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  1. Very good I've ordered a 2mm pen to hopefully find the larger softer tip a little easier
  2. I've just bought one and these pens and subsequently learnt a lot of people on here use them for small detailed parts like window winders and not for the outside trim so much However, this is exactly why I bought the pen so would like to persevere before maybe buying some foil So does anyone have any tips for using the pen on external trim areas? I haven't got an airbrush so want to use it as is I've tried some 3mm masking tape but it's automotive quality and allows some leak-through I've seen a video using the 2mm pen around windows and I wonder if that is easier as it has a soft tip
  3. I recently bought the Dodge Monaco Goon car and have become slightly addicted to the idea of building more four door sedans I'm really liking the 70s coke bottle style spread over a four door body I've seen the AMT 1970 Galaxie police car but haven't found one for sale yet Is this niche as non-existent as it seems? I've noticed some people have used special resin bodies but i'm not looking to go that route as i assume it's relatively pricey thanks, James
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