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  1. Following. I have a good stash of Testors Wet Look clear but it will not last forever.
  2. I checked on how the giant ramp notches would work with a lowered car. Not so good. Even backed in didn't work because the rear bumper hits the front wall. So I just cut off the forward portion of the ramp and replaced it with scale diamond plate sheet that was reinforced. Much better now. Most cars will work except the REALLY low ones. Now onto dealing with the awkward tire rack.
  3. I am contemplating lowering the trailer tower and/or adding some Freightliner COE windows in it. Any thoughts?
  4. I use these. Real metal, hollow and to scale. What more could you ask for. Available at my LHS which sell RC planes and cars.
  5. Paused the sleeper's bath in the purple lake for a mock up. I think this is going to work.
  6. Nice carb detailing. Brake lines too.
  7. Yes, build the trailer first or at least mock it up enough. The upper level overhang and the overhang of long car can be your guide.
  8. You definitely have your own style. I really like the 66 Chevy.
  9. Well done. All the Cougars are classy cars.
  10. Just got done deflashing the ramp/box. Now that I have a 36" sleeper I am toying with the idea of using the Freightliner pieces to round off the front corners of the box. May be more work than it is worth. We shall see. Here is the pic of the sleeper Sam sent. The pic did not stick to the intended post.
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