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  1. Chassis basically complete, steering shaft and pitman arm have to gone on after side panels are installed and a few paint touchups have to be completed. Body panels are getting clear coated and polished in the next two days and I'll be calling this a wrap.
  2. Wow The new manifold looks great and is certainly a step up from the prior design (which I though was also great by the way). The color of the metal really makes a difference, it may have been more effort but worth it in the end.
  3. Thank you Francis, first off congratulations on completing current project, it's a stunner! As you can see by the new posts progress is being made, and I am gradually finding out where things have been hidden. Luckily all of the parts for the Royal Canadian survived the move intact, although there were some heart in the throat moments when the box that contained several of the main subassemblies could not be located. Problem solved and everything is now accounted for. I am fairly please with the filter block adaptor. The Mallory coil is kind of a hybrid.it started out as a Pro Tech coil, but was then modified and added to to represent the unique unit on this vehicle and its location.
  4. Thank you Daniel, it feels good to have some tangible progress showing. and also a sense that this project will be finished shortly.
  5. Thanks David, I'm glad to be close to having this project completed. Not sure what will be next but there are a few options but they are all 1/16th
  6. These are the final decal paper templates before committing them to decal paper. A little clean up on the cowl and final assemble is in progress
  7. Francis you have raised the bar to new heights. I'm going to spend hours just looking at these photos, so much to see. I am in awe of your talents my friend.
  8. CONGRATULATIONS FRANCIS! This has been an epic project with the results being just jaw dropping. Truly at testament to the art of model building! Well done my friend!
  9. I know how you feel, there is a time for fidelity to scale and a time for just good modeling practices. I like where this is going and how you are approaching it. Well done.
  10. LPH1320 392 dressed up and ready to party, just need to install the balance of the drive line
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