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  1. Fantastic model Marcos, it just look right from the stance to the details and finish, excellent!
  2. Had to redo the body side panels, turns out the bottom line of the side panels doesn't follow the lower frame rail. That being said this puts the last major construction hurdle behind me.
  3. This one has cropped up a couple of times elsewhere but it probably should have it's own section as it keeps working its way off the back burner. This is kind of starting at the mid point in the build but I will go back to some earlier progress pictures that have been taken the show the process of getting here. There is more than meets the eye as far as modifications go.
  4. Yes I have all of those photos plus about 400 from Dons shop during the restoration, back in the day and it's life as a cackle car and as displayed currently about fifteen minutes from my home.
  5. Francis the amount and the quality of the work you produced last year is hard to believe, and to think that it was your second full year on this project is a testament to your commitment. I have nothing but admiration and respect for you my friend! I can't wait to see all of this come together.
  6. I've spent the last few days working on the cowl panel master correcting size and shape, and have now started forming what I hope will be the last body panel I have to build, it's looking promising but too soon for pictures. I did however need a break from the repetition of fill sand measure, fill sand measure, and repeat. Had to break the cycle with a throw together collection of left over kit parts and bits. This will be a curbside model focusing on body shape and visible details only. Not a version of any known car that I'm aware of, and not much more than taped together at this point (even the motor is only a 1/18th Christmas tree ornament at this point)
  7. Just found this project, you are of to a great start, we'll done!
  8. Another great update Francis, I have been away for a bit in our local cardiology ward and have just returned home. Looking at the door handles made me wonder where you get your dimensions from? The handle looks spot on, but it's dimensions are not something you can look up for reference, do you have access to a real D100. Just curious.
  9. 300 inches as opposed to 215 inches and a bit more tire Waiting on some pieces for the Royal Canadian
  10. Very nice progress to this point, we'll done!
  11. Good afternoon Daniel I have been thinking about the side panels and dreading it for a few months. I have tried in vain to really successfully duplicate the offset seen on a lot of cars and nothing I had tried worked particularly well. Three weeks ago I had a thought as seen in the original cardboard templates pictured. The panels on the car are .008 K&S tin plated steel each side made in two pieces, an inner including the step and a outer with the step cut out, Glue the two pieces together with extra thin CA on all edges and you have a scale .008" step. Then trim the outer edges of the laminated panel to the final shape and your done. The reason for steel rather that aluminum is that I have purchased 1/8 x 1/16 x 1/16 rare earth magnets that scale out very close to standard Dzus plates to make the panels removable without the need for tools. Other wise using Aluminum I would have used plastic for the plates and self tapping 1.0 mm screws to secure the panels as I did on the 1/16th Banzai A/FC I just finished.
  12. All body templates now fit including belly pan, quick mockup to check clearances. Happy with the progress. Refining refinishing and starting to assemble next on the agenda.
  13. This is the kind of modeling I really appreciate, well done and looking forward to seeing it completed
  14. New take on an old formula, different but in a good way. Great start
  15. Great job with fantastic attention to detail. Well done!
  16. Great looking model, well presented in all aspects.
  17. Great job on rescuing a sub par kit. The end result very good, we'll done.
  18. I know this is way after the fact but this is a superior model and I had to commend the quality of the work. It is also a testament to a model can always be completed even after sitting for years, something we all can relate to I'm sure.
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