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  1. Great job on this 57. I love the choice of color and wheels! A definite improvement on the kit ones. Jerry
  2. Definitely a best seller Francis! It was definitely worth the wait! I dont know what else to say except, Well done! Jerry
  3. Our furry friends become part of our familly in my experiance.I think that is why it is so difficult to say goodbye. There are always the memories during the time you have together that makes it a little easier. Sorry for your loss Joe , he looks like a great cat . My houghts and prayers are with you and your family. Jerry
  4. This is Diesel yesterday in his first official trial Now that he is 2 he can compete. He was also measured to determine what jump height he would be at. He measured over 23 " at the withers so he jumps 24 " . He didn't win any ribbons but he sure had fun! Also, I think the squirrels have left our neighborhood. We the neighborshad some is their evergreens. I haven't seen them for a while. Maybe Diesel scared them away? He did like to chase them when he get the chance.LOL What have your dogs been up to? Jerry
  5. Not bored and no need to be sorry Tim. This is great work you are doing. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more! Jerry
  6. Nice work on the door panels Steve. The arm rests look just right! Jerry
  7. Here Alclad is applied to the bumpers and side armor. I added checker decals to add some detail to the car. I just thought it needed it. Rock on! Jerry
  8. Hi Ron, Ace looks very cute. Last Saturday was Diesel's birthday.They are 2. We celibrated by getting together with 2 of his siblings for a romp in the park.They even made new friends! Diesel had so much fun that he tore his pad on his left front foor and his right rear! He had to miss agillity but he should be back soon. No matter how much time passes when they are apart they still instantly recognize each other. I just love watching them play. Sugar Rae, our other dog, wasn't there as she isn't very social ,but she is doing well. Her incision is healed and her fur is growing back from where she was shaved for the ultrasound. This is a pic of them from Saturday in the park. Jerry
  9. Here is a head on shot of the bird. I really think they should have given it a name. Jerry
  10. Here are some detail pieces for the cab. I took some creative licence with the taxi sign as I could not find an exact match. I should have mentioned if you are a fan of the movie you might want to check out my Taarna model in the " all the rest forum" in the finished part. [Shameless plug] Rock on! Jerry
  11. Thanks for the kind comments guys. There were some great lines in the movie for sure! More to come soon... Rock on! Jerry
  12. Here are some more pics . I've got some color on it . Starting to look like a cab.
  13. I'm glad they are going to put this one out. I for one can't wait! I am also happy they are doing it in 1/25 scale, 1/24 would look wrong on my shelf with my Monkee mobile and Batmobile! As for the fact that it is a curdside, I can fix that with one on my other mopar kits as a doner for the frame and drivetrain. Jerry
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