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  1. Nice result with your Galaxie. My brother had one when we were in high school. That kit is on my wishlist.
  2. Great job on the work you have done. May I suggest softening the lighting or taking pics outdoors. The shadows take away from the scene you are creating.
  3. My wife had both of hers done (separately) a year or two ago. It was so nice to get her back to daily life without 24hr pain.
  4. I finally had the time to swing by my Hobby Lobby. The had the 67 Impala 4 door. With 40% off, it was $17.99. Grabbed some thinner, because I was low, and some wood sticks to make window frames for my diorama. I looked at some rattle can paints (30% off), but resisted the urge as I need to document my existing inventory. I really need to get my 1st airbrush then learn to decant what I have.
  5. Very nice to see a one off of a 1:1.
  6. Very creative. Great job!
  7. Bills72sj


    When I saw the first pic my mouth said WOW! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!
  8. Thank you Charlie. I have been enjoying the project. I have some detailed items I should have done any day now.
  9. I too always try to check out what you are up to. If I start running out of space for builds I would like to maybe donate them to you to see what you do with them.
  10. Very nice ride you have there.
  11. David, Thanks. Stay tuned, I have some new details coming up you might like.
  12. Very nice foiling. Is the front bumper kit chrome or did you redo it?
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