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  1. Steve, thanks so much for the pics. Those are great and really spur me on to want to have carpet or sound insulation in every build! You do nice work, sier. Carry on.
  2. GREAT info guys. I'm very appreciative to get this expertise from you guys. The pictures are terrific! Nice work, sir. Carry on.
  3. I'm going to need some interior detail on several builds and seems most folks prefer embossing powder over flocking for this. In using embossing powder, what kind of glue do you use? Thanks!
  4. I've got a resin casted tall rear spoiler for the 70 Camaro (it was technically a 70 1/2) Email me at harkinsp@comcast.net with your postal address if you still need one.
  5. I've been out of modeling for a pretty good while as well as being unable to work on 1:1's for a long while. I believe that 4-link suspension with coilovers is supposed to be the hot setup for restomods and Pro Touring cars. I hate to admit it, but I don't have a clue how these work or how to build such a setup. Is there any help out there for me? Maybe a tutorial somewhere or a kit with instructions. Any help getting me started into the world of 4-link would be GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!!!
  6. I need to find a nice 70's era Olds 455 engine. It can be plastic or resin. I have seen one in resin and it just isn't sharp enough or detailed enough for my needs. Thanks for any help.
  7. His engine kits are really good. 3-D printed and very sharp detaiil.
  8. Thanks folks. This gives me a start . . . I'll just learn from experience.
  9. Well, I'm almost a newbie; been out of building for about 12 years and have just started back. During that time I'm sure some of the "go to" products have changed. I'm looking for some lightweight body filler, nothing heavy like clay, to be used very sparingly to smooth out body contours. I want something sandable that will setup overnight. I'd appreciate the benefit of your experience in finding such a product. What is it and where can it be had? Thanks!!
  10. We had a '64 Tempest just like this! White, 4-dr. looks like the same aqua interior. Brings back some memories!
  11. Anybody know of some company that has produced a 1:25 (preferably) or 1:24 kit of a Dodge Ram Quad Cab? Thanks for any help!
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