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  1. Mine has started tonight... I'm itching and ready to build!! All tragedy aside this could prove the saving grace for my sanity...
  2. Consider yourself fortunate brother... I could still do some spot jobs here in my garage if I had to, but I'm honestly glad I don't do that kind of work anymore. My days of bondo dust are hopefully over... but then again if my regular job doesn't start back up I'll certainly resort back to it... I do happen to live in "hotrod heaven" after all.
  3. Well, we shutdown yesterday until at least the 6th. I'm still able to do some maintenance a few days a week so that's good. But the real good in this, I will FINALLY get some long overdue bench time! I plan on at LEAST getting my cannonball project done, I'll post some build progress soon!
  4. Bingo! This is a big ol case of "how much you wanna gamble" and subsequently "how much are you willing to lose". I'm confident that alot of this is way over hyped, however the I do not for a second believe that several nations would elect to send their economies strait to ruin if this weren't an existential crisis... I just can't see that. Greed is mighty powerful, but thus far this "pandemic" is proving to be stronger than greed in some instances. I honestly suspect that this is a much more severe problem than is being let on. Also, alot of folks are hung up on the "there's only x many cases here and there" and that's a croc. I would urge people to recognize those are only the cases we are aware of. I really hope this is just a host of irrational actions made by irrational actors, however something tells me we are headed for big trouble. As I said before, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy... Everyone's gonna feel this, sick or not.
  5. I heard this morning from a good source, that Honda and Ford are likely shutting down by monday... If so the big Denso plant here in town will be closing also. I think the faster everyone stops moving the faster this stuff goes away, but then again I'm no expert. I hope all you folks stay healthy and keep your families safe... Civil responsibility is so crucial right now, and I really hope people realize it, and make the necessary concessions to end this thing in as timely a manner as possible. It's obviously gonna hurt, it already has in alot of instances, but I personally feel, that we are all gonna have to hurt together for a while.
  6. The one thing I have learned from all this craziness is just how unbelievably selfish people can be... People with the "don't affect me" attitude that could literally extend this bs on for months on end because they simply refuse to just stay home or away from others. It's pretty sad when a store has a tractor trailer load of products and 5ppl buy the whole lot... and then those in need do without. And then, we have a parts manufacturing plant here that is doing absolutely nothing to combat it, and refuse to until ordered by the state (which has yet to happen)... Corporate greed at its finest...
  7. I should find out today if we are going to shut down... at this point I don't care either way, on one hand the money is nice, on the other "vacation" is VERY nice.
  8. If it comes to that I will. We will not make a definite decision until tomorrow, so maybe all will be ok... either way I'm gonna be perfectly fine, I could use a little RnR anyway.
  9. Probably gettin laid off in the next day or two... thanks Coronavirus! But, hey maybe I can get some bench time in on my mandatory unpaid vacation... Really wish someone would flip the crazy switch very definitively in th OFF position!
  10. I know it is tough, but please be patient... I too was in a similar situation and it was rectified beautifully. I'm sure you will get what you claimed.
  11. It did! And turns out I actually found the first one! The cats had knocked the baggie under my desk! I really appreciate them both, if you would like me to send you something in return, just say the word.
  12. I've got the slots... but don't have the matching tires or wheel backs if you are interested?
  13. I will Gerry, I really appreciate this, if there's ever anything you need do not hesitate to ask!
  14. Gerry you don't have to do that , you have done more than enough and I seriously appreciate it. The Wife is now under strict orders to keep the door closed at all times.
  15. It's all good, I'll SB one... really wish my fury friends hadn't made off with mine
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