. Both you and Tim have really pushed me to push my boundaries. I'll never get to the level you and Tim achieve but you both have made me a better modeler. THANK YOU!
  13. Finally got the jig done, now the chassis is straight, level and secured at the correct ride height. Now the rear structures for the differential añd body mounts can be built. Also shown is the front motor plate I built leaning up against the engine. Looks like it will work out fine. Once the engine location is set I can either modify (if I use the kit headers) or fabricate new ones, which I have never attempted. Not sure how that's going to turn out.
  14. Not much left to say about the quality and professionalism of this project that hasn't already been said, simply jaw dropping!
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