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  1. Holy reverse painting technique!! 😄Great job 👍
  2. Lovely work, as usual. Love that the kit has been with you for thirty-odd years!! That TS-94 looks great - it's become a definite favourite of mine 👏
  3. I reckon you'll have enough fuel for a chunk of the return journey!😆 Nice & glassy finish, Pat!
  4. 😆 High tech development is the name of the game, for sure; it's amazing how quickly F1 innovations find their way into road cars nowadays. Re gears, I believe they are currently 8 speed semi-auto paddle shift with a two-stage finger operated clutch (for starting/stopping). 👍
  5. Super WIP & it's all looking great! What did you use for the carpet?
  6. Looks like an Aoshima kit now! Except the doors shut better 😄👍
  7. Love how wide those wheels are! I see you're using Green Stuff; is that sandable?
  8. Congratulations Gareth. It's a pity we can't actually see your achievement here in Europe, but it's an honour nonetheless!
  9. Yep - a pretty easy one from this side of the pond. This can be an Americans only round!👍🏈
  10. Great job - a demon road racer! 👍
  11. Congrats Andrew on getting your silver stealth machine to the finish line. Those wheels/brakes look badass! That's gonna be one mean truck, Anton. A strong contender for the most extensive re-engineering award! 👏
  12. In the interests of fairness, I have to give it to you: it's as close as my guess was with the Honda. The actual model is the Urraco (1973-79), but the only real difference is some body kit. Well done Josh and over to you.
  13. A fine guess, sir. But not quite right...
  14. She is a less well-known member of an exotic family. Her younger sister was a pin-up in the era you mention...
  15. Ok, I confess I cheated somewhat: after your clue I knew it was a '60s Honda and Google filled in the rest. I didn't derive any sense of achievement, so there'll be no more internet searching from me from now on! Ok, I think this one's quite good:
  16. I'm gonna guess Honda N600?
  17. Well done Miles - Fiat 500 is correct 👍 Over to you...
  18. Right, take two. Try this:
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