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  1. As mentioned above, Keystone Klassics, Hurst Dazzlers, American Racing 200-S, 3-piece Corvette rallys. All in with wide and widers
  2. Bills72sj

    air cleaner

    Wow! That flex ducting looks very realistic.
  3. Excellent reproduction. You can certainly be proud of the result.
  4. Thank you for sharing! I have on;y seen two of these in real life. If a kit was ever made of one, I would buy it.
  5. I love the kit bashing and the color. I always liked this body style more than the Charger. Opening up the grille is impressive.
  6. SWEET Camaro! I did one way back in White with Metallic Magenta stripes. How did you do the BF Goodrich on the Goodyear Blue streak rear tires?
  7. As others have said, that is simply GORGEOUS! Thank you for so many pics. (drool)
  8. I am liking what I see. Keep up the good work.
  9. That turned out very nice. Where did you get the lettering for the tires?
  10. You could cheat and steal the roof from another car that has one molded into the body.
  11. This may not be exactly what you had in mind but I use actual machined aluminum for my wheel hoops now.
  12. This is one of my favorite kit chassis. Following.
  13. That is pretty cool. What kit did you start with?
  14. I bet his Mom was mad when the smoke detector went off...
  15. Thank you for sharing. That is a beautiful Caddy.
  16. I still want to know where I can purchase the shrink ray you are using to create all these classics...
  17. I have experienced this as well with raised white letter tires. Really really old white enamel EVENTUALLY solidifies. (I have since moved on to white Gelly Roll ink pens)
  18. I recently built an AMT 68 Shelby. The engine compartment is totally lame. I grafted in the engine bay from an AMT 67 GT fastback. It worked out fairly well.
  19. I live in Salem and never even heard that it was here until recently. (I still do not know where it is). The orange; 71 Hemi Challenger was owned by my cousin's brother-in-law way back in the 80's. I was at his house and he had it stashed in his drive-in basement. It sticks out in my mind because he said it was the only Orange Hemi Challenger with a factory sunroof. He sold it because someone offered him $98,000 for it which was STUPID money back in 1989.
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