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  1. This one is coming along fine Keith. Nice work. Jerry
  2. Diesel is still young and a bit of a pain, at least I think that is what Sugar would say. They had a good 10 minute mouth boxing match this morning. It's great to watch them play . Sugar is indeed a cuddlebug, and Diesel will watch tv. He likes Hudson and Rex.
  3. Great looking dogs guys , thanks for sharing. Molly is so cute, love the puppy pic. How could you not take her home! Bella is adorable, so is Carly. Oliver looks quite interested in you are work! Luna is beautiful, gotta love those husky mixes! Does she talk and sing? Kodi is adorable Danno , I didn't think anyone else had a Kodi with the same spelling! We lost our boy at Easter. He was 13. Mimi looks like she is asking for a treat! Callie as wonderful markings. Great pic of your Westies Tony. Rob , your little ones are so cute! Greg, Mr. Wyatt looks very comfy! In our house our favorite breed is rescue! Thanks for sharing, and keep 'em comin' Jerry
  4. That reminds me of one of my favorite movies growing up . It was a Disney flick called "Charlie, the lonesome cougar" . Saw it in the theater. Great looking companions guys. Very cute! Jerry
  5. I know there are some of you out there who have a loyal companion at your side. I think it's time to show them off. We can't let the cat people have all the press! No offence to the cat folks. I will start this off with our younger two. Our girl is on the right, her name is Sugar Rae. She is 6 The one on the left is our 7 month old, his name is Diesel. I have to watch him, he has a taste for plastic! Disclaimer: no models were harmed in the photo shoot. Jerry
  6. Hi Steve, looks like the Coronet in coming along great! To risk stating the obvious , you do great work. I guess that is part of the hobby, to try to better the next one. So sorry to here about your furry friend . It is difficult to see them go, I have a good idea how you feel, my buddy Kodi left us as Easter and I still feel his loss. I see your new buddy is doing well , I am sure he is helping you build! Jerry
  7. Beautiful Riv Tim . Love the color. Well done.
  8. Great looking 442, that paint is fantastic. Well Done Marco.
  9. Great looking Cutlass Mike! Jerry
  10. Looks like another great Maverick in the works. Can't wait to see how this one turns out! Jerry
  11. Hey Joe, great start to the Messerschmitt, I will be watching this as well. I don't need to tell you nose weight is critical on these nose wheel birds . I built a P-38 and didn't add quite enough , consequently if I don't display it in the right place , it sits on it's tail. I know these are aftermarket metal nose wheels that might help. I do like the tractor idea although is dose limit you to how you can display it. I think you should do both IMHO. Great work by the way. Jerry
  12. Excellent chapter Francis ,bravo! the dash is as stunning as the rest of the truck. Looking forward to more! Definitely on it's way to being a best seller! Jerry
  13. Is there any news as to when these kits are available? I would like to get one. Jerry
  14. Looks great. I like the color. Jerry
  15. Nazz

    AMT '69 Chevelle

    Nice Bowtie! well done Tom. Jerry
  16. Scott, is this your dog? Thanks for the laugh. Good to know ours isn't the only one! Jerry
  17. Yes Peter, I just got mine today! Merry Christmas and happy new year to all! Jerry
  18. Looks great Bruce. I like it! Jerry
  19. Well done Marcos, love the detail. Jerry
  20. Great job Joe! I have been watching the progress in WIP and love the results. Very realistic. Amazing work! Jerry
  21. Are you suppose to give the answer if no one gets it?
  22. Jackie Gleason as Buford T. Justice , Smokey and the Bandit.
  23. Just what I was going to say. Well done. Jerry
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