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  1. Thanks! That's what I love about being on here; resources I've never heard of!
  2. George, I just looked through the RMCM price list and didn't see any pistol grip shifters. Do you think they might be in his photo gallery? I just emailed Norm to find out about what he has. Thanks!!
  3. George, thank you sir for the pic. Really nice detail for such a small part. Norm is sending me a printed catalog and he sent a .pdf price list.
  4. Dave, PM or email me your phone # and a good time to call.
  5. Thanks George. I'll try to get hold of his products sheet and order a few.
  6. Do any of our aftermarket friends make these Hurst shifters with the Pistol Grip handles that were offered in Mopar muscle cars?
  7. I bet I've got exactly what you need old friend. I'll look tomorrow. Shoot me an email . . . . I've been meaning to catch up with ya anyway.
  8. Lex does have really nice resin hoods. If he doesn't have what you want, I have a domed hood from a '72 Chevelle, AMT. PM me if it will fill your needs.
  9. I may be able to find enough to build by getting a piece at a time. I need to find a chassis for a 73 Javelin. I could lengthen an AMX chassis if you have one of those. Thanks.
  10. Paul, I sent you a couple of PM. Let's talk specifics about what kind of deal you're looking for. Thanks brother.
  11. Thanks again Leslie. Good info to have. I doubt I'll make it . . . too old, poor health and poor finances.
  12. Steve, thanks so much for the pics. Those are great and really spur me on to want to have carpet or sound insulation in every build! You do nice work, sier. Carry on.
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