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  1. We have had a new addition to our family last Friday. He is fitting in quite well so far His name is Whiskey and he was 8 weeks as of Sunday. Here is a pic with Diesel and Sugar Rae. Jerry
  2. Hi Mike, sorry to hear about Lola, but I'm sure Dottie will help you to feel a little better. She is adorable. Bruce, Keely is very cute indeed. dan, luna is very photogenic. Great pics as ussual. Husky mixes, just amazing! I wish I had some pics of Diesel but he has been busy, A while ago he did his sheep herding instinct test which he passed. He wassn't sure what to do with the strange animals but once he figured it out he did a good job of keeping them together. He has also been to a coulple of agility trials and is doing quite well. He has 2 qualifying runs so far. One coming yersterday. He sure likes that game and likes cources that are open so he can run. I wish I had some pics but no. Our other dog , Sugar Rae had 3 quallifying runs yesterday as well. Jerry
  3. thank you to all for your kind comments. They are much appriciated. Just happy to see someone likes it. Jerry
  4. Robert, thanks for the kind comment. To answer your question, the wheels are done by Chrome tec USA which are no longer in business.
  5. Thanks Bob and Craig for the kind comments. Glad you like it. Jerry
  6. Great looking N Lin. Very well done. My favorite aircraft! Nice to see one here. Love the weathering! Jerry
  7. Hey Tony, sorry to hear about Marty. I know how you feel. I felt the same way when our guys passed. It is surprising how much it hearts when they go, but as I discovered for me, the memories help after a time. David, sorry to hear about Ben. Dogs do leave a big hole in our lives when they go. Ben looks like he was quite a character! My thoughts and prayers go out to you both. Jerry
  8. Nice collection of ThunderbirdsGustavo! Well done. I think the colors are right on! Thunderbirds are go! Jerry
  9. Thank you for the kind complements. They are much appriciated. Jerry
  10. Here is the finished model of Zuul. Terror dog from Ghostbusters. The model is a 3D printed kit a friend of mine printed for me. The model is about 18 " long which makes it about 1/4 scale. This is my first 3D build and had it's oun challenges. Paints are mostly Vallejo. There are some pics of it in the WIP section. Questions and comments are welcome, Jerry
  11. The Terror dog is finished and in the under glass section. Say hello to Zuul! Jerry
  12. This is the Black Spider Camaro by MPC. To my knowledge, it was only produced once in the mid 70's. This one was a gluebomb I got off e-bay. I also got the decals from e-bay as well. I added engine details from Ted's modeling marketplace. I rreplaced the wheels with resin ones as the originals were missing. This buils was suppose to be an out of the box original copy but I couldn't help adding some detail. I think the rest of the build is close to theway the kit was produced. The F/C represents the box art. There was some repair to the kit and only one part was missing that I had to make from scratch. I think it is part of the brake system. Maybe a master cylinder. I opened up the header ends but in doing so they broke apart due to the brittle plastic. To rectify this I added aluminum ends with tubing and turned them om my drill to thin them . The paint in Testors orange on the body and Alclad steel on the frame. Thanks for looking. All comments welcome, Jerry
  13. I finally finished the last details for the Camaro F/C. Pics will be on the under glass section. Jerry
  14. TRhanks, guys. Patrick, yes , it will be Buford car. Alberto, I am planning to get one of those as soon as they become available. Jerry
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