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  1. Hi Dave & welcome! You've come to the right place. Enjoy!
  2. Fine work, sir! Great CF detailing πŸ‘
  3. Beautiful work - very impressive πŸ‘
  4. Excellent work, sir. Enjoyed going through your WIP thread so much I had to make an impulse purchase - at Β£14 it would be crazy not to! And I have the colour scheme all mapped out - I love it when a plan comes together...πŸ˜„
  5. Howdy Mike - you'll like it here, I'm sureπŸ‘‹
  6. Hi guys. Been in full attack mode on this one. The bulk of my time has been spent on the shell: first wet sanding the clear coat, then polishing with Tamiya compounds. Annoyingly, because I didn't widen the panel lines during prep, a number of them were showing signs of the undercoat so I had to mask them off & brush in pinstripes of colour. (I will use panel wash later, but it doesn't disguise thin/worn edges.) Finally, I was able to do something not BLUE & got the window surrounds masked & sprayed. Next, some time consuming masking & brushwork on the front end. The light lenses are blacked out with lots of X-19 smoke. (They probably shouldn't be quite so dark, but I thought it looked badass!) It wasn't until it was too late that I noticed the (small) instruction to sand off the indicator bulbs on the corners. (This kit shares a body shell with that of the roadgoing GT-R which would have bigger front lenses covering everything.) After a few minutes of irritation, I discovered from my reference pics that other builders haven't bothered with this (including the example photo on the instructions!) & this area is commonly just painted black. I feel relaxed about it now! Quite pleased with the rear lights. I used the usual trick of running a black marker around the lenses & have now perfected a safe adhesion method using a brush & acrylic gloss varnish. The wheels were sprayed with Tamiya silver leaf, before brushing the tiny hex bolts with metallic grey & the centre nuts with gunmetal. The rims were finished with some dark grey wash around the edges. Tyre decals make me nervous, but I took my time & followed a useful YouTube tutorial. My best wheels yet, I reckon. With the exception of the seat & dashboard, everything is now sprayed up & ready for brushwork/gluing. (Then the decals, but I'm slightly dreading them & not allowing myself to think about them just yet!!)
  7. Hi Matt. Yep, Fujimi ref 12627/RS-105. Seems to date from 2008, according to Scalemates πŸ‘
  8. Nice work, sir! Trying to find a non-EM/curbside version of this at a reasonable price is proving tricky in a pandemic!!
  9. Bueller... Bueller... Man, I love this! The colour is awesome, too. Looks nicer than the Revell ones I've seen, but then it's had the Dann treatment! I'd need an airbrush in order to do all that chrome justice, maybe one day!
  10. Nice one, Atin! Cool paint jobπŸ‘
  11. Nice clean work! Not seen this kind of nanging bodywork assembly before - seems to fit together nicely. Cool magnet strategy! πŸ‘
  12. Nice one! Cool kit - may have to make a purchase!πŸ‘
  13. More freaky skills! Hope you feel better soon, mate🀞
  14. Thanks Dann. This makes me feel much better!!πŸ˜€
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