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  1. My 2 cents is that there should be more to a custom car than installing a different grill on a car. I think the car as a whole should come together as a seamless package. Just my thoughts. so'....
  2. Hi Francis, another amazing chapter! I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching your work. Even though it is way above my pay grade, I still learn from it. Thanks, Jerry
  3. Congrats Steve on getting your Galaxy in another mag! Well done, and well deserved I might add. As to the comments about other types, I think we can all learn from each other and something else I have observed is that the skills learned doing one type on model will carry over to another, detailing, weathering and such. That being said, I have learned a lot from you Steve about detailing from your posts and hope to continue to do so. Jerry
  4. See you when you get back. Jerry
  5. Hi guys, it's been one year since we lost Kodi . So for those of you who have lost a friend I can sympathise. Here is a picture of him herding sheep , at least that is what he was suppose to be doing. He sure enjoyed himself though. I miss you old friend. Jerry
  6. Scott, here's to a speedy recovery for Coco. I hope you can enjoy lots of time together. Jerry
  7. Tom . thanks for the picture on Lala, she was a beautiful girl. The pain does subside and the memories help. Rob . your little ones are cute, thanks for sharing. Jerry
  8. So sorry for your loss Kyle. I know only too well how this feels. Dixie was a beautiful girl and I'm sure had a wonderful life with you. You will always have all the good memories. Jerry
  9. Great looking truck Mike. I too, love the color combo! Well done. Jerry
  10. Nazz

    69 pontiac

    Thanks Patrick, I may do the same. It wouldn't even be a problem if the thing wasn't textured. What irritates me is I lost the darn thing! Jerry
  11. Nazz

    69 pontiac

    Hi guys, I have a '69 Bonneville that is now missing the insert panel which is part of the rear bumper. If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated. I can not finish the kit without it. I am sure I can find something in my stash you will like as compensation. This it what I need:
  12. I like it too. Well done Dan. Jerry
  13. Very nice Randy. Well done. I also have the song stuck in my head, thanks. LOL Also it just occurred to me the driver of the XKE challenged the Corvette to a drag, aren't drags in a strait line? Sorry , couldn't help myself. Jerry
  14. '64 Cutlass. Ahhh man, now I have another kit to buy.... and I'm running out of space! Jerry
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