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  1. Awesome build. Great work with the CF decal πŸ‘
  2. Wow!😍 Will be following...
  3. Yep, well done Kurt. The 007-style Thule box deserved to win on its own!πŸ˜„
  4. Anthony, I've been meaning to ask for a couple of years and always forget: is illustration (and the others like it) your own work? I think it is/they are absolutely brilliant!😍
  5. Thanks Mike. Yep, I think imaginary tinting is definitely the best policy πŸ˜†. I have the Tamiya smoke clear spray can, but my tests were unconvincing. No way I would risk it!
  6. #5 Audi Quattro WRC 1981 The Italeri kit seemed a nice fit for my entry because, whilst I think Quattros are great, I’ve never been wild about the '81 Audi works livery. This was a good opportunity to ditch the decals, put my box stock builds aside, and dip my toes into the world of scratch-building. Rally cars are road legal by definition, so the exterior didn’t require that much thought to blend it into the highway. Instead, I concentrated on accentuating the racing credentials of the interior by customising and updating what is a fairly unelaborate stock kit. (I had originally intended to tint the glass to keep prying eyes out, but then I decided it would also be hiding hard work!) Exterior mods: - Stock gravel wheels replaced with Ronal tarmac alloys. - CB antenna made from guitar string & micro spring. - Photo-etch grill badge & door locks. - Re-sized front indicators & altered surrounding bodywork to improve accuracy. - Smoked rear lights… just because it looked cool! Underside mods: - Removed moulded exhaust system & replaced with scratch-built upgrade featuring steel exhaust tips. - Carbon-fibre prop shaft & Kevlar sump guard. Interior mods: - Rear roll cage (not featured in kit) built to match original rally car dimensions; ribbon/photo-etched harnesses. - Custom centre console under dashboard featuring CB radio and police scanner; tablet & GPS screens added to the dashboard; photo-etched dash toggle switches. - Re-shaped foot-wells for improved accuracy; SB pedal arms plus PE pedals and passenger footplate. - Also scratch-built: gear shifter & linkage; wiring loom & junction box; custom door levers & rally-style door pulls. - More carbon-fibre/Kevlar for a weight-saving. Thanks to Anthony for organising another great Cannonball! πŸ‘
  7. Congratulations Anton! Looks great and I love the backdrop.πŸ‘ Been away since spring doing outdoors stuff. Now it's dark and cold again, it's time I had a look back to see what I've missed. Looks like a good number of finishers already, and best of luck to the last-minuters; you can do it!! πŸ‘
  8. Holy reverse painting technique!! πŸ˜„Great job πŸ‘
  9. Lovely work, as usual. Love that the kit has been with you for thirty-odd years!! That TS-94 looks great - it's become a definite favourite of mine πŸ‘
  10. I reckon you'll have enough fuel for a chunk of the return journey!πŸ˜† Nice & glassy finish, Pat!
  11. πŸ˜† High tech development is the name of the game, for sure; it's amazing how quickly F1 innovations find their way into road cars nowadays. Re gears, I believe they are currently 8 speed semi-auto paddle shift with a two-stage finger operated clutch (for starting/stopping). πŸ‘
  12. Super WIP & it's all looking great! What did you use for the carpet?
  13. Looks like an Aoshima kit now! Except the doors shut better πŸ˜„πŸ‘
  14. Love how wide those wheels are! I see you're using Green Stuff; is that sandable?
  15. Congratulations Gareth. It's a pity we can't actually see your achievement here in Europe, but it's an honour nonetheless!
  16. Yep - a pretty easy one from this side of the pond. This can be an Americans only round!πŸ‘πŸˆ
  17. Great job - a demon road racer! πŸ‘
  18. Congrats Andrew on getting your silver stealth machine to the finish line. Those wheels/brakes look badass! That's gonna be one mean truck, Anton. A strong contender for the most extensive re-engineering award! πŸ‘
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