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  1. "Who are they going to believe... You're a maniac, Harry." Magnum Force (1973) Great character actor who added class to whatever he was in. RIP. 👏
  2. A special guy who brought smiles & inspiration to many. RIP. 👏
  3. Awesome work! Great colour choices & the chrome is really something! 👏
  4. Gonna be great! Thanks for sharing your engine fit adjustments - will be useful when I come to build mine 👍
  5. LOL! Love the bottles & cans - ingenuious. And the 1/24 1/24 kit boxes! Safe to say you've travelled the extra mile😄. Is it a particular kind of paper you print onto, or just regular?
  6. Wow! That's looking really sweet Atin. Glad you're back on it 👍
  7. I don't understand how your projects look cleaner & tidier in the body shop than most finished models do: no sanding marks, nothing!! 🧐
  8. Great stuff. IMO the silver wheels look really great against black (the world won't miss yet another set of gold rims on a Subaru!) and the cargo box is exactly the right colour choice too. I'm taking the same approach to the glasswork - this time I have documentary evidence that it was my own idea!😁 But I certainly don't have a hot cheese cutter!😄 I'm debating whether to use a cut off disk and/or razor saw, but am looking for more advice before proceeding. Also, very interested in this idea of using brackets on to attach the glass - I always seem to make a right mess of gluing in in. The 3D belts look great and I look forward to seeing the finish on the cooler as I've not used Tamiya paint-on primer before. Lots here to stash in my ideas bag!!
  9. ? Guitar strings!! I've got tons of guitar strings. Talk about not seeing the blindingly obvious! That's another issue dealt with. Love those tiny springs - will have to keep my eyes peeled & start my own collection! ?
  10. Wow. So what chrome paint did you use? I need to get some!!
  11. Such a cute little Beamer! Finished to such a high standard & in a classy colour. That's A LOT of great looking chrome. I use cans & tend to avoid models with chrome because of it. Did you say it's a combination of pre-finished mouldings & decals?
  12. She's a real beauty! Love the colour & gleaming chrome ?
  13. Great stuff. The camera component for the screen is inspired. I need to find a good mirror source - pity I can't get your brand of coffee!! ?
  14. Ditto the other guys: that's a real beauty - awesome chrome work? Sensing Oldmopars might just have a challenger come voting time!?
  15. Just when I thought the engine bay was full!? I love the bent fan blades - definitely a contender for the hidden detailing award!?
  16. I had every intention of adding to my list of firsts by lowering the ride height. However, the dry fitting revealed that the suspension isn’t set anywhere near as high as I had been led to believe by some pictures I’d seen online: The out of the box stance is pretty typical and any lowering I would aim for would be less than 1mm so I reckon it’s best left alone. (More comfortable for a 25 hour trip too!) The mock-up also allowed me to check the fit of the Ronal tarmac alloys from Reji. Although marketed as being specifically for this kit, when put next to the kit wheels, they didn’t look like had a chance of being a match in terms of offset. Thankfully, I was completely wrong and they sit just fine - albeit after drilling the centres out. A BIG amount of work, though, cleaning up all the flash & cutting the width to fit the tyres: Set about scratch building a replacement gear lever & linkage. My design ended up being a pick-n-mix of various reference photos; I used 2 needles, 1.6mm & 2mm rod, 2.5mm angle strip & 0.5mm plasticard: Always one to put off bigger tasks if there's something nice and small to do, I've manfully tackled the issue of wiring... ? Below is the wiring loom I plan to run from the dash to the trunk, plus a curly cable (wire wound around wire) for the CB handset - all wire from Zero Design. Full disclosure here: 1) I might not have some of the equipment I'm planning (e.g. CB radio) if it weren't for the ideas within an article on real life Cannonballers posted by @89AKurt in the 2020 CBR build thread, so thanks to him. 2) The wiring is fully lifted from inspired by @lghtngyello03 and his awesome Pennzoil Skyline build ?: I did warn him I was studying his work carefully!! Have also taken delivery of the photo-etch set from Reji: I plan to use most of it & save the rest for other projects. The front grill (bottom of pic) has an embossed logo on it which is somewhat smaller than the PE version. Having paid for it, you can bet I'm using the PE one, so I've shaved of the raised plastic with a chisel blade & reckon the upgrade will cover it well enough. I'm still fairly new to PE & am undecided on which adhesive to use here. Any ideas welcome - preferably something from my existing range ?!
  17. ? It's kind of like cold sand & it's all over England today too!
  18. #5 Audi Quattro Contender for the prize for most time spent making microscopic components that won't really be seen! ? Gear shifter & linkage made from 2.5mm angle strip, 2mm & 1.6mm rod, 3.2mm tube and 2 needles. Liking this new scratch building business!
  19. Very nice! Got this one lined up to go at some point so I'll be watching ?
  20. Welcome to you both Randy & Mike ? - the more the merrier! Anthony & Randy, you guys need to get to work on those other club members! I'm not very experienced & only built a box stock car in last year's Run - it's all about the taking part ?
  21. #5 - Audi Quattro Made some adjustments to the front end for the sake of faithfulness rather than the brief per se. The kit indicators are too fat and the bumper recess is set too far rearwards, so I cut down the light units and filled the recess/grooves with plasticard, which was then shaved & sanded back. The remaining gaps were filled with Milliput: Also had fun building a central console to go under the dash (omitted in the kit). The holes have been drilled ready for some photo-etch toggle switches and cable for a CB radio handset; breaker breaker watch out for them smokeys! ?
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