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  1. I've already thought about getting some equipment to make my own photo etched parts but I already have enough toys on my workbench. Sometimes you have to stop, I don't make a living with this... 😁 Thanks Ian, now I have to finish it... Thanks Jerry, I think I'm up to chapter 100... 😂 Thanks Scott, sometimes it's not the biggest or most extravagant part that gets the most comments! I have to admit that this little grille ornament will be quite prominent when the truck is displayed. By the way, I can't wait to see your next update on your great FXI Trucking Hot Rod Peterbuilt project!
  2. Thanks Ray! My original goal was to build all the parts by myself. Except for the seats, tires and small bolts, I can say that it will be 99% mission accomplished.... LOL. Thanks Jim! I can't go any smaller anyway, I used my smallest end mill, sometimes you just have to say enough is enough! 😁 Thanks Daniel! Luckily mine is not a FORD, I wouldn't be able to do these characters! Thanks Marcos, the purple is machinist's tracing dye, a common product in the machining industry, it is very useful for making sharp guide lines on surfaces to be machined. Thanks Trevor, I have fewer and fewer parts left to make but I hope I can keep your enthusiasm until the end, it's fuel for my tank! 😉
  3. Well, it's not hard to be inspired by such a beautiful car my friend! You have great taste in cars and it shows in all your subjects and this one will be another head turner. You're off to a great start, I'm already won over by the project! 😍
  4. Hi Tim, in my excitement and watery eyes at the sight of these great pictures, I forgot to ask you what thickness of brass sheet you usually use for the body panels? Also, do you heat the brass with a torch to soften it in areas where the curves are more severe? The technique (if any) should also be the same on the chassis rails?
  5. Hello everyone! Sorry guys, but it seems like my updates are always smaller, this one is probably the smallest I can make... but I think it will have a big impact on the front view! I hope you like it, I'm very happy with the final result, I've been scratching my head since the beginning of this project to find a way to do it and even if it's not perfect, it will do the job! Feel free to comment or request more information if you wish! Take care, it seems we are not out of the woods yet with this... virus, Francis Front grille ornament in the rotary table at early stage. Ornament at an advanced stage of machining. I painted the background red and used 2-part epoxy to attach the numbers. Test fit on the front grille with the big dime!
  6. WOW I love the rivets on the wheels (among others...) it takes a lot, it lowers an inventory...
  7. Me too! The boots are great Daniel, good thing you had scalpel blades for that surgical job.... I am impressed, your resources are endless my friend! 😊
  8. Thanks Captain Obvious! I'm really glad to see you back my friend, just a few more small parts to make and I'll get my compressor running to put some color on this thing... wish me luck!!! Thanks Charlie! You bet winter showed up, I raked leaves on Monday of last week and shoveled a foot of snow the following Saturday! I put my rake away for the winter and my shovel is on the edge of the door, there is still snow in the forecast. I'm making slow progress on this project but it's nothing new... 😁
  9. Glad to see you back Marcos, the beast looks awesome and the printed grille is a superb touch! 👍
  10. WOW Tim! A piece of art in the making... I'm so happy to see you back on this fantastic build, it makes me regret that my main interest is in door cars where those brass panels would just add years to my endless builds! You have me drooling my friend, I'll be back to get my fix... By the way, I love the folding around the hood opening, among others... 😍
  11. I'm glad to see you back buddy and like my peers I hope things will turn around for the better, time fixes everything but sometimes traces remain... You are one of the first on this forum with whom I have been in contact and your taste for precision matches mine, you always put impressive efforts to recreate certain details and your steering wheel is still a good example! It's a good job my friend, the whole dash is awesome! 👌
  12. It is certain that at this scale, it is difficult to make as beautiful as what Charlie offered us but I will do my best! I don't know if I'll get a nice "eye phones" picture too! 😁
  13. You can smile Daniel... Another great example of your talent and ingenuity, you put a big smile on my face! I love it! 😊
  14. Another fantastic and inspiring project from you, Mike! It's just a little sad that it's the end because I never tire of seeing your talent in making all these great brass pieces. For me, you remain a reference in this field! I hope we will have the privilege to see the pictures with the decals applied on the body, your reproduction of the original is impressive. 😍
  15. Superb job on the finishing on every parts Charlie! I really like the alternator, I made one for my '70 Plymouth GTX using pretty much the same technique but mine was all aluminum. I need to make one for my Dodge D100 pickup and you just put a lot of pressure on me to make it look as good as yours! You inspire me my friend! 👌
  16. Thanks Jim! I hope that the duration of this project will not discourage you to continue to come and visit from time to time! 😊 Thanks for your comments and suggestions Tim! As you said so well, the body color will have a lot of impact on the details and the color choice or finish of some of them. I'm not committing myself yet on the body color because I've already changed my mind more than once on this subject... It's one of the most intimidating thing of the project and also one of the most important! I could say that I'm almost 100% sure of my choice but I'm saving the surprise for a little later, I'm not a day away from it considering the time invested so far... By the way, I'm glad to see you back, your work is a great source of inspiration! Thanks Ray! Your appreciation of my project intimidates me a bit considering the quality of the topics on this forum but I will continue to do my best not to disappoint you!
  17. This is absolutely fantastic Randy! This project (like everything else you do) is in a class by itself, and your construction techniques are simply magic. My thoughts align with my peers who care to see a dying art that probably only a handful of people on the globe can achieve! Truly inspiring sir, I never tire of following your prowess!!! 😍
  18. Very nice work Greg, the wooden bed look real and it looks to me like your second painting session went very well. I also really like the real chains for the tailgate, it's hard to get more real than using the real thing! 👌
  19. All your fabricated parts look great Ian! So far, it seems to me that your scale version of this dragster will really be as close as it gets! 👍
  20. Thank you for your kind words Daniel, I know you love details (and accuracy) as your builds are full of them and are a good source of motivation for all detail lovers! 😊 Francis
  21. The final result doesn't disappoint Steve your Chrysler 300 is absolutely bitchin... Dave Kindig out of this body!!!!!! Simple and sophisticated at the same time, its threatening look will leave no one indifferent, especially not the police forces on this side of the border... 😉 My only disappointment is that you won't be able to drive all the way to Quebec to show it to us in person, the state of the road won't allow you to. The countless cracks and potholes would be unforgiving on this wonderful body work! 😢
  22. Good job Daniel the engine looks great in the frame, love the drain plug on the radiator! My kind of detail... 😊
  23. Hello everyone, I wouldn't have thought that my intention to paint the fuel cell would have brought more comments than usual but since this is the case, I decided to make another one but for a completely different function... Tonight I'm posting another update and it's for the cool can. It will definitely be packed under the hood so I custom made the cool can to fit between the radiator support and the wheel apron. The usual shape is cylindrical but I like to use the available space so I had no choice but to give myself a little trouble... again... Good news, this one stayed bare metal and I took the liberty to do something different with the color of the cap by anodizing it in blue, it's supposed to cool down right? So I thought the blue would look ''cool'', no pun intended... 😂 I hope you'll like it and don't hesitate to comment, I'm listening to you even if I often do a little bit to my head... 😁 Francis I spared you the pictures of the machining, I think you have a good idea how I do it. Different view. I used a .020" end mill to make the grooves on the cap and kept a shoulder of sorts this time. The drain plug is made in brass for more color contrast. Test fit. Blue anodized filler cap. Maybe a little too dark, this was my first attempt with this color. Test fit in the engine bay. A different angle, I'm happy with the way it looks... and it doesn't interfere with the hood when closed. 😁 One more until the next thing I have to offer you! Sorry for the slightly blurry pics, it looks like the dime was my focal point.... 🤫
  24. Thank you Ian, you have understood my vision and my reluctance to align all these parts with more or less the same finish. On the other hand, I understand anyone who finds it rather counterproductive to paint an aluminum part that I spent time polishing to remove all traces of machining. I can't please everyone but I'll do my best not to disappoint my loyal supporters! I still have a few more parts to make before going to the final step... 😊 Thanks for your input Trevor, it looks like you're also in the minority on this one, but as I said before, nothing is irreversible, I'll probably do the test and may go back to the bare metal finish if it doesn't turn out as expected. Anyway, as long as all the details (tubing and accessories) are not all in place, it's difficult to make a final idea, but I think it will be acceptable... 😁 Francis
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