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  1. I'll be watching you techniques. My workshop needs a parking in front for setting up Summertime car shows. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/154551-grand-opening-of-the-american-restomod-workshop/
  2. Very well done. I like your battery terminal covers. The spare tire is a nice touch.
  3. Following. I have both this kit and the Grand Prix. I want to do a front clip swap. 2+2 front with GP rear.
  4. I may be able to help you out. I made some waterslide GT decals for my 69 Torino fastback and Cougar Eliminator. I have extras if you are interested.
  5. Very nice 57. I like the color and the theme. Is this the Atlantis body? Do the doors open? Is the blower belt separate or is the while lettering on it a decal?
  6. Pulled off a near miracle last night. Applied two long skinny side stripe decals over previously applied long skinny decals. No rips, no wrinkles and near perfect alignment. I am finally over the hump with this one. Now on to the parts box engine for what started out as a promo. 🙂
  7. Following. I have one 2nd gen built and 3 in the stash.
  8. Nice pair. I think I have one of those Olds kits.
  9. Maybe we can ask the Martian who is doing a great job sweeping the sidewalk clear of sand and pebbles.
  10. I just got 17 bottles of Testors enamel for $44.01. I wanted to stock up on some metallics while I still could. https://www.ebay.com/itm/162699596371?hash=item25e1a6d253:g:yVkAAOSwi~5Z1pJq They came really fast. Ordered the evening of the 12th. In my mail box today the 16th. Well packed too.
  11. I do the same. Sprue rods CA to inconspicuous areas of the part to be painted. Alligator clips attached to bamboo skewers. I try to paint in large batches which leaves you with where to park the wet parts. The material I used to line my paint booth is corrugated plastic. It hold freshly painted item up out of the way. I also have a piece of floral foam and a model box full of cardboard strips glued together.
  12. Purple looks great. I would have never thought of chroming the frame. I may have to steal that idea.
  13. When my wife and I got new bedroom furniture, I repurposed our old handmedown dresser. The drawer depth and width is perfect for holding 6 open kit boxes in each drawer. The instructions all fit in one box as I have only built maybe 40 kits. I have one box for engine bits, 5 boxes for tires 2 boxes for wheels, one or two for body parts, one for decals, etc. It makes it easy to pull the box out of the drawer and paw through it for what i am looking for. To save me some searching time, I presort them in various sizes of zip-loc baggies. The box tops that fold, I save flat for now. The ones that do not, hit the recycle bin.
  14. Very nicely done. I had the same wrinkle on the nose of mine too. I have a suggestion on your next Olds. Nip off the stud on the red tail lights and sand the back smooth. Then apply some Future to gloss it back up. As the last step, apply some BMF for some reflectivity.
  15. Love your Charger. I have not seen many done in "Arrest Me Red".
  16. I just painted these last week. i used two different colors of Testors metallic blue enamel mixed together. Then filled the just emptied bottles of with hardware store lacquer thinner. (To extract every last bit of color) All of it was dumped into a larger clean/new jar. This yielded 1 full fluid ounce of thinned paint. It was prayed at 20 psi through a 0.5mm airbrush. The spoon is bare plastic with no primer whatsoever. The sleeper is over Future (used to seal the masking to prevent bleed under). The gloss is amazing. I may likely not clear coat it. Though I am going to be patient and let it cure for quite a few days before handling. The fact that it is Testors enamel means, it will be pretty tough one it does cure fully.
  17. Just a teaser of the finished hood with decals and clearcoat. It turns out the decal set center stripes are a bit long both for the hood and the trunk. I little magic with some scissors took care of it. The body has to have two rounds of decals because the black borders around the side stripes are separate from the gold portion of the side stripes. Ditto with the door lettering and winged logo.
  18. I got brave enough to remove my experimental masking job and was very pleasantly surprised. Bleed under was almost non-existent. Also all the adhesive much preferred to stay with the foil and NOT on the paint. (Quoting Sam above) Woo Hoo! It needs some more time to fully cure then I will tackle the dust on the hood. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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