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  1. Claude I have been admiring and marvelling at your modeling for what seems like decades. To get these words of encouragement from you is a humbling experience, thank you!
  2. Great project, got to love the way modelers help each other and the amount of information that can be obtained on almost any car of note.
  3. Beautiful job, and your right it's a great looking car. Well done!
  4. Great start Michael Looks like it's going to be another stellar model.
  5. It's one thing to make something look real in this scale, but to build something as complex as the hinges and have them operate properly is at an entirely different level of skill and engineering. Absolutely astonishing
  6. With this much planning I can only suspect this will be another stunning model all on it's own. Really looking forward to the process.
  7. Thanks Mike Talk about no areas untouched, your front engine dragster project is off the end of the gauge, amazing.
  8. Thank you Tim I appreciate your input and I visit your build often for inspiration
  9. Francis Thank you so much, the amount of work it takes to essentially build a kit to assemble at my level,pales in comparison to yours and Tim projects. To have your encouragement means a lot.
  10. One of my favorite early Pro Stocks and like Tim said, from what I've seen so far this is one build I'm excited to see progress. Nicely done!
  11. Injector started and stack length set, port nozzle line and fittings installed, Injector dog house started and final height being set. from here on it's assemble detail and paint sub assemblies. The end is in sight
  12. This is looking great, the detailing is exceptional! Outstanding.
  13. Thank you for the kind words Marcos and Dwayne. On a long project like this it really helps to know someone takes the time to look and comment, and coming from two modelers such as yourselves it helps even more Thank you
  14. Parts being clean up and final details added Just about ready for some color.Body mods finished final finishing and color soon Aluminum seat roughed out final finishing to do before primer and paintSeat cushion ready for installation Upper dash area installed and cut to fit body side braces to be built and installed
  15. WOW I don't know how I missed this one, great model and the details are spot on. Well done Joe!
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