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  1. Nice rescue Mark! Great weathering as usual ! Jerry
  2. Nice work Greg, those taillights are an improvement. Jerry
  3. Nazz

    1968 roadrunner

    Nice Roadrunner Burke, very well done! Where did you get the roadrunner decal? Jerry
  4. Hey Bob, great build! I would like to know what size the magnets were you used for the hood hinges and where you got them? Jerry
  5. Nazz

    1975 Monte Carlo

    Nice Monte! Beautiful color, very smooth paint. The vinyl roof is well done also. Thank for sharing. Jerry
  6. Looks great Mike! Definitely looks the part. Love the dent, how did you do it? Jerry
  7. I found a Vintage fighter series 1/24 scale P-40 Warhawk. It was in our local hobby store! The kit has been out of production for years and I don't think there are many around. It is the only P-40 in this large scale. I'm thinking "flying tigers" ! Jerry
  8. I love it! Well done Marcos. The vinyl top looks perfect. Those hose clamps are not easy to work with. Well done. Jerry
  9. Nicely done Bob. The eyes are very well done, eyes are not easy to do! I'm sure your Sister in law is very happy with it. Jerry
  10. Great Vega Bruce. Nice decal work , I love it! Are the slicks lettered with decals? Jerry
  11. This one can't be that difficult. My hint may give it away but I'll expand on the quote " Mary, stop trying to get me to make joyful noises." Jerry
  12. Just one? That's not fair! In no particular order; American graffiti . Midway. The original. Battle of Britain Homeward bound K-9 Turner and Hooch Heavy Metal Dirty Mary Crazy Larry Herbie the love bug, Herbie rides again. Mad Max, Road warrior Maximum Overdrive,not a good movie,but I love it. Ghost Busters I know there are more but I think that will do for now .There are some great suggestions on this forum . Great forum Tom!
  13. Bringing out the Dead. I have never left the theater because I'm a glutton for punishment. I keep thinking, it will get better. Sometimes it doesn't.
  14. Nice work on the Mustangs Tom. Jerry
  15. Very nice. the paint looks great! Jerry
  16. What a great build. Definitely something different ,I love it. Nice work Brian. Jerry
  17. Tim, this is amazing. That engine is a work of art. Keep up the good work. Jerry
  18. Very interesting project Paul. I will be watching as well. Jerry
  19. Your Lotus is coming along fine Peter! Those seats came out great. She is going to be a beauty. Jerry
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