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  1. Nazz

    Jungle Jim

    That looks great Jim.
  2. Cool project Steve! I'm going to be watching this one. If I remember correctly the vinyl material came in a Lincoln kit also. Mid 60's vintage. I used it to put a vinyl roof on a '68 Chevelle when I was a kid.
  3. Congratulations Greg, that is quite a milestone. I too am looking forward to your '41 Plymouth. Oh, about that rabbit hole I....squirrel..........
  4. Great job Bruce. Well done for your first plane . Nice detail, and at 1/32 it would still be small. Definitely looks right. I've seen these preform at air shows, always entertaining to see fly.
  5. My suggestion would me to pin it if it is possible . I have a '66 Chev with a broken A pillar, the same one you describe that is part of the windshield. I used a piece of .015 music wire, drilled a hole and glued it in place. The joint was very strong . Hopefully this helps. Jerry
  6. I've been following this build since I joined the forum. Impressive work!
  7. hey timothy. Great start. Looking forward to more.
  8. Another chapter well written Francis. Amazing work as usual.
  9. Congratulations, It is very special to be able to celebrate such a mile stone. May you have many more happy years together!
  10. I would just like to add my thoughts and prayers for you and your family Carl in this difficult time. Jerry
  11. Nice Caddy Jim. Like the color.
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