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  1. You are truly making a beautiful wagon.
  2. I have always built cars and Semi-trucks. Still do. Rattle cans in the 70's and still half of the time now. Never really went for accuracy but accent colors were chosen realistically. Was and still influenced by aftermarket parts colors. Gold Milodon oil pans and red "Cherry Bomb" mufflers as kind of a trademark look to brighten up the bottom of my cars. I have never painted parts on the sprue. I do not like the "wound" left when the parts are eventually removed. My technique now is to CA glue a 2" piece of sprue to the part (as a handle) then paint it. That way the wound will not be visible when the stem is removed. I also use about 4-5 types of adhesives depending on the parts to be joined. The quality of my builds has gone from below average to above average due to seeing the results of others especially on this forum and added patience. I rarely disassemble any of my models.
  3. Not that I have ever noticed. The toothpick does not have much porosity if any. More glue is wasted left on the piece of tape.
  4. Very impressive. You have an I for detail and the skills to bring them to life. Well Done!
  5. I go low budget. 6" strip of 2" wide blue masking tape applied to the right side of my desk. A drop of whatever glue I am using onto the tape then a round toothpick as an applicator. When the tape is covered in old dots I peel it up and use another piece. I sometimes scrape the toothpicks clean again and some times I just toss them. The tape also comes in handy when I am trying to convince the chrome to flow out of a Molotow pen that has been unused too long.
  6. I like your idea of a tire change that would be more appropriate for this car. I'm sure your parts box has something that fits.
  7. Alan Thank you for the feedback. I made the diorama for the express purpose of showing/photographing finished builds in a semi-realistic setting.
  8. Thank you for the compliments Dennis N., Josh and Dennis L. 🙂
  9. Ricky, Thank you for the compliments. I have been very pleased with my shop diorama.
  10. Mike, They were formatted using old school MS Paint. I then printed them on ebay inkjet paper. 24 hours later they are sprayed with Testors 9200 Decal Bonder. A local class racer was the look I was going for.
  11. John, Thank you for the compliments. The engine was quite challenging to fit. With the interior, strut braces and both ends attached to the body, it was like a Chinese jigsaw puzzle to fit together.
  12. Here are pics of someone (not me) who has done the 7 car hauler mod.
  13. Adding a 7th parking spot is on my agenda when I get around to building the two of mine. Following.
  14. I am sorry for your loss. Lisa was in my daily prayers ever since you posted in early August. I cannot imagine losing my wife as you have. May God be with you as you grieve.
  15. I love your Merc! Wishin' I had one.
  16. Dang! That looks amazing. Could you come over and shine up mine?
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