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  1. I would like to know how to get this magazine when it comes available. Maybe it is too soon to ask , but I do not wish to miss the boat. Jerry
  2. Nicely done Mark! Like the 23 1/2 hour service! 'm assuming the more modern tow rig is your scratch building. Nice touch. Jerry
  3. Nazz

    Goldeneye Z3

    Good lookin' Z3 Bill. Who is FG and are those wheels still available? Here is the one I started. Same paint. Jerry
  4. In my club, there are a lot of armour builders. Maybe because all you have to do is glue it together and paint it green. LOL Seriously though, I have always built all kinds of models from figures to cars and pretty much everything in between. I guess it depends on where you live and what the guys are into? I really enjoy all different types of models and believe a person can learn from different builds. I find that just because you aren't into type doesn't mean you can't appreciate the craftsmanship. Sorry , I hope that didn't come out preachy. To answer the question, no I have not noticed a move the aircraft, although I would like to build the 1/32 scale He 100 I have in my collection. Jerry
  5. I will definitely be watching Dann, your builds are always interesting and I know these will be no different! Staying tuned! Jerry
  6. 1941? Sorry Snake, I couldn't resist. Ron, I'm lovin' the Death mobile, nice work. Jerry
  7. Nazz

    Pro Outlaw Nova

    Nice Nova Ron. It seems to have A Murder Nova vibe to it. Well done!
  8. Nazz

    zaps rat

    Nice detail work Brett. Diggin' the details. Jerry
  9. I'm guessing 2 mpg ,maybe .That may even be stretching it! Nice paint work Johnny. Jerry
  10. Excellent work Stephen. Well done Clean build , smooth paint work and decaling. Impressive! Jerry
  11. Nice. I 've always liked the '69 Galaxie. Jerry
  12. Looks great Manuel. What did you use for the carpeting? I love it. Jerry
  13. Great looking '55 Love the stance and your choice of wheels and tires. Can't go wrong with Cragars and Fireball tires. Well done Eric!
  14. Nice 442 Eric. Jerry
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