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  1. But for the bolt heads, I thought the first one looked fine but yes it does look great with the in-scale hardware. With some paint on it and a little burnishing around the edges it'll probably be hard to tell it from a real one in a photo. Your's and Tim's WIPs are waaay better than watching the news:) John
  2. Beautiful job on both pieces. The chassis , especially the work for the K-member, looks killer also. John
  3. This is where I saw some of them. https://public.fotki.com/gearhead15/71_monte_carlo_3/ John
  4. john843

    Rossi 60's Hauler

    here is a link showing the haulers lined to enter at Charlotte for the '71 World 600. (Third pic down) Dick Brooks drove a #22 Rossi 1970 Dodge in that race and if I'm not mistaken, that is Rossi's car right behind Benny's #72. I almost posted earlier that I thought Rossi used a stake body type truck very similar to what Rex White and Louie Clements used but was not sure enough to post. https://piximus.net/vehicles/nascar-hauler-from-the-past John
  5. Michael, that side view look's awesome. You knocked the stance outta the park! Both of the two times I was initially going to use the Salvino's rear axle housing/suspension, (once on a Polar Lights Charger chassis and on the Olds) after looking at it for a while I went with an AMT T-Bird piece as it seemed to be more filled out and in-scale. John
  6. Michael, that thing is looking fantastic! Beautiful work. In that last shot it looks low-slung and aggressive, like a stock car should! The 1:1 probably wished it looked that good. John
  7. I agree. I've sent more than a few Allison and Pearson PL kits to Parts Box status minus their cage and often their HM wheels. Am currently fitting a PL Mercury cage into what will be a '71 Hamilton #6 Roadrunner. I had to add a small section to the forward crossbar to be able to stand the sides out to better fit the somewhat larger body. But Tim is right, all I usually have to do when putting one in a '68-'70 B body is adjust the overall height of the cage and occasionally redo the short run down the A-pillar to snug it up better. Am also loving this WIP. The Charger 500 is my all-time favorite stock car in general (followed closely by the 2 wings) and this particular livery along with it's red counterparts are at the very top of my list too. I am convinced, based on what's been posted so far that Gerald will do this one justice and then some! Looking forward to seeing more. John
  8. Gerald, I'm not sure what color the containment box on the #22 was but since it was a welded in, integral part of the rear chassis as opposed to a separate unit I'd GUESS chassis color. John
  9. Mark, if you still need any of these Jo-Han tires, drop me a PM with your address and I'll send you a few. I've got a stash of them that I recently rediscovered while looking for something else and don't have any real use for them. John
  10. Yep, that's a '71 behind it, so Nascar may have told them they had to "69" it a little to meet the 3 year rule. Look's kinda like a '68 & 3/8ths:) John
  11. http://www.b-n-lresins.com/shoppingopencart/Aftermarket-resin-cast-1-24-1-25-scale-model-mopar-bathtub-intake-with-carb-model-kit-truck This is the BNL offering. While not perfect, it looks better than the MPC kit piece. Mark Batson did a step by step scratch-build in SAE shown in the link below. http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/general_discussion/f/3/t/113582.aspx John
  12. https://www.gettyimages.com/photos/nascar-1969?mediatype=photography&page=7& Gerald, here is a link to 8 pages of '69 cars that include quite a few of drivers strapped in. Seems to all be 2" belts. Couldn't find any showing just the belt system but like I said, they all look to be 2", black, and if I'm not mistaken, many used an inertia reel at that point. John
  13. Dustin, that is truly impressive. Great detail work! Those AeroQuip lines and A/N fittings look as good as any I've EVER seen and the dash is perfect. John
  14. Tim, that is a work of art! The whole build is spectacular, right down to nailing the little deflectors for the inboard headlight blanks. I love that little touch on this car. Look's kind of Robert Gee-ish. John
  15. GREAT work on the pan! As far as the grooves, they almost appear as ribs. You might want to consider some really thin (0.05 or 0.010) Plastruct or Evergreen strips 1/32nd width or thinner, if available or even some very small round stock welded in good and chamfered along the top, edges, and at the ends to blend them in. John
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