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  1. I hear you. Too much detail takes too much time for those of us who are not retired, I am driven by the sense of accomplishment of an aesthetically pleasing final product. I do admire the skills of others and utilize their methods from time to time. I like to get about 5 done a year.
  2. If you have the inclination and the time. Go ahead. Do it for yourself if you enjoy that level of detail.
  3. That is a beautiful color and has excellent gloss. Well done example of one of my favorite cars.
  4. I agree with the others. Your attention to detail and more importantly, your execution, deserves recognition by your peers.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. This build has had enough of a challenge already that I'll just run with the kit tail panel.
  6. After managing to add BMF, panel line detail and some miraculous Molotow application, the paint is hanging in there with minimal touch ups. After rechecking my reference photos, I noticed the kit has no rocker trim that the 1:1 has. I had to figure out a way to add it without screwing up the paint on the rockers. Most all adhesives have some sort of solvent which was way too risky to use to put on a very thin strip of evergreen. Testors window maker could work but mine is old and not very thin any more. Since the whole body is soon to get painted with Future, I figured I would use it as an adhesive for such a light piece. It worked fantastic with no boo boos on the paint. After a day to cure I applied BMF to simulate the trim. It turned out reasonably decent.
  7. Crown Jewel hmmm, I have a couple of older builds that are special but my skillset then is not what it is now. I am still nowhere near some of you master builders but my results have improved. So, I submit my first diorama, my latest big rig and my best (to date) paint job.
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