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  1. Such a beautiful build! The engine pictures looks like the 1:1 bellow!
  2. Sweet! What front end is that?! I had one of those malibus and have been looking for that front without luck!
  3. An other take on Marty’s truck, as if it was couple of years newer.
  4. Greta story! And Great build!
  5. Thanks m8! I also glued the glass in so if I get an hour or so to morrow I guess it will get done 🙂 I just had to do a super simple one, and a snap kit fitted that bil 😉
  6. Very cool!! I like it!
  7. Got the paint polished at the Cutlass. it’s ok but the black was not that smooth since the semi gloss black kind of messed up so it’s not perfectly flat but good enough.
  8. Nice progress on this project! The "soldering" tequnice from backside would also work good in this case.
  9. Thanks Francis! I believe so to, gives it the attitude it needs for pulling of the raked stance. 😉 Glad you like it. Have been thinking of several different ways on that one. Since I have no original interior parts for these, the stripped out racing interior or custom is my only ways to proceed. Time will tell 🙂
  10. Thanks man! It’s been allot of work and allot still remains! it’s not an easy project tats for sure! Follow the thread you will se when it progress! 🙂
  11. Nice! Will have a look out for them! I like these purpose built racers but I have no relation to them, except for movies. But I like their chassis and engines for swaps😆 hard to find here though except for Salvinos expensive kits. allright cool! Where to where you planing to go? I live almost as far north as you can go in Sweden in a Minig town where we are pioneering green steel.
  12. I went to a special school that was specialized in automotive testing. They had collaboration with most manufacturers regarding their winter testing, so we had internships on many company’s, BMW, Aston Martin, I believe Audi and some testing company’s in the UK. Mine was Aston as mentioned. A friend of mine was on the design studio of Aston. Btw the same seats that are in the Tamiya model is what we installed in DB9 and V8 Vantages for the press cars, a update to an already built car to represent the coming years interior. Btw back then Aston had the ugly ford key, not the beautiful ones that came later.
  13. Sweet! Looking good! will be following and nice to see an other being built. I got this kit not to long ago, got it new from my LHS where they had forgotten to put it in their web shop, luckily me since I got it for original retail which today felt high but okay! I had planed to get going on mine this year but it will wait a bit due to the bmw and Others. These cars are special to me since I in 2006 where at the factory for three weeks and got to ride in al the models they made. I also followed a DB9 in fabrication and where at road test for the most part of the first week. After that I was in press garage for the two other weeks, where I got to disassemble a DB9 and instal a new model of seats 🙂 was a great experience especially in retrospect. Made this display the other day, waiting for my DBS to be built. Sorry for hijacking! Will be following!
  14. Looking good m8! Will be following!
  15. Got primer and a coat of paint on yesterday. Not what I had in mind but I can’t get my black Zero paint to spray evenly, it spits, so I grabbed an Tamiya can in the cabinet so it got gray.
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