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  1. My last build. Hope you like it
  2. Hello Everybody, Here's one of my last build. It's a Tempo Matador in dragster version. Hope you like Bye
  3. Being a fan of Roadkill, I had fun has to imagine what they would have made!!! I think that I am not far from the truth!!! Bye Eric
  4. Hello, here's my last build. It's a 51 Chevy that I rebuild. First version: New version: Bye Eric
  5. Hello, Here's my last build
  6. monster


    Hello This is my last diorama. It is a small dark alley with a nightclub at the end! I still have some details to do!!! ERIC
  7. Here's my 53 Stude kustom. Hope you like it After: Before: ERIC
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