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  1. I have the older JF body, got a resin tubbed chassis for it....still sitting in a box of to be finished... The C1 one looks amazing almost perfect phantom!! Ben
  2. Absolutely loving this build! have a Buick Electra 225 that has been needing some love, might build something similar Really looking forward to seeing more Ben
  3. Fabbed up the side skirts and got the first side mounted, not sticking out as far as I would have liked but helps to give a lower look Waiting on the color for the body to arrive should be here in the coming days going to do some tests over different bases to see which one I like (orange / silver / black) Will update when I get paint on! Ben
  4. Loving everything about this build! Cannot wait to see more Ben
  5. Made some progress on the front lip, it's all painted up and mounted now Still working on the side skirt lips, 50/50 still about a rear skirt, might do something like the front one and run it under the exhaust outlets.... Ben
  6. Went down the hobbie shop and they are away untill the 16th Made up a template out of some cardboard once get the evergreen will transfer and attach! Unsure if want to add a wing to the side of the front splitter and below the rear door .... Moles up a read lip but still not sure if should do it or not .... Time to ponder.... not sitting perfect but gives me a good idea about how it will look.... Ben
  7. Made some progress this morning opened up the grill and lower grill, looks so much better! will cut out behind the grill later once I have the mesh, Going to add some depth behind the grill so the cross hairs appear to be floating, Will be making a visit to the hobbie shop soon to get some plastic to start making the lip / front splitter, More updates to come later Ben
  8. Loving everything about this truck, have some left over hot rod parts that I hope to build something as cool as this with, Ben
  9. Was looking to do this as it does make the front look allot better was tempted to remove the Cross hairs and do a grille like the below one (Will need to add some plastic behind to create the depth) Waiting on the local hobby shop to be open to get some plastic sheets so can fab up the lip kit, so hopefully will have some progress in the coming days Ben
  10. Revell 06 Dodge Magnum, always loved this shape of wagon sadly we only got the 300C wagons and they are not as sexy in the front as these
  11. Have a few of the old jaymar casts of the H series Holden's but would love to get my hands on a S or R series Valiants or a X series ford coupe
  12. Hey Guys, Long time lurker first time member, Been Building models since I was 15 and just restarted again after a good 7-10 year gap. Mainly built Hot Rods / Customs and Muscle Cars in the past. Slowly getting back into it with my first kit of a 2006 Dodge Magnum, and then pull out a few of those re-boxed projects that were packed away many years ago. Ben
  13. Long Time lurker, first time poster. Had some time off over Xmas so finally started the 2006 Dodge magnum that I have had in the stash. Plans for it is Mango Tango exterior, Front and Rear Lip kit and lowering on stock wheels. Trying to keep it as simple as possible so i finish this one... So far almost completed the interior (need to do some final detailing and clean up), I have lowered it about 3 scale inches. Interior is a mix of satin black, Cream and a grey Ben
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