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  1. The engine is progressing, swapped out the Donovan based blower manifold for a lower profile CRAGAR manifold to match the one that is run on the car. Lowering the blower a significant amount really enhanced the look of the engine. Scratch built Hilborn PG-175 fuel pump as per the original and 3 way fuel shutoff valve combined with RB Motion anodized fitting to the main fuel just waiting for addition fuel lines and control cables. Working on control cables, arms and linkages next
  2. Chris had finished this model almost a year before I joined this group. Thankfully I stumbled on this project by accident and I have read every page of it. To my mind there is no better reference available on building a large scale funny car in particular or any competition vehicle in general. This is one of the best 1/16th scale drag race models that has ever been built period
  3. Thank you very much it was a fun project.
  4. Looking at the rear end as a whole (which is outstanding ) I was struck by the fasteners. Are they fabricated by you or sourced?
  5. Mike this is an amazing project, every step of the way. Well done!
  6. Absolutely love where this is going, super job!
  7. Steering box mount fabricated and installed. Now I have the same problem with installing the bellhousing from the top as the real car. Also fabricated the rear steering shaft mount. Steering wheel is a kit piece that will be replaced by a Future Attractions photo etch piece.
  8. Hi Barry I'm not sure Don even knows about the project, I've been building it fir Bryan Hodges, the current owner. Here's where I'm at today Dropped the intake this morning , these 3D printed parts are like handling glass, I was going to change both sides with HO gauge railroad coupler springs and RB Motion bolt pins and washers anyway. As well as cleaning up the remaining solder joints
  9. Barrel valve, and upper injectors with lines installed, fully polished machined aluminum valve cover recoated in natural aluminum and nameplate and fins re polished
  10. A superior model in all respects. I really enjoyed you progress photos. A great project well finished!
  11. Well done Ray, first time I've been in the finished models section. This is a very clean well finished model, I really like it.
  12. Headers just hung on the studs. Once tightened the exits will be pretty much vertical.
  13. Headers just hung on the studs. Once tightened the exits will be pretty much vertical.
  14. Just under an hour for the second side. What a difference a jig makes. Unlike the one I made for the funny car headers which burned away the first time I used it, this one is completely intact. Made out of the same materials (hard balsa) but covered in aluminum furnace tape. Direct flame from my torch and not a mark.
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