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  1. 006 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Can anyone tell me what these parts are for?  They're not referenced in the instructions.  Some kind of ramp?  I don't have the brain power today to figure it out.

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  2. 006 added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    "Kit-Parts" - Great eBay Scale Car & Truck Parts Seller!
    Just wanted to plug a very good scale car and truck kit parts seller. Can I do that here? If not, sorry. If so...

    Check out the seller, kit-parts on eBay. You may need to do an advanced search under "seller names" to find him. There's parts from the major makers, often OOP stuff. There's usually between 50 and 100 listings at a time. The thing that stands out with this seller is good packaging - strong boxes and very fast shipping. Kit-parts uses flat rate First Class Mail (2 to 5 days), but, often ships on the same day of purchase. He'll will often end auctions early for a single bidder after a couple days, which is really cool. No matter where you are in the U.S., parts ship at $3.11 and magazines or other media ship at $2.97.

    I've seen some others who sell single parts at crazy prices. However, Kit-Parts has minimal single parts. Instead, you'll see complete sets of parts such as engines, chassis/suspension sets, interiors, bodies with hoods and trunks.

    Kit-parts is a good solution if you don't want to spring for another full kit.

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  3. 006 added a post in a topic Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite   

    I definitely want to see any 318 in the Satellite. No one did the 318.
  4. 006 added a post in a topic Hobbylinc.com   

    Overall; I have yet to see anyone beat their prices with the exception of HL or Michael's coupon buys. If anyone knows a place that has better prices than these guys; please post the link!
  5. 006 added a post in a topic 71 CUDA Headlights Issue   

    Looks like I'm going to be that guy.... process started.

  6. 006 added a post in a topic 71 CUDA Headlights Issue   


    I started hacking away at the entire grille and light section of this piece. Hollowed everything out. I spared the grille structure for possible re-use. I also spared the outside headlight openings (holes). In place of the inner openings will be styrene sheet and I will drill new openings closer to the outer ones to make that more accurate. Then, I'll figure out what I'm going to do about the grille. As is, it will be inaccurate because they'll be too much space between the outer most part of the grille and the inner headlights. I'll post some pics when I can.

    If anyone has dealt with this, please respond and post your pics.
  7. 006 added a post in a topic 71 CUDA Headlights Issue   

    If anyone has dealt with this or has a link to any topics on this issue, please reply.
  8. 006 added a post in a topic 71 CUDA Headlights Issue   

    I'm in the questions forum.... anyone have an answer?
  9. 006 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    71 CUDA Headlights Issue
    The Revell 71 Cuda headlights appear to be really far apart and inaccurate. Am I right? Anyone ever address that? Even if you re-do the styrene and re-cut the circles for the headlight fittings, it would appear impossible to get an accurate look - maybe the grille isn't long enough? If anyone's fixed this, please provide a show and tell!
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  10. 006 added a post in a topic 65 IMPALA TO BEL-AIR CONVERSION QUESTIONS   


    Thanks for the education. I am very tempted to try this on my own by maybe getting a close roof match for the back and just cut and shape, putty, etc. I was successful in modiying a 70 Chevelle roof to a 4-door Malibu look. All I used was reference photos and believe it or not, I eyeballed my cuts and simply kept filing while looking at the reference photos. I enjoy that kind of work. What I hate is sanding bodies down for painting..... I dread that actually. I want to cut the roof where needed while preserving as much as I can and then go from there. I'd love to know if anyone has done it.
  11. 006 added a post in a topic 65 IMPALA TO BEL-AIR CONVERSION QUESTIONS   

    So you got the BIS-65 Resin, right? Looks nice. I'm tempted to try the body work. I'm not sure I understand "flattening the trunk." The 65 convertible is easy enough to get with the recent release out there. If I go for it from scratch, what kit roof would be best? Some were saying the RM 64 Impala.
  12. 006 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Going to build the RM 65 Impala as a Bel-Air. Looking at the roof.... what's the best doner replacement? Besides the engine, single exhaust, column shifter, wheels and bench seat, what else do I need to consider?
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  13. 006 added a post in a topic ANY ALTERNATIVES TO PE GRILLS?   

    The 69 Bee is a tough one. The detail is way too thin to open up from the back. I was thinking of scratch building one that, perhaps, could be molded in the future. I'm looking for some scratch building examples; maybe those of you who used soda can aluminum or something. There's go to be a decent solution, even if it takes tons of time. I thought of the soda can aluminum, but I don't know what cutting tool would be best without curling or screwing up the edges.
  14. 006 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    For a long time, I have been frustrated with a lot of front end grills on kits. Most of them are simply molded detail and the two popular options are to wash or use PE. Some PE is OK, but then again, a lot of it is just not realistic other than the fact it's made of a metal.

    I want to do better. I did some experiments and no doubt, it's as tough as hell. I tried cutting thin strips of aluminum, mesh from all kinds of sources, shaping, sanding the backs of grills and a ton of other things. One problem is that mesh can't be a "one shape (or pattern) fits all" solution.

    I seem to be good at cutting away the original molded detail but from there, I scratch my head and say, "OK, now what am I going to put in there?" I just did it with a Revell 69 Super Bee grill (hoping to make it into a FS Coronet). Nice cut away... and that's about as much as I have to say on that one.

    Has anyone done anything interesting and realistic using something other than PE and besides just doing a blackwash?

    I'd love to hear your stories and see your pics!
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  15. 006 added a topic in 1:1 Car Reference Pictures   

    Need 1:1 Go By Photos of 56 Bel Air Chassis
    Can't find one anywhere that's factory or completed. Would love to see a single exhaust 1:1 chassis so that I can finish my project. Need to see various lines, etc. too.

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