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  1. A little less funnycar and a little more altered? Thoughts
  2. Daniel everything looks great the Mark Williams logos are a nice touch that most people miss, well done!
  3. I'm not sure what the difference to the aerodynamics would be from the header shape, but the dragster style would certainly produce more downforce thrust. I think my issue with these dragster headers is mostly the design of them. I may build a set of dragster style headers along the lines of the ones I built for the Royal Canadian out of brass tube.
  4. Scratch built carbon fiber seat, puke tank, engine plate, and 3D printed Lenco bellhousing. Working on a reverser for it tonight
  5. The Vega is looking great, but I'm obsessing over the dragster, that piece needs to been finished. Disclaimer ( I am a dragster guy. )
  6. On a full side view the dragster headers really suit the car. From other angles there seems to be too much empty space between the tires. It's sitting one my desk right now while I'm building some of the sub assemblies. with the 417 and zoomies in place to get use to seeing it that way. They may win out in the long run. Thanks for the input!
  7. All of the major decisions have been made(with the exception of the rear end, I'm not a quick change fan) perhaps a 9 inch fabricated housing if I can get one in time. The design phase is over, now to turn this styling exercise into a believable AA/FA. Even the paint scheme is on paper (very 70s / 80s). Single point wheelie bar and full electronics suite
  8. Decided to make the wing pivot with the upper struts (not shown or built) securing it in place for competition. Also deciding on which style of header to use. I'm probably got to stick with the F/C headers in stead of the dragster style, MVI_0112.MOV
  9. Thank you Chris, I just wanted to show my process for a clean sheet design racecar that is believable but not a replica of an actual car.
  10. Mavericks make such good looking racecars I was always surprised there weren't more of them built. I really like the direction you are going with this one.
  11. Thank you Daniel, I'm liking your current Vega build a lot.
  12. Thank you very much Tim. As of late I've been building replicas of real cars, some were just close approximations and the last couple quite representative of the prototype. That means everything had a place and a design. Once you step away from that to a clean sheet design you have to take into account the same things a full size builder deals with if the result is to be believable if not accurate. I'm now realizing that this process is starting to take on a life of its own and this project is in danger of becoming a much more involved model than I first intended. (Refer back to one of my previous comments on your thread. LOL) Not necessarily a bad thing, just not what I had in mind. Oh well, onward.
  13. Great result, really captures the essence of these old racers well done!
  14. Progressing nicely, loving the last two photos, really looks like a real one during construction.
  15. Still deciding on the wing mounting choice but here it where is stands right now with the wing temporarily mounted but in what I think will the final position and other additions. Rear pickup bed opened up and fitted with a steel cover that is held in place with three rare earth magnets as is the nose and canards. Also shown frame close out panels first attempt in plastic, to be replace by the final aluminum units once all of the attachments and brackets are in place and final body and nose positions have been finalized. The front suspension system I had first installed created clearance issues with fire systems steering and main fuel line to the engine. Redone setup also regains some of the original wheel base now at 110 inches.
  16. Now we get into some of the missteps, the wing design is ok but due to the style of it, the mounting has to go to the frame as a body mount would (1) likely would not be strong enough (2) would not provide a path directly to the rear end for the downforce provided (3) The mounts for the body to frame probably would not stand up as either. For servicing the car the body must be either easily removed or capable of being raised. So, step one hinge the body, no problem, until the engine is in and the running boards hit the valve covers. Shorten the running boards back to the front of the body, great. Now to designing a chassis mount for the wing, but if the body tilts, the back of the tub hits the uprights. Solutions: Cut the back of the tub away, I've seen this on a couple of fuel altereds not really a big fan. Design a quick disconnect for the struts and remove the wing between rounds, simple and works but one more job for the crew between rounds. Hinge the main uprights to allow them to swing rearward to clear the body and have the forward stabilizer struts removable to allow the swing but also to lock the wing assembly in place during operations. Don't really have an answer but I know that I really don't want to remove part of the body.
  17. Thank you for the kind words Ron, It was a lot of work but I'm happy with the final result. I glad you liked it.
  18. Earlier we removed the spoilers from the basic body and noted something would have to be done to restore functionality. Here is that something, I have scratch build a two element rear wing which should be more than enough to balance the design. Fairly low tech wing 18 degrees AoA on the main element for starters, Seven degrees on the second ( should probably have more but I'm bowing to esthetics here as I like this look). I also talked about steps and missteps and this change is probably going to bring some of those up shortly. Note*** the wing is not mounted to the model here just balancing on the pickup bed on to of a paint mixing plastic cup.
  19. There's much more coming soon. Thank you very much for the comment
  20. Got some extra time on the bench, started refining the rear fenders / running boards. They are staying
  21. Skeleton of the rear fenders and running boards on, better shot of shortened nose, maybe canards these are just cardboard mock ups
  22. I guess I should explain the some what unusual series of posts on this build. I'm trying to show my process for a clean sheet phantom build from the beginning. I am including all of the steps and miss steps in the process. Once the design is more of less finalized I'll revert to a more conventional style of posting. I hope you hang in there with me and perhaps pick up at least some things to consider when you strike out on the uncharted path. Case in point some changes to the body itself, removing the two rear spoilers. Things to consider, while removing the items may enhance the retro feel of the model they are going to drastically affect the aerodynamics and downforce of the car, so to be functionally correct that will have to be replaced. More on that later.
  23. The best results I ever had was using a fine point BIC pen the tip has a roller ball in it, It was .015 soft aluminum but I forget from where, for the Vega panel
  24. I took 4 Scale inches off the nose and now the balance seems better , at least to me. Also playing with a more subtle rear fender/ body extension. Not sure I'm liking the spoiler / kick up on either the pick up bed or rear body upper corners.
  25. The interior is really starting to look like the real deal, well done on the bead rolling I always have the challenge of either not enough bead and deform the panel or the bead is too pronounced, you seem to have hit the sweet spot and they look great.
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