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  1. Sligthly!! 😱 that must be beyond repair. At least for me it would be.
  2. Man that looks like a stock car 😝😎 great work really looks more like a stocker! I kind of miss the roof latches they have, would have been a cool detail to notice when getting close! How about adding a nascar style rear wing in corvette fashion, see through?
  3. Nice build! Looks really cool and the stance is right! That engine looks at home in there! I assume that is a AMT engine?
  4. Thanks m8! I have goten quite far in paint at least. Will try to push the body through prep and maby paint this week. great progress! Look Finnished from here! As I said before, best looking Impala of that generation that I have seen. And it have the right layout! Btw.. I think one of my ‘94 Impala bodys will get the same treatment as yours 😉
  5. The team have made progress the cage have been rattle can sprayed black so it won’t be seen as well made a huge contrast to the chassis being white on the race car. And they made the masking as easy ass possible and some spaces could not be reached.
  6. Really nice work there! Like the paint!
  7. Hehe nice! Other wise, how would it be if you drill out the "projector" and add a projector light behind it so to speak. Or you drill the grill out, keep the "trim"decal(cut the center out) and add a new net and lights like on a Shelby Mustang. You could also do this for the fog lights as marker lights 😃
  8. Looks good, but where are those mandatory “functional” lights? 😉
  9. Just beautiful! Incredible build! What diff and rear suspension did you use? Custom?
  10. Some.. 😂 but still in primer which none of my Silverado parts where ready for 🤨
  11. The Supra is al ready ahead of the Silverado…
  12. Might have changed.and it might have been new sold cars. It was 2019 I saw.
  13. Looks good but as you say, almost to plain. Might fly more discreet in a darker color. I reed that black is the most common color in the US btw.
  14. Looks very good! As mentioned, look like a up scaled covair but with better proportions.
  15. So the team is rushing to prep the old JGTC car for the cross country race. The original wing was removed and a modified stock wing has been sourced. The body has been sanded and blasted to remove the spots of rust and just need a final sanding before the “wrap”.
  16. Hehe nothing say undercover race car as stickers for everything not necessary for function!
  17. I can’t keep myself from hacking… made room for a left over Corvette C5R difusor by curing away the middle section of the body and reshaping the area. have also started thinking about hacking up the flares in the front since I am no fan of the big triangular ones on this one, would prefere the Sard ones but those kits are hard to come by.
  18. #19. I realized today that I have 1,5 months to finish this build…. And with my normal amount of bench time I’ve got to be glad to get even half of the fabrication done in that time, and then there is detailing an painting… so the Silverado will be racing for next year. And the team need to get an other race car prepped for the 2021 cannonball… So this Silverado C5R Race Truck will be on hold for a while.. and the team start preparing the other race car, that get striped of the castrol sponsors and a wrap to go more discreetly cross country.
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