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  1. While I'm waiting for chassis pieces, I was doing some research and discovered some reference material that has changed the direction and difficulty of this project. Externally not much change but mechanically and detail wise quite a lot. The title is changing from Competition Eliminator to Top Sportsman The focus will be much more on the construction and details of the real car and less on the finished model itself. I fully expect this to be my most challenging model to date and I am really excited about it. The original plans were for a single carb, naturally aspirated drive line, the Top Sportsman drive train is a much different beast and that will create changes to almost every area of the vehicle. Case in point my scratch build version of a Wilsom fabricated intake manifold
  2. I know what you mean about replicas, to do one properly you need good documentation, but it's a double-edged sword. One would think more information is always a better thing but there comes a point where you are just chasing details. My Royal Canadian build was a perfect example, the owner of the car supplied me with a thumb drive with about 400 photos of the car in period, restoration process photos of virtually every component, and pictures of the car in its current state. I also had unlimited access to the car itself during the build. The model turned out well but to say it was a fun project might be a stretch, information overload was the order of the day and truth be told I could still be working on it. Satisfying, most definitely, would I do it again, probably, but not in the immediate future. Even then it would have to be a very special subject.
  3. Waiting for the mailman, still can't start the chassis. Completely scratch built rear coil overs while I'm waiting
  4. working on bits and pieces while waiting for driveline pieces and chassis materials. Building a Kirkey seat for the car
  5. Welcome back to the bench Francis! I like your approach to this subject, keeping your options open really allows you a sense of freedom moving forward and as the project evolves that could prove useful. Looking forward to this project.
  6. For the life of me I don't know how I missed that you were back on this model! I'm caught up now and again, you are hitting this one out of the park. As an old model railroader I should have thought of the stantion deal. I guess it's of to see the guys at Trains & Such, I haven't been there for years.
  7. Not really happy with the scoop sitting on the cowl hood, so I'm building a flat one to mount the scoop on. rear of the hood is positioned and held down with rare earth magnets. The two rear indents on the stock hood were not included as the grills and wiper holes are to be eliminated on the cowl itself for a smoother look.
  8. Waiting for drivetrain and chassis pieces, started on the hood scoop and some of the parts already here.
  9. WOW Great job Daniel, I really like what you have accomplished here and in the smaller scale on top of it. Impressive!
  10. This was the initial plan, kind of a Super Gas / Super Comp car using around a 32x16x15 rear tire, 4 link and strut front end. That would require somewhere in the 1000hp range (easily doable with a 632 inch single four barrel engine) but --- The ex-racer in me has pointed out there is a tunnel ram sitting on the shelf in a box behind me and the plan already has quite a bit of tire. So ------ Add a bottle or two and a few nozzles, and the frame isn't really started, adding some extra bars isn't a huge deal. Here we go again!
  11. This is the starting point, likely the only major kit parts that will be used are the body, front and rear bumpers, tail lamp assemblies and rear lower valance
  12. Thank you Barry, this one took nowhere near as long as the Royal Canadian but it became way more than first intended. It was supposed to be a wind down model after the last two, but it just got out of hand somewhere LOL.
  13. Thank you, John, but after finishing the model I don't think I can afford the Nitro. Glad you liked it.
  14. Thank you so much Daniel! Your Vega looks fantastic throughout. The next big project is a ways off, but I have a couple of smaller projects that I'm going to put the finishing touches on while I'm waiting for parts. They will show up here shortly.
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