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  1. When these came out in 1:1 they advertised "European Styling" I never understood what they were talking about. Seeing the version you just made I can now see what they were talking about. No spoilers and wire wheels made the vision come to life.
  2. I utilize an old bedroom dresser. I use open model boxes and various size zip lock bags. I get them for free from all the parts I install at work. The advantage is you can group similar items in one box and just size the bags for the amount of items you have in them. Since the bags are clear, items are easily identified. Being flexible allows them to somewhat conform to the shape of the box. It lets you put a larger amount of items in less cubic space. (Much better than a whole rack of tiny drawers). When you are looking for something specific, You know what box it is in and you can very quickly find the baggie with your available options. Top drawer is electronic components (another hobby). 2nd drawer is various sizes of empty ziploc baggies and hobby overflow items. 3rd drawer is my spares, evergreen stock, decals and such. 4th drawer is rattle cans and bottle paints. 5th drawer is dedicated to wheels and tires.
  3. Have you thought about extending the lower level in the front? You might just be able to get the 6th car in with the ramp down.
  4. Thank you for the offer to show mine. To keep in the same generation here are my one '68 and two '69s
  5. Rear rims glued together. Did not like same rims on front. did a mock up with the help of some rubber bands.
  6. I have a box full of wheel backs. However, I have never had a 50 Ford PU come through my possession. Do you have a pic?
  7. I have built two of these (not tandem though) with one left in the stash. I love what you are going for. Here is a pic of mine showing the horizontal supports removed.
  8. Thank you for sharing. I have built two '69 hardtops. The belt line and front bumper aspects did not bother me too much. The funky taillaights were a disappointment. Hood, hmmm... Wheel placement is not an issue as I always modify for correct stance which out of the box kits rarely get right. I could share pics of them here if you are interested.
  9. Thank you all for the encouragement. I got the axle and shocks installed last night. I fiddled with the wheels and brake sub-assemblies as well.
  10. I got some from Auslowe for my Freightliners. https://www.auslowe.com.au/shop/rectangular-surrounds-separate-lenses-/HL1
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