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  1. Dennis, I used some off brand semi-gloss black straight from the can.
  2. David, you are very perceptive. The bench seat started life as the rear seat for a 62 Catalina. My parts box had few choices and the pattern was close enough.
  3. You are right. The real car was born with a 402. Options and trim a very minimal.
  4. It seems there must be a character limit in the text box now. I kept editing IN one sentence at a time which worked until I got about halfway through the papagraph. I then replied to my post and put in the rest. Before the server upgrade, it let me put in THIS much text. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/146939-hot-wheels-681968-el-camino/
  5. When his real car gets repainted, he wants the Heavy Chevy stripe package in gold. So to emulate that, I ordered gold Heavy Chevy decals from Keith Marks. They laid out perfectly. The wheels are Hurst Dazzlers in gold. I showed him a picture of the wheels I wanted for my car and he liked them so much he bought them for his. I got the model rims from Modelhaus as the spokes are the same design as the Hurst wheels for mid-60's GTOs. The color is Testors Root Beer Brown metallic. It is covered with Testors 'Wet Look' clear. The model came out so well that I told him that I am keeping it until his real one makes its first car show. (pictures to follow if the text succeeds in posting)
  6. This model was made to represent my buddy's 1:1 car (when it is finished). It is an old MPC kit molded in red from my stash. I had to convert the bucket seat/console to bench seat 4-speed. His is a true Heavy Chevy so it has the SS gauge dash (instead of the Malibu rectangular speedo). He and I put a killer stereo in it so I added the FOUR 10" subwoofers to the rear package shelf. I even made decals that match the brand we used. He painted his 454 BBC Ford blue so I did too. The headlight bezels and grille are blacked out as it is on the real one.
  7. Hmmm. Works here. I'll have to figure out what is wrong with my original attempt(s).
  8. Having 404 error when posting in under glass. Attempting a simple post with photos here.
  9. Getting this error when posting a finished build. My first attempt was during the recent server maintenance. It had done it every time thereafter. 404 Error Sorry. We can't seem to find the page you're looking for.
  10. Thank you for sharing. This is one style I think I can accomplish.
  11. I really like that. Very realistic. Where did you get the chains?
  12. Thanks, the other 72 Chevelle I built (molded in red) came with the correct grille but with bulbous headlights. This blue Chevelle came in a similar but open box was molded in grey. There were other differences between the kit molds too.
  13. No, actually this incorrect grille/bumper came with clear lenses for it.
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