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  1. I like your PVC tank idea. I can make them any length I want. Too bad it doesn't come in chrome.
  2. You can get a bazzilion opinions on this but... The consensus is lacquers have "hotter" solvents and will reactivate enamels causing problems. There are exceptions. Long cured enamels are less prone the reactivation. Also some lacquers are hotter than others. It is basically a trial by error thing.
  3. Not really. I am kinda fond of it still.
  4. Just got my trailer kit on sale for less than $20 with free shipping.
  5. Just got my order from freetimehobbies.com $63 plus free shipping. (Under $16 per kit)
  6. Thanks Sam. The doors for the box came from the fire engine parts you gave me.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I have the two bottles of the plastruct. I use it sparingly. It works well when the is a lot of surface area for the parts to be joined and the gap is tight. I also use CA glue for things that are not clear, chrome or glossy.
  8. I have only one restoration under my belt. It was done only because of budget vs. the desire to have one. Over all, I can appreciate the efforts required but I am still developing skills like fabrication. Here is a link.
  9. Got some 150 grit sandpaper and and some Sodium hydroxide to improve my Purple Power.
  10. Fabbed up a headache rack/chain box from parts box pieces and some diamond plate.
  11. Made a little progress while waiting to be able to paint. Assembled interior and just masked it off to spray the bottom.
  12. I have not invested in an airbrush (yet) I will be following to see how well you do. Besides, I like Chevelles.
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