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  1. #1 Making slow progress. An other mock-up after the wheels have been modified to fit in the Pegasus Sleves. Might use Aoshima lips in front to get a “20 -“23 staggered look.
  2. Found an other set of wheels that I like. They are a OZ racing wheel, don’t know from what or which manufacture but it’s either Aoshima or Fujimi. They are roughly 20,8mm and I need them to be 20,3 to be able to fit within the sleeves so I can get the right depth on them. Will see if I use same sleeves front and back or if I use wheel rings in front to make them a bit smaller so I can get them staggered.
  3. Absolutely stunning! Great work! Would have been awesome to be able to close al the doors and hatches but I have understood it’s not easy!
  4. Cool! Is that a muffler reworked as a intake?
  5. I had to try the monogram chassi that I bought for this one. Actually fits way better than the AMT 1/25 chassi since the wheel wells are so much bigger on the Monogram chassis. The rear end have to come a bit forward ant the ride height need to be adjusted but that’s the big mods needed that differs from the AMT. Other than that the firewall needs to be lowered a bit and the cage need some mods but less than the AMT. Have been thinking about engines and I was thinking of using the AMT ford engine with a set of small block heads, or a CBB. Fun fact, the Monogram oversized CSB almost have the right dimensions for a CBB so a set of modded heads and intake and it would definitely work as a CBB.
  6. Incredible! Those parts are so tiny so I can’t believe that you made the hinged fuel door and the tie down strap holders! Incredible. Great work on every detail!
  7. Not Mitch progress lately so every time I get some bench time it feels like progress. Got the lights glued in and started filling with CA and baking soda from behind to get a strong fixation
  8. They fit nicely. A 1/24 engine is about one scale inch longer if it’s a true 1/24 engine and not one of the Monogram Engines which is’t scale accurate.
  9. Cool! Though paint job to replicate but you did it great! Cool build!
  10. Made some needed adjustments to the radiator support. Starts to look good. I think I will make the lights a bit more shallow before putting it on cults.
  11. Nice! Have seen some of those when being in Rio. Cool builds!
  12. Thanks! I will try to get some bench time soon summer is ending and temperature is already down to 3degC and soon all summer projects comes to an end! thanks m8! For sure right! Could probably have made the edge of the lower light a bit thicker but will look god when painted and clear glas being put on.
  13. Nothing is happening at my build right now. Except that my 3d designed and printed lights came in from ghost_33. Looks wickid’
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