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  1. Beautiful build Keith. Someday I will make a silver one like my buddy had. Any issues with the kit?
  2. Songs about toilet paper. Is it me or is it getting a little strange around here....
  3. I like them too. The Best Man at my wedding had an orange one.
  4. I like Buy it Now. I visit ebay frequently but not constantly. Sometimes a week goes by and I forget that I have bid on something that closes 5 days later. I try to avoid being a deadbeat buyer. I also have finally gotten some disposable income so I don't mind paying reasonable prices if it something I want. I used to sell from time to time but I don't need the cash vs. the hassle/robbery.
  5. Model Master "Black Chrome Trim" is has a matte finish and good coverage. Testors silver was a favorite until I discovered BMF and Molotow. I also recommend getting the biggest variety pack of ULTRA fine point Sharpies. They work great for touch ups, detailing and marking cut lines.
  6. Pretty color on my favorite year Mustang. Great job.
  7. Mark, Thanks. I tried to make it realistic as I could with the materials I had.
  8. FINALLY!! the chassis is done! I have never put so many hours into ANY model before this one. For those of you who have built this kit, I am sure you will notice that I added a few mods. I think it turned out pretty nice.
  9. Welcome! I always like the bright yellow livery of the Pennzoil TF dragster.
  10. Thank you for sharing. My favorites are the black '63 Nomad hatchback, the white '58 Edsel Ranchero and the blue '70 Superbee.
  11. After seeing the awesome builds Steve produces. I am changing to his method.
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