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  1. Relentless progress! I'm sure your toggle switch installation technique is more efficient than mine - I ended up losing most of the packet and turned the air blue πŸ˜– That steering wheel is awesome and the pin shift lever looks better than the ones I bought!
  2. Cheers Tom. Much appreciated πŸ‘
  3. Thanks Anders! Only just saw your post πŸ‘ Cheers Carl, you're very kind! πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Thanks very much, Nigel. That's a well looked after example with nice wax job! @Mattilacken posted a picture of one he lives near in Sweden on my WIP thread the day. It seems the majority of surviving examples have the smoked rear lights & it's my intention to do this too. It may not be the most discreet look, but I've decided it's a must have!πŸ˜„
  5. Wow! Fun to watch such great scratch building skill in action. Safe to say Cooter's ol' truck never received so much scrutiny πŸ˜„
  6. Fascinating work, Anton, and very impressive. I love how brave you are in trying things out and being prepared to adapt your approach as required. Look forward to seeing & learning more!
  7. #5 Audi Quattro Gone quiet here - nothing but the sound of Anthony screwing down his hobby room floor! πŸ˜„ Got the body painted & clear coated the other day: Really pleased with the colour, which is Tamiya light gunmetal. Not so pleased that I didn't put enough undercoat on the roof after re-scribing the panel line & now have the dreaded "white line" that reveals itself after you finish the clear coar and take a flash photo! ☹️ Not the first time it's happened & I've developed a hack where I mask it off & touch up with a brush before the panel wash. Also started assembling the interior: Installed the scratch built gear shifter, plus the PE pedals & co-driver footplate together with some foot scuff marks. Decided to run the wiring loom into a SB junction box so I don't have to think about where it all goes after that! Thanks for looking & get Cannonballing, y'all! 😁
  8. I've done it a couple of times using Micro Set (the blue one) and either a lolly stick or toothpick, bevelled to make a "soft blade". It takes a LONG time & you needn't expect the Micro Set to magically lift the decal, but with patience & care it can be done... eventually! Once done I refinished the acrylic laquer surface with fine sanding & polishing compound. Good luck!πŸ‘
  9. Very interesting, thanks for sharing that. Any thoughts on paint colour yet?
  10. #5 Audi Quattro Got the running gear assembled. Had a bit of an unexpected battle to get everything sitting right in the body but I think I won in the end. Quite pleased with my first attempt at a custom exhaust system 😎
  11. Got the chassis underside & wheels finished πŸ˜ƒ. Added a some carbon fibre decal to (what I assume is) the trunking, plus the prop shaft. The exhaust tips were nice & easy to cut with the multitool then tidy with a file. Started experimenting with the Tamiya weathering kit on the exhaust system & will finish later: After gluing the suspension I discovered something wasn't right when I came to fit the body 😬. A front corner was sitting too high, and it took me a while to solve. After studying the problem, I discounted the actual suspension & alighted upon the body itself: more specifically, the locator tabs and their slots. I found the body slot on the problem corner was misaligned and needed to allow the chassis tab to sit higher up. I solved it by shaving the top side of the slot with a #11 blade (not really visble in the photo, but I did remove a fair bit of material) and gluing in a 0.25mm styrene shim. I also found that the corresponding tab on the chassis was too tall, so I pared it down: This did the trick, although I now noticed that the rear end was sitting fractionally lower than the dry fitting πŸ˜’. Thankfully this was quickly sorted by adding another shim in the rear slot (on the top edge this time) and now shes finally on her feet πŸ˜€: I wanted to show how much better the tail pipes looked against the stock ones but I must've chucked them so you'll have to take my word for it!
  12. She's gonna be cool! Fascinated by this vacuum forming business - detailed photos much appreciated πŸ‘
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