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  1. Nazz


    No problem Ron, I must have been more upset than I thought when I read your post because I didn't notice. Haha. I appriciate your thoughtfulness. Jerry
  2. Nazz


    Hey Guys, Heres a pic of Rock in agillity. It was his first competition and a friend took the shot. He didnt like to knock down the bars so he always made sure he cleared them. Jerry
  3. Some small progress on the "last man standing" truck. I did some work on the stearing column and some pics of the seat and dash. The stearing column still needs aturn signal arm but that will come. Jerry
  4. Sorry for your loss Johnny. Nearly 42 years together,that is special. Jerry
  5. Nazz


    I would like to thank you all for your kind words and support. It really means a lot. I am still amazed at how quickly a person can become attached. We discovered Rock had a problem with children after a very short time with us and as we had a grandson, we decided to keep him and make sure they never occupied the same room. Rock spent 14 years with us so I think it worked out. Our grandkids love him from a far with no incidents. The house is quiet now as we are all grieving. The young one , Diesel even seems to miss him. Sugar Rae is kind of grumpy toward Diesel and has a sad look in her eyes. I know the sadness will pass so we will carry on. Dave, you said loosing pets hurts more than loosing people and I think you are so right. I am so sorry I somehow missed your loosing one of your furry friends. So sorry for your loss as well. They never seam to leave our hearts. I think the mailman will miss him also as Rock made a point of barking at him every visit. Letting him know who's territory he was entering! Jerry
  6. I had to say good bye to my best friend today. I'm sure going to miss him. Rock was 15 and for a boxer mix I think that was pretty good. We did a lot together, mostly aggility but also some barn hunt. He aquired a few ribbons along the was but the most important thing he taught me was to have fun. His dominant personality was a bit of a handful at times, but he had the biggest heart! There were times in aggility where I would get in his way [ not on purpose] and instead on taking my knees out he would turn himself inside out and upsidedown to avoid hitting me! He was a true friend and I will miss him dearly. We made a great many memories so I will always have those. Good bye Buddy, Jerry
  7. This should be an interesting build Greg. I will be watching. Good luck, Jerry
  8. Great project Snake ! My vote is for your first idea. The high school hot rod. I think that color would be great for it. Good luck and happy modeling. Jerry
  9. Hi guys, I have at least 3 builds which I want to build as convertibles ,but the catch is I wish to do them without the boot cover so the folded down top is exposed. My question is, does anyone have a suggetion for what material would be thin enough and give the right texture, or look of the top material? If so , where might I find such material. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Happy new year, Jerry
  10. Thanks Mike , that would be great! Jerry
  11. Very clean build Donn, and what a great color! Also I love those wheels and tires too. Jerry
  12. This '56 is amazing Donn! I love the color! Jerry
  13. Nice '57 Chaz! Well done. Jerry
  14. Great looking Nomad Donn! Paint looks flawless as usual. Jerry
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