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  1. The corrected stance has a big impact. I did the change my mind on the wheels too on another build. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/147210-1970-aar-340-6-cuda-in-panther-pink/?tab=comments#comment-2162054
  2. The grille has been faked as well. No air could flow through what is pictured.
  3. You are right. That front end look ALL wrong.
  4. Be advised there should be thin end plates on the spoiler. (Assuming you wish to put forth the effort)
  5. Very nice Cougar. I would like to make a suggestion on the tail lights regarding the "dots" created by the pins. Cut the pins flush and remove the nubs with a hobby knife. (do not file or sand) Apply BMF to the back of the lenses THEN use Testors window maker to attach them to the rear panel.
  6. I really like the paint scheme AND the wheels. Great stance too. I have the decals for a Hurst Olds of that vintage but no kit to put them on. Back in the mid 80's I street raced a 1:1 in St. Louis. I beat him by a car length or so.
  7. I got my order from http://www.fireballmodelworks.com/auto_main.html awhile ago and finally got time to open everything up. The quality is SUPERB!! I got quite a variety of items and love them all. The carbs are so nice I am going to use them in my upcoming diaorama. They are TOO nice to be covered up by an air cleaner. The Pontiac rally wheels are likely going to test my skillset but they will hopefully turn out nice. Check out the pic.
  8. Try this link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/REVELL-ITALERI-1-24-1-25-AMERICAN-TRAILER-REFLECTIVE-Red-White-tape-HI-VIS-1-25/283758274565?hash=item42114fa805:g:pAAAAMXQs6FRR1wU
  9. Is the red and white reflective tape what you are looking for? I'll be interested if you find a source. I think I got one of the last rolls available from psfhobbies on ebay.
  10. Thanks guys. It is coming along as planned. However, I brush painted on some Future and the drivers door didn't turn out well. I'll have to clean it off and try again.
  11. I have a 1mm and a 2mm. I store them capped, tip DOWN. I have not needed to "pump" or shake them yet. Note: they are both less than a year old.
  12. Me too. But since some of my current tubes are over 10 years old, I sometimes mix a drop of Plastruct liquid into the dollup of Testors I dip my toothpick into. (I rarely ever apply glue to parts directly from the tube)
  13. I can only DREAM of any of my interiors turning out this nice. Well done.
  14. I like your philosophy. I think I will adopt it too.
  15. Agreed. Tire tread WIDER than the rim looks better than rim WIDER than the tire tread. (Unless it is a 30's to 50's era car built stock)
  16. I am in total agreement with your STANCE IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I build models not play toys. I have no need for them to roll on the factory axles. I like maximum appropriate Day Two wheel and tire packages. No extra negative camber allowed. It usually take me a minimum of 4 days to glue the wheel and tires EXACTLY where I want them. Once in a while the rear metal axle works but not that often.
  17. Been there failed that too. I will try to do better.
  18. Been there failed that. I promise to try to do better.
  19. Thanks for pointing this out. If I ever get to my '70 Mustangs, I will try to remember this.
  20. Wow! That much suspension and tires with that bit of a cab make me think it would be hard riding monster. Especially on logging roads.
  21. I agree. A lot of guys put a lot of effort into making exquisite interiors. It is a shame they basically get hidden once the model is complete. My Molotow chrome pen is my favorite interior enhancer.
  22. Thank you guys!
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