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  1. Very nice builds. I am still looking for a 69 to add to my 70, 71 and 72s. (at a reasonable price)
  2. I have enjoyed watching all the fabrication you have made on this model. The seat turned out AMAZING. If I had been paying attention when you were struggling to mask your multi colored paint job, I would have strongly suggested Parafilm. It is made to seal medical test tubes. You cut a strip, stretch it to activate it, then lay it along the edge of area to be masked. If you want a clean smooth line you just lay thin 1/8" tape onto the over the top. You then cut your line based on the parting line between colors. The side that is to be painted peels off without leaving any residue. It is also malleable so you can push it around a bit with a toothpick. This is particularly handy to prevent bleed under at scribed panel lines. It never hardens or gets gooey. It is kind of like the adhesive on Post-it notes but without the paper. You can leave it on for YEARS with no ill effects. To cover the masked areas inside panels you can simply lay regular blue masking tape. Removal after painting takes no special solvents, water or technique. Simple peel or rub it off in little balls as it loves to stick to itself. Parafilm is not transparent but not opaque either. Below is a recent project. You can see the thin white line tape by itself would fail miserably over all the ridges and grooves I ran over. It has no issue with overlapping itself either. It just sticks and seals.
  3. Your detailing is a pleasure to see. Keep us posted.
  4. Way cool racer. We could go on tour and match race like they did in the 60's.☺️
  5. In spite of the vintage 71-72 Grand Prix kits I already have I would get as many as $120 could buy me. There are significant engine and engine compartment issues but I don't care. Even with needing to kitbash for accuracy, it would still be worth the price of admission.
  6. Just perused all 18 pages. A lot of really cool stuff. Here are some that I actually took pics of...
  7. Finally finished detailing and clear coating all the various body parts. The photoetched grille turned out nice. Final assembly coming soon.
  8. Your attention to the details will make for an amazing result. Following your vision.
  9. Traction/slapper bars or ladder bars? I have these 3D printed ones for leaf spring suspension.
  10. What kit has those wheels? I am looking for something like those for my (future) Pro Street GTO.
  11. What is the differences between this kit and these 4 besides the hood?
  12. I got my Warn winch assembled and installed. I used a brush technique to get a hammertone finish and faked the decals with some ultra fine point Sharpies.
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