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  1. I like your proposed option list and colors. Following.
  2. My LHS closed its doors recently. Their paint selection for cars had been somewhat limited for some time. I have noticed the price of spray cans are getting outright ridiculous. I have seen videos of people painting with Testors bottle enamel by just air brushing it in a 50-50 mix with lacquer thinner. Even at $3 a bottle that makes it way cheaper than $12.99 a can of Duplicolor. I went hunting on ebay for some metallics and got these. https://www.ebay.com/itm/353507255089
  3. Leave the door open -or- unwire a heating element (if there are more than one)-or- Plug it into a timer that will turn it on and off on a regular basis. Myself I would wire in a thermostat that has the appropriate temperature range.
  4. I have these 75 Oldsmobile promo wheels I will never use. They do not have the peaked domes but they have the flutes around the perimeter. Got any 60-70's vintage Oldsmobile engines for trade?
  5. Sweet build. I want one in that color too.
  6. That is awesome! I will happily trade my unbuilt kit for it.
  7. That looks wicked! (and really scary to drive)
  8. I am loving the detail you are putting into the. The body in primer looks awesome. To bad resin copies of it are not available. I would definitely get one. Those flares are wicked.
  9. I need to pick another subject. I have plenty to choose from.
  10. Yes, I have been working on it. I got all the parts deflashed and worked on some assembly before painting.
  11. Disqualified. That is OK. I still will attempt to finish it anyway. I want to have may car hauler twins finally completed.
  12. That turned out sweet! I would definitely be proud of it.
  13. Thanks Sam. My T600 came out pretty well except for being unable to open the hood very far.
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